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  1. A clunky main menu? C'mon. I'm not a fan of vibration either but all you have to do is: Vibration: Universal On/Off - Press A for advanced settings After you press A, the different vibrations are shown. Changing anything just turns the universal vibration setting to Custom. The game is already going to have a setting to enable/disable vibration anyway, as long as the remaining advanced settings are hidden behind you pressing A, then I don't understand that issue at all.
  2. Never played Siege. For Apex, it's aim and ping. If you're marking an enemy, it'll show up red with an audio cue of an enemy being there. Similar if you mark a weapon. If you're pinging neither, it'll show up yellow and cue something like "let's go here".
  3. I'm sorry that one request and ending it with an lol comes off as demanding to you. Damn, everything that's gone on in this thread yet my comment was demanding. I should have known. And I read this thread every day so it's ironic you describing me as lazy for having to read. Why insult me at all for something that doesn't concern you. Anyway, this isn't needed, they can either change their avatar or not, your reply will do nothing to change that and really doesn't contribute to the conversation.
  4. Just don't really understand it. Also considering your reply made it seem like I was rude and demanding. Even though I started it off as "just a request" and explained my reasoning why. If they don't change it, then they don't. I didn't come in here "change it back or gtfo". But hey do whatever you feel is best use for your time.
  5. It doesn't concern you, do you have to comment on everything
  6. Just a request but can you guys with the same avatar go back the your original one, my peripheral vision doesn't like seeing the same image and not knowing who it is without reading the name lol.
  7. Boom boom doesn't really describe anything specific. We can use big words. The RL and grenades are stronger in CE but there's a lot more viable boom weapons and grenades in H4 than CE. So there may be a higher chance of a boom occurring in H4. Your statement is not specific at all. To say one game is factually better than another based solely on "boom booms"? And I'll be waiting for the official poll that says Halo 4 is better than CE.
  8. It might just make more sense to make the Carbine with a battery, since other Covenant weapons are already mostly battery, where as most of the Forerunner weapons aren't.
  9. That's a pretty general statement, are we talking the number of booms available in game, are we talking how big each area's boom is, are we talking about how much damage each boom does. Because there's more grenades and "boom" weapons in Halo 4 than CE, and Halo 4's RL is weaker than CE. Is it a fact Halo 4 is better than CE now?
  10. I like the concept, it's a lot better than what we have now. There's way too many precision weapons that are similar too each other. Pistol, BR, DMR, Carbine, LR; basically 5 weapons that all behave extremely similar.
  11. Am I right that we are debating if power weapons are viable? Power weapons promote map movement which makes a game more exciting to both play and watch. If CE didn't have power ups/weapons a lot more matches would just become boring stalemates. The constant map movement and power spawns are a big reason I play a lot of MCC CE (and I never played OG CE multiplayer so I can't comment on that). I guess we could argue is Camo in CE too powerful or is Rockets/Sniper too easy to use, but the power ups have to be good enough to promote the map movement. If the CE Camo is like the Halo 2 campaign Camo then it likely doesn't promote the map movement that CE does now. So it's a balance between a power up being too weak that it isn't worth going for, and being too strong where it is now OP. Maybe Halo Infinite's power weapon should just be the CE Magnum since Rockets are not skillful. A gun that's definitely worth fighting for (especially if the starting utility is a 5sk) but getting the power weapon doesn't result in automatic kills.
  12. Yea that's sorta my bad, I read your comment about dominating till next Sunday then saw Beast comment about how the player who plays better should always win, and I took it as the better player should always win, which are similar but not exactly the same. Reading comprehension problems sometimes lol.
  13. Always? Seriously? What in anything is always true? There's always the odd chance the guy gets a good spawn, gets first shot on me and perfects me. You're telling me if I win 50-1 then I suck or I'm not the better player because I didn't win 50-0?
  14. I feel like if the Sword doesn't have lunge than it isn't worth using. In your scenario with the bullet deflecting, I'm imagining that it either completely hides your head, which opens up your body, or it covers more of the body and only partial of your head, which can still lead to headshots. Regardless, I just couldn't see a scenario where I would need to be in CE-melee range to 1 hit melee you when the utility weapon (or just a double melee) would be a lot more efficient.
  15. Just my opinion if a gun was healing only I would probably never pick it up playing with randoms. And I certainly wouldn't trust my teammates to do it for me. Especially if it was a Sentinal Beam type gun where you have to continously hit your teammate to regenerate shield. If there's not some type of way to kill or at least damage the opponent it would be a disaster IMO.
  16. When Halo 3 was released Xbox Live didn't even have a party chat feature. It wasn't until late 2008 where party chat even became a feature. At that point Halo 3 had already been out for over a year. And party chat didn't just take off upon release - it was very new and plenty of people still used the game chat system bec that's what they were used to. By the time Reach came out in 2010 Party chat was growing rapidly. From what I can recall, that was right around when my friends and I started to almost exclusively use party chat. Maybe Bungie didn't help themselves by not including the "press X to party up" feature, but the difference in randoms with mics during Halo 3 and Reach has nothing to do with Bungie.
  17. Possibly, I only have Xbox so I can't compare it to PC. Also I rarely play Apex by myself so I'm usually in a party when I play, so I'm not sure if it's game chat is any better either.
  18. I feel like most people who talk on XBL not in party chat is just a child or toxic. Was playing CE 2v2, game was tied at 10 (everyone had 5 kills), and my teammate is literally screaming for me to "shoot your pistol you fucking moron" ... I was just spawn killed dumbass, I didn't even have time to switch to the Pistol on spawn. Started bitching about how I "was in 4th place" when everyone got their 6th kill except me. I'd get OS and he'd be pissed I didn't get Camo or Rockets. Then I play H2a btb and I get a kid crying because a teammate took the Hornet and Warthog on spawn. Party chat may have been the beginning of the end for game chat but toxicity and/or bitching like a child certainly doesn't help.
  19. None of that relates to me, I just offered my opinion on how subtle religious insults are more offensive than just saying "moron".
  20. I think blatant disrespect shouldn't be allowed either, but I also know that there are lines that shouldn't be crossed. You can add family as a big no no as well. Yes in general all of those are being a dick, but there's a big difference in what people say and to what level of being a dick they are. Maybe it's just how I was grown up, but basically family politics and religion you don't talk about. You can make fun of me but don't you dare talk about my family.
  21. I can be a great guitarist compared to everyone I know, but maybe my skill isn't actually good enough to be in a band and make money from it. So maybe it isn't did you choose to pursue it professionally, but rather you can't pursue it professionally. Or maybe I'm just misunderstanding.
  22. It's also called experience. Am I "guessing" when I throw a grenade across map on HeH? Initially yes. But eventually the "guesswork" of throwing the grenade becomes a lot more skillful and it's no longer "luck" if I land the grenade. And here we're talking about a grenade, nowhere near the speed of a bullet plus the detonation time. So if I'm shooting across HeH and I'm clearly not hitting my shots, then I may need to "guess" where to lead and how far to lead depending on the situation. But over-time, if I'm actually paying attention to what I'm doing and not just putting it up to luck, that is no longer "guesswork" and it just becomes normal for me to know when to lead. That's where the skill comes into play.
  23. Did that controller originally ship with the console? I thought og Xbox only had the Duke controller at launch.

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