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  1. I don't know the state of MCC but I could easily see 7 people searching social slayer just to make 1 person's life miserable. It would be cool to search it, if you have exactly 8 people, but having 5, 6 or 7 you should not be able to search it. Maybe it's too difficult to code a party size of 1-4 and 8 while not allowing 5-7, and/or they want to prevent 8 people in a party searching, then one person quits out before they get into a match and you have the same situation as above.
  2. Sure, it just prevents you from hitting your shots. Which means you're either going to spray and pray (which leads to randomness, which we all loved in Reach amirite) or you're going to switch to your Assault Rifle (because we all love easy Autos in Halo amirite)
  3. Only reason I ever preordered at all this gen was to pre-load my digital games so they were ready to play for me. But with Xbox's new feature that you can download a game before even buying it, preorders should flat out not exist anymore and the only reason it will ever be kept alive is if people fall for the "preorder at XXX now for this exclusive skin (that you probably won't use after 1 week of playing)!"
  4. That's like saying why build a high cost PC?... Most games run better on the newer consoles. Especially from an original Xbox One to an XSX, you're talking sometimes 720 or 1080p up to 4k and 30/60 FPS up to 60/120 FPS. Going from GTA 5 taking 2 minutes to boot up vs 10 seconds. There are enhancements for both older games and newer released games. I can buy an Xbox Series X but still play with all my friends who just have an Xbox One because they don't have the money (or can't find one) to buy it yet. Plus it usually takes game developers a while to figure out everything with the new consoles to fully utilize them.
  5. If they wouldn't have opened up pre-orders on last gen consoles they might have been able to avoid this issue. Which reminds me, stop pre-ordering games!
  6. Might be late, but I do think a small amount of ranked rewards are a good idea. Maybe just a few here or there. Or have skins tied to reaching a rank in each season (if that applies). The vast majority should be available in social or custom games. I feel similarly with the Campaign. There should be a special skin that you unlock not just for beating Legendary but even something crazy like LASO. A skin that looks cool but is locked behind reaching level 50, or beating LASO, now suddenly looks amazing because of the difficulty to get it (thus the skin is more rare). But if that cool skin is available by getting 100 headshot kills, suddenly everybody who played the game has the skin and it's just kinda blah. However, in the case of MCC I think a skin behind a specific rank is a bad idea. We're talking about a 6 year old game, which contains 5 different old games inside. People aren't grinding old FPS games for ranked. I shouldn't need to grind those games again - especially when ranked population is so low that it's hard to play at all (I don't have a rank in any playlist, I tried searching every playlist for 5-10 minutes about two weeks ago and the ONLY playlist I could even FIND a game for was for Reach - US servers).
  7. Yeah please no ranked playlist that includes more than 1 game. I also don't see why H3 needs two ranked playlists. Give me 1 ranked playlist for Reach, CE, 2, and 3 and call it a day.
  8. Outside stuff like terminals, books, etc definitely provides more information, but I played CE and H2 campaigns when I was like, 11 years old and there wasn't anything that I didn't know that also took away from the story. Maybe it made more sense that the covenant was mostly "aliens" so like, I didn't really need to know the motive as to why they were trying to kill humanity. I didn't know anything about what "The Arbiter" really meant, but it seemed as a unique title that was meant for an Elite to go on the most dangerous missions, and if/when they died it would be a worthy sacrifice. Probably the most confusing thing to me, playing it for the first time, was how fast the covenant turned on the Elites. Bungie's games: The game tells the story. Outside media helps explain more details 343 games: Outside media is required to understand the game's story
  9. My problem with Halo 4's story, and 343 in general, is that you have to follow up with outside media to really understand the story. I should be able to understand Halo 4 from beginning to end without having to read books or comics. All of that should be supplemental information that could tie into Halo 4 but it shouldn't be necessary to understand it. This almost looks better graphically than what we saw in the Infinite demo.
  10. When the Xbox One was preparing to be a 100% always online console in order to use, they asked Mattrick something in regards about what if you have bad internet or no internet connection, and he said "we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity, it's called Xbox 360." If you thought 343 did a good job at killing off Halo, you ain't seen nothing with what Mattrick almost did to Xbox
  11. I don't disagree with what you said, Microsoft definitely didn't do themselves any favors with how they marketed the One. But to me a big difference is also timing. I don't think console gamers were ready for all-digital only consoles then. I know I didn't think I would have been ready; 5 years later I bought less than 10 physical games despite it being my most played console. Despite the backlash Microsoft had pre-launch, they were still the first to produce a digital-only console with the One S. Once we were able to buy a disc-console and choose to go digital, the mindset seemed to have changed very quickly and that's why both MS and Sony were able to launch a digital-only and a disc console at launch this time.
  12. You STILL don't see the point. You don't have room to complain someone was salty with their reply when you do the same thing (actually worse) right back. If the reply really bothers you stop doing the same thing he's doing or stop using it as an excuse entirely. Again you sound like the kid who got bullied and says bullying is bad but then you go bully someone else.
  13. Lol so why is it better for you to respond to "ur trash and u don't believe in god" You complain about what others are doing but you not only do it you're even worse. You're like the guy that says bullying is bad but then goes to school and takes everybody's lunch money
  14. Did you even read what I said? For one you have no proof. And two being good at a game doesn't mean it is or isn't skillful. I'm better at H3 than CE but having played both CE has a much larger skill gap. Also I just read your "you don't even believe in god" post and wtf that's exactly my point man. You say things that have no context or don't help your argument at all. Maybe I'm wrong but all your posts make it seem like you're purposely looking for, not a discussion, but an argument. There is a difference between the two.
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