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  1. I don't think you're alone. The problem is the farther we get from a game, the more support that game seems to get. Halo 4 campaign? Nobody I knew in school liked it. Not at the time and not afterwards. Now 7 years later many Halo fans will say it was one of the better campaigns. Why? Because Halo 4 and Halo 5 were so bad that it took all the original Halo fans away (that Halo Reach didn't anyway). So the only people you'll find talking about the H4 campaign are the ones who enjoyed it. Similar with Reach. Now it's been 9 years, so many don't even remember the bad things about Reach, they only remember a few good times, and that it's closer to the roots of og Halo then H4 or H5 were. And PC players can finally play Halo again. The hype will die as soon as people remember "oh this was what Reach was...right" or "wow Halo went from CE and H2 to this crap?"
  2. I mean, we played it. And they wouldn't really have a reason to lie. There's no reason to play a game we don't like. Did we like Reach as much as H3? No. That doesn't mean we disliked Reach. Unless we're supposed to compare all of our standards to how we enjoyed H2 or H3. But that wasn't what I'm talking about. I'm just saying our general thoughts on a game.
  3. My friends who were casual Halo fans during Halo 3, none of them disliked Reach. They just moved on from Halo bec were being introduced to more games (mostly COD). MW2 was the hottest thing when I was in high school and Black Ops was huge too. We played Reach from time to time bec we enjoyed it but it wasn't the only game we played like Halo 3 was.
  4. Are you completely against it on all levels? Like I don't want it anywhere near as strict as ranked but I also wouldn't want 50s to be matching up against 1s. I think there should be at least some form of background SBMM/MMR whatever you want to call it. Even if it means 40s can match 20s, but won't match 10s - unless the game is dead and that's all that's searching lol.
  5. I didn't even down vote Beast or Ice when it was part of the reason the MCC thread got locked for a night. So no but nice try. And no I don't search Social in a team. I don't even have 3 friends who play Halo anymore. And I haven't since Reach. Most of my Halo friends moved to Playstation this gen. I just don't care if I lose 3-0 or 50-30 in an occasional match. And about finding people defending my point, your the only person here disagreeing with me. I don't go on Waypoint.
  6. Tough guy down voting me for having a debate. God forbid we do that around here
  7. So you're saying bec I have 3 friends of different skill levels I can only play infection with them. If I'm a 40 and my friend is a 20, no I don't really want to play ranked. It won't be fun for either of us. Stop acting like every. Single. Social game. Is a fucking pobstomp. It's not.
  8. If you're expecting a fair match in every single game, play ranked. Don't know how else I can put it. It's there right in front of you to play. No restrictions. You can "stfu your opinion is stoopid" all you want but that doesn't change that there's no reason for a 100% restriction on teams. You want to give priority that TO4 play against TO4? Ok. Then slowly go into searching other smaller teams. Ok. But to say TO4 should never play solos is a bad method for unranked game modes. I can't have fun by sitting in a searching lobby.
  9. Again, it's social. I shouldn't need to try my 100% hardest in order to make the game close. Blowouts are going to happen in social - it's inevitable due to the fact that it's supposed to be more relaxing than competitive. That doesn't mean a TO4 is going to sweep 4 randoms every time. Unless that TO4 is playing the same way they would in ranked. In which case whatever TO4 they match up against they'd likely win anyway. And it won't, if we had an MMR that does it's job. Don't match a 50 with a 10. Boom. Not that hard. Really? I don't deserve to find matches in a game mode where ranks don't matter because you as a random don't want to lose? Well ffs if you don't want to lose so badly maybe you should go play some ranked. Yanno, where your teammates might actually care just as much as you. If losing in a social game really bothers you, maybe you aren't playing Social the right way.
  10. If you have a proper MMR system there's no reason to restrict TO4 to only match against TO4 for Social game modes. Social shouldn't be designed to make every game feel sweaty - doesn't Halo 5 already have this problem? If I have a TO4 going into Fiesta and it takes me 10 minutes to find a match because there's no other TO4 out there searching then I'm just going to play a different game. If you want to do partial team matchmaking I'd probably be ok with that, but at the end of the day it's Social. Look at COD, you select "team deathmatch" and it puts you into a game within seconds. If Halo Social game modes are so restrictive that it takes several minutes to consistently find matches then people are going to get bored and move on quickly. Completely restrictive matchmaking should be in ranked only. Social needs a lot more leeway.
  11. So do you only want 4 to match against 4s in Social? I don't think we need finding games in social to be that strict do we?
  12. If every single person on here disagrees with someone, maybe that person is wrong and should admit it.
  13. Isn't there a saying that goes something like "if everyone you meet in life is the asshole, maybe you're the asshole". I'm not calling anyone an asshole, but maybe the point stands.
  14. I asked if Ice could just sometimes not write such long posts and Arlong said you sometimes do the same thing.
  15. I'm not trying to say I'm opposed to long posts either. When it's every time on something that's gone back and forth for a few days now I don't think it's really necessary unless we're bringing up brand new things.

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