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  1. Maybe he missed because of bloom Edit: Guess I was late with the joke. Oh well
  2. You're really going to die on this hill? That randomness is best? It doesn't matter if its 1 shot 3 shots or 5 shots. Don't make my shots go somewhere where I'm not aiming.
  3. How fast does this bloom go away? If bloom 100% goes away by the time I aim from one player to the next and aim for the head, what's the point of bloom anyway? Why is that any different if I aimed at the chest of my enemy and raised my reticle to hit him on the head on my second shot.
  4. You've refused to answer the point of the post - how is a person ever supposed to win a 1v2+ with bloom. We praise all the time about how a CE player can 1v2 if he is the better player, has more skill, etc. - you're taking that ability away by adding bloom.
  5. What? You know a room can have two doors, right? Those 3 people are shooting your teammates, you come up behind them and flank them... Shit maybe they just spawned and you came up behind them and it's not even their fault. Have you never played a game of Halo where you got behind your enemies?
  6. Okay, so what happens when I walk into a room and I see 3 people, none of them looking at me. In today's SWAT, I can headshot at least 2 of them before the 3rd turns around and starts shooting me. In your SWAT, I'm punished after the first headshot by making my aim on the 2nd player random, and even if it still lands the shot on the 3rd player is going to be entirely random.
  7. Bungie didn't create permanent sprint/thruster, clamber, smart scope, spartan charge. They certainly didn't create custom starting weapons. 343 didn't even do most of these things until their 2nd main game. Maybe Bungie left at the perfect time as Halo was on the down hill, and Bungie might have done a lot of this stuff to Halo anyway had they stayed, but 343 led their own path.
  8. There won't be a cap in a Team Slayer ranked playlist.
  9. Please explain how that's supposed to mean in 2019 they shouldn't have their own server. What does internet connection in 2004 have to do with today.
  10. If everything outside those 3 maps are shit, sure. But if there are other viable maps, why would we exclude those? More so, why is 3 the optimal number of maps then? Why not just spend all dev time creating 1 perfect map so there are no more variables.
  11. AFAIK there is no frame rate difference between the og and X, as far as Halo is concerned. There are games, like Forza, which give you the option to increase frame rate instead of increasing the graphics. But it's not like we're talking about MCC having 60 fps only on the X and 30 fps on the og. The upgraded graphics does not provide an advantage. And there's no reason to believe that the X won't be able to handle 60 fps for Infinite.
  12. I mean I understand but let's not over-exaggerate it. The Xbox One launched in 2013. The X launched in 2017. That's a 4 year gap. And while the X is a huge upgrade, the original still works perfectly fine today and will work fine for at least one more year, guaranteed. That's 7 years for a single console. And from what Microsoft has told us, the X isn't going to be obsolete when Scarlet comes around. The X should still be relevant, at the bare minimum end of 2021. Which would be 4 years minimum. Now if you're looking to always have the most up to date graphics and best console available, then yeah you're going to be buying a new console in every 3-5 years. But that's more of a preference than a requirement.
  13. Easier for the consumer to buy and use, cheaper, doesn't need a constant refresh to be able to play new games (and in regards to console generations, it's just one purchase not having to upgrade everything that comes with a PC), people are already into the Xbox ecosystem and don't want to be forced to buy a PC to play games (IMO if Xbox was discontinued most Xbox'ers would move to Playstation vs. buying a PC, but I could be wrong).
  14. Kill trading can, and should, happen. But very rarely. The odds of it happening once in a game might not be bad, but for it to consistently happen just doesn't seem reasonable. Most of the time, somebody definitely hit their button before the opponent, even if it's by a fraction of a second. Trades do not feel rewarding
  15. It depends how placement matches are done. If it's just a soft reset, then your placement matches in season 2 are going to be no different then they were before the reset. The placement matches, IMO, are only there to really show that it is a new season and it gives the feel of it. But you aren't actually being reset to rank 0
  16. 50 shouldn't be easy like it was in Halo 3, I'm just advocating for having something beyond 50 to separate them from one another
  17. It mostly factors in at the top IMO. Once someone reaches level 50, that's it. All level 50s are now equal... Except in reality they aren't. In a tiered system you reach Onyx and then you can continue to rank up. If Halo had a 1-50 that did a similar thing once you reach 50, then the only other difference is that in a tiered system there are generally placement matches. So I play 10 games and it can determine my skill level. I'll probably play a couple games against Bronze and Silver and if the games aren't even close, then it'll place me against higher skilled players until it determines a rank for me (let's say Diamond 1). But in a 1-50 I have to start off at level 1 and stomp a bunch of noobs for hours until I reach what my actual rank should be. To fix this as someone else suggested using more modern matchmaking, if a 1-50 had placement matches and also a system that you can continue to rank up past level 50, then I'd be all for that. But the current Halo 2/3/MCC 1-50 is flawed.
  18. Modern matchmaking should have no level cap. If it's a 1-50 system then something needs to be implemented once you reach 50 to incentivize playing and ranking up. If it's a bronze-onyx system then you can have a MMR attached to your Onyx rank and it increases as you rank up, and possibly have a leaderboard that shows the top players with the highest rank. If you've played any game that has these types of rankings it's pretty easy to understand. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Onyx. Just an example but if someone is a low Gold then they're probably in the low 20s. A Diamond would probably be low-high 40s. Onyx would basically be a 50 where you can continue to still rank up. It all just depends how high each tier goes. I think Halo 5 goes from bronze 1 all the way to bronze 6? IMO that's too high, it should be something like bronze 1-3. This system might be new to non-Halo 5 players but it's not some brand new system that no other game uses that nobody will understand.
  19. I fail to see how a Plat is automatically better than a Gold but a 33 isn't better than a 27. The only way you get from Gold to Plat is by winning. The only way you get from 27 to 33 is by winning.
  20. That's fine and all, I wasn't arguing 1-50 vs bronze-onyx, I was just asking the question. Because your original quote "Based on placement matches is someone level 33 or something? " My point was that if we had 1-50, then placing into level 33 is no different than placing into a Plat or Diamond. The difference is everything afterwards, but I wasn't asking about afterwards.
  21. I'm conflicted on this. I completely get your point; I have returned to play Halo 5 once in a blue moon, and when I have 0/10 placement matches I might play 2-3 games and then I never come back because I don't have the time to play 10 games in the game modes that I want and then try to rank up from there. I also play a lot of Rocket League and I have no issues with their seasons at all. The 10 placement matches don't really have more impact on your rank than any of the matches afterwards (if you're not a new account), it's really just something to make a new season feel refreshing. IMO I think constant seasons and placement matches are good for players that are constantly playing the game to make it worth grinding again, but it could turn players away when taking long periods away.
  22. What's the difference between some placing in X (say Platinum or Diamond) or placing at level 33?
  23. I hope for no sprint but not confident in it. I'll play the game (via game pass) just for the Campaign, probably play multiplayer and give it a try but if it's anything like the last couple games it'll die quickly for me.
  24. I like Rocket League's system; they have 10 placement matches each season (it's usually a soft reset); then bronze-diamond + champ then grand champ. Once you're in grand champ you're still incentivized to play by having a top 100 leaderboard. You can get to #1 but if you stop playing you're likely to be passed. Each season gives out rewards depending on what rank you reached and if you got enough wins while in that rank. If 1-50 is still wanted (maybe for nostalgia, idk) you can still have your 10 placement matches, it gives you a rank, and once you reach 50 just have a MMR number and/or leaderboard to keep people from just quitting and making a new (free) account.
  25. The problem is there's never going to be an agreement. When it was projectile vs Hitscan, "its the same shit". Power weapons or not, "its the same shit". So when does a discussion no longer become "the same shit"

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