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  1. Entire argument breaks down once you realize that not every mode needs to be competitive
  2. You're delusional if you think people don't lan H3
  3. So if you want the weapon that has the largest skill gap, why are you against pistol starts?
  4. It's on the Xbox twitch channel, not halo.
  5. "MLG got low viewership." *realizes they got decent numbers* "No, those events don't count"
  6. All those features (aside from system link, would need to check that) had been used in other games before, and I don't think throwing them all together is innovation. Using that logic, you could say Halo 5 is innovative.I don't think CE was innovative, but it was influential in popularizing these different features, which I just as important.
  7. If static timers mean that the map is being cluttered, then the weapon placement on that map is completely fucked. Care to explain why dynamic timers are better in certain scenarios?
  8. Maps in Reach and 4 played worse without sprint, so I don't see how this will be any different. Fallout 4 is going to be better than TW3 in the long run because of its mod support though (or more accurately TW3s lack of solid mod support), and no one who has played a Bethesda game. Don't understand why anyone needs to belittle people because they like Bethesda games.
  9. But you don't know what you're talking about. The Xbox One requires an Internet connection for LAN because of the way the OS is designed. You do know how an OS works and what it does, right? Please, if you refuse to listen to the people who answer your posts then take 5 minutes to do a Google search and read up on how the console actually works. An Internet connection is definitely needed to connect the xboxes. Once they are connected, I don't think you need to keep the Internet connection, but I could be wrong on that
  10. My bad, it's a problem with the OS, not the actual console. But the point is this has NOTHING to do with 343. Everyone who has tried to setup Lan on the Xbox one knows this. Maybe you should take your time to actually see how the console works before blaming a developer for something thats out of their control.
  11. This isn't 343 destroying anything, this is a problem withat the console.
  12. You do realize that traditional arena shooters have always been considered twitch shooters, right? Twitch refers to the way you move your mouse when tring to hit a target. Watch the hand movements of any decent quake player, and you'd see that when another player comes onto the screen, they flick their hand to the side when moving the mouse. Its sad to see that so many people associate twitch shooters with CoD.
  13. You don't have power weapons in CoD so...you don't have equal starts in CoD so... You don't have shields in CoD so... Also, why is HtT so fucking good?
  14. What, you don't want your daily reminder telling you that you're a mindless sheep because you have some interest in the game?
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