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  1. Okay, last one. I'm going dormant for a month, new job more important lads. Enjoy and thank you all for being the dudes of awesome.
  2. I didn't know you were that close. I suppose I could always hop on the via rail and pull it off for a few days.
  3. Every video i make from now on will have their music. Not sure how I feel about it but respect and payment is due back to them now.
  4. I love it. I seriously love it. I just wish people would ask questions during open panels. Or just flat out call them out on being a shit tier company to us.
  5. Why is CE 4v4 still removed? Easily the most fun I've had with this game. It's a pain to play 2v2 and get someone who's rather new. Sure, I'm not the best but when you match 50's with a 2 on your team...its kind of not fun.
  6. I'd say MCC launch. Simply because I had to buy a new console, tv and game. Needless to say at the time I was not in the best financial situation to buy any of it. Sold my 360, my guitar, skateboard, and put myself in a shitty situation the last few months of college. We all know the rest, how the game didn't work. It was like a $600 punch in the dick. Then again, there's also Halo 4. Which in 2 weeks killed console gaming for me until MCC.
  7. I can't wait to see the announcement of Halo 6,,maybe they'll give us a patch for MCC if we pre-order it!? Side note-
  8. I've got Thursday off so after I get all this shit done I'll see what I can do. I'll message you on discord when I have an hour or so.
  9. I give it some applause then. My Xbone turned into a drunk 16yr old and kept ejecting the game, about four or five times until finally kept it down.
  10. So after moving them to the box all is well?
  11. Give a noob some help. Have modded box. Have downloaded it. What do now.
  12. Would it be correct to say the only solace I get from MCC is that its the only game I don't have to update before playing when I've been away for a month?
  13. I made a little video of DOOM MP because I was bored. I find this game is fine in small sessions. Anything past an hour and I hate it.
  14. Man, just reading this makes me giggle a little bit. I mean, I get it. QA doesn't always pull it off. Shit gets through. Bugs happen and can fuck a game. However this game is still in development to me. A lot of shit was fixed, I'll commend them on that. However the time, lack of communication and in general ignorance on their end to the community that invested in them is just mind blowing. When you've got people putting in thousands of hours for free to try and make more true to form version of the game *Stunt Man and his servers* it blows my brain that 343 was able to brush this under the rug.
  15. Speaking of Dooms single player, I really hope they don't fuck around for 3 years and push only multiplayer DLC. The single player, though it had some weak areas played incredibly well. I find it sort of funny that CA was a part of the MP..Just like The 4 and Ghosts. Regardless, MP in DOOM was just, boring. I can't deny that it feels a tad odd wanting newer games to play with older mechanics instead of trying to "evolve" into something. Then again its like the evolution they've been fucking around with is like us being born with 8 toes on each foot and an extra arm that only flails out of control. Pointless and a detriment.
  16. All I remember from my youth of Halo 2 online was a blue screen. Still have fonder memories of that than MCC and all the sourness that came along with it.
  17. Didn't MCC sell around 5 Million copies as well? Speaking of which....has anything changed since last month? I last played when the CE playlist was bugged again with kill penalties.
  18. At this point I'd rather just have single player DLC and a classic playlist. I got so damn bored with multiplayer after 60hrs.
  19. I give you an apology for having a broken ass controller...and being rusty as fuck when we finally matched lol
  20. I've become complacent. I only play a game or two every other week. At this point I just like being able to smash and or be smashed. I can't really invest myself that much anymore. Side note- Twas a lucky win.
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