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  1. I don't use vibration and haven't in years, I would consider using it for your idea if that was the only thing it was used for. But there are probably people out there who are so used to vibration that they can't play without it - or at least choose not to try.
  2. I feel like that's not a very good solution to those who actually play on vibration normally.
  3. I don't think the person that died is ever happy
  4. Okay, why? What distinguishes "footstep noises" from anything else in the game. All you do is make a comment "it was in the game before it should be in now" or "when it's something like footstep noises it should" but you never give a reason to back your thoughts. You just say them and expect to everyone to believe you're right. FYI: It being in a prior game is not justification that it should be in a future game. Otherwise why are we even talking about Halo Infinite, because if it has sprint, thrust, clamber, ground pound, etc., more than half of the people discussing here won't even be playing the game.
  5. hey look at me I can call someone a fucker to totally make my opinion more valid said no one ever. Oh I didn't realize that everything that was in a prior Halo game has to be in the next one.
  6. Why do I care what any other game has when I play Halo? Well since other games have it I guess Halo should keep sprint, add wall running, add titans, special power ups depending what team you're on, super high jumping, sliding down hills, grappling hooks... Need I go on? You literally make no sense sometimes. "it's ok in other games so it should be ok in Halo" lmao. Why even have different games then. Why even have variety. Let's just make every game the same.
  7. I'm still waiting for point #2. You also have eyes and thumbs. Use them to prevent someone from getting behind you.
  8. You gotta be kidding with the first sentence right? I literally couldn't play non-hardcore game modes bec the ttk was so long. If that's something you or anyone else likes, I'm not arguing that, bo4 ttk is not fast unless you were playing hardcore. Also fuck Activision for making exclusive content on PS4 for an entire year.
  9. It's not a bad idea but I feel like it could cause problems. If I spawn with AR/Magnum and go grab Rockets, do I have the ability to drop my AR entirely rather than have to holster my Magnum? If not, that means I have to drop Rockets in order to use the Magnum again, or I would have to do something stupid like: Spawn with AR/Magnum Pick up PR as my second weapon Swap AR with Rockets Hold Y to swap PR with Magnum I would change it to when I hold Y to equip the Magnum, it should drop the current weapon I have out instead of the "second" weapon, as well as the ability to drop current weapon for Rockets rather than holster Magnum for Rockets.
  10. The jump itself is maybe skill. But Clamber is not part of the skill. Clamber is holding A at the end. They could have designed skillful jumps without clamber
  11. Steam release date announced (obviously a mistake but hey I wouldn't be surprised).
  12. I don't like the idea of combining Rumble Pit with Multi Team because someone searching solo (looking for RP) but ends up getting a random in Multi Team might just end up quitting.* Being down 1 person is bad enough but when it's an objective game it becomes extremely hard to win when it's 3v3v3v2. I realize it's Social and not all about winning but if a team already down one guy is getting stomped on, the rest of the team might just quit too. * The reason I feel there might be an increase in quitting is because you're mixing a solo game with a team game.
  13. No, this community isn't big enough. At least not anymore. But just because a post on reddit gets 100 upvotes doesn't make it the right decision either. You'd also be surprised about how many people think sprint is the best thing Halo ever did. I can't even count how many times I replied with a YouTube video showing sprint means absolutely nothing except giving you the perception that you're moving faster. But it doesn't actually make a difference. Maybe not directly, but they followed the crowd by making Halo similar to other games. Other games (cod) have permanent sprint, no de scope, perks. And when Halo 4 launched I was almost done with high school and pretty much everyone was stocked to have sprinting in Halo. Was that directly asked for? I don't know, I wasn't really on forums at that time. But it was definitely something that a lot of people were happy about...at launch anyway.
  14. And my point is 343 is listening to the wrong people. They listen to the people who make all these requests "pistol shouldn't be a primary weapon" "how does a super soldier not have sprint" but those are the same people who will download Infinite at launch via Game Pass, play it for two weeks and then move on to Cod or go back to Fortnite or Apex or another game. Because they don't actually love Halo, they just want it to play like every other game out there so there's less of a learning curve.
  15. 343 listening to "the people" is what got us Halo 4 and unlimited sprint for Halo 5
  16. Do you actually think my comment is bitching? It's simply a comment and I was poking fun. Do you work at 343 or something lol man you take that personal. Better than the horseshit "what is an opinion" that none of us actually know.
  17. Halo and being patient, is there a better relationship
  18. What if they made the Pistol look cooler while still functioning the same? The Halo 5 Pistol looks so tiny, it doesn't even feel like I'm holding a gun. The CE Pistol feels so much bigger and better and sounds stronger.
  19. Imagine talking about Halo MCC in the Halo MCC thread. Maybe if we had actually got that original testing in April we might have something to talk about. To think I originally thought we might have had Halo 3 on PC by the end of the year lol.
  20. It's my opinion that opinions can be wrong. Can you provide me with facts that I'm wrong?
  21. Have you ever held a stance on anything, had a debate/conversation with someone who viewed it differently, and changed your mind based on what the other person has said? It seems you have these "thoughts" (I can't even call them opinions because I don't even know what one is, according to you) and nobody could ever convince you to change your mind. btw if I say Halo 5 is a terrible game: Is this an opinion If yes, am I wrong If no, how is this not an opinion.
  22. Regarding this? It was more of an example for the general person, not me specifically. But just for reasons anyhow: 1. I play wireless because I have two cats. The last thing I need is for one of them to run by and knock the controller out of my hand by running through the wires. And one of my cats used to chew on wires so I'd just rather not. 2. I've been stocked up on rechargable batteries for a while now. Mostly Eneloop. Supply of batteries aren't an issue for me. But it doesn't mean I want to be swapping my batteries out twice as much. 3. Micro USB cables fucking suck. I wouldn't even consider wireing my controller unless it was USB 3.0 (with or without me having any pets). 4. Not buying a USB cable just so I can get an emblem in Halo Infinite for using game chat.
  23. People didn't want to be forced to play in game chat in 2009 (Modern Warfare 2, SnD). And this was with party chat being extremely new. Don't force Halo to have game chat. Don't even give rewards for it. What defines game chat? Just not being in a party? What if I don't have a working mic or I don't want to use it? If the only game chat requirement is to not be in a party, then I'll just mute everyone. If I have to not be in a party and have my mic plugged in, then you're punishing anyone who doesn't have a working mic. Or maybe I don't want to plug in my (only mic) Astro A40s because it drains my controller batteries much faster. Giving out an emblem for using game chat? Who is actually going to use that emblem because of the significance? People are either going to use an emblem that they've always used, that looks really cool, or an achievement that's actually hard (like completing LASO).

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