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  1. >.> Im only going to play halo 4 for the achievements and then never again. And as someone else said, cheaters will be first, then either super grindy online kids or a pro that actually decides to grind just as hard, Will probably be someone who has someone play while they sleep and are both good enough to do it.
  2. Someone in his stream said that he matched me and I signed out against him. That person never actually matched me. So naded tweeted that. But we cleared it up and are cool now.
  3. Just came here to say, I wasnt. I was the only person in the top 20 who's account had more than a 15 minute break on it. Because I was the only one who didn't have a shift partner. And to the guy below me. I streamed the whole thing and never broke any rules, I did not cheat on stream so idk what you're talking about, unless you mean Otto, who took shifts with his brother on stream. Now to the guy that said it wasnt against the rules to use multiple people in the infinity challenge. The first thing you agree to in the terms when you claimed your prize was that you were the only person who used the account for the course of the tournament. So you are 100% wrong. It was against the rules. And you shouldn't give giggle so much heat because I've played almost every person in the top 20 of this week and they have all signed out against me. So why should he not use it and allow these people that are worse than him to use it and get above him? What are you talking about, I matched naded twice on stream. I beat him once, and lost by one once.
  4. Btw, the infinity challenge said there was up to $250,000 or 200k, can't remember, but over 100k of it was on small things like toys and dvds for thousands of people. So 500,000 is not going to one person.
  5. As long as it doesn't make me stay up for a week, then it should be good.
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