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  1. GAMERTAG IS Karma K changed it
  2. GT: Karma K Tuscaloosa Playing sense h2 hit me up!!! we need LANS!!!!!
  3. o trickd out o---changed tag to Karma K
  4. in not that far from Chattanooga..iv been playing sense h2..im experienced, played several tournaments back in h2, know team communications, map positioning etc...I have a h5 team actually but was interested when I saw this...my greatest weakness is probably remembering all of the little call outs for maps in h5..(red street, red alley, orange hall and etc.) my tag is Karma K
  5. Would u be willing to travel. The us?
  6. My gt is o trickd out o im from Tuscaloosa if anyone wants to have a couple lan matches i am more than wilinv to host
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