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  1. You mean besides zooming in? And you don't mean the little ground pound hovering sequence do you? Halp
  2. I decided to check out one of the sprint videos (forgot which one) Anyways, it seems that the cartographers who are in charge of making the BTB maps are really pushing for the "smart scope skill jump" in their maps. That's fucking dumb, so because I don't want to use the auto stabilizers I am put at a disadvantage? Its like trying to get the damage boost on Orion all over again. The stabilizers would be much more practical if it was an "Hold Button to Activate" ordeal. Not sure if someone already said something about this in the endless pages of the thread.
  3. What is the highest number of people allowed in onyx? For example I have Onyx 1518 at what point in the placement number would I get knocked down to diamond?
  4. Kinda annoys me, I can't ninja kids anymore with an assassination without going into ground pound.
  5. So are these guys good forgers? Not very knowledgable in that area. Also would any HCS maps be in the forge pallet besides breakout?
  6. Yea same here.I literally picked up the sniper and immediately blained someone off spawn. Very forgiving weapon.
  7. Watching little chief beat the shit outa 6 year olds. What an asshole.
  8. what is this heckling of greenshit im hearing about?
  9. they assured no spoilers on stream so whoever missed that
  10. lmao, they dont make it obvious that they stacked up $1400 worth of consoles.

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