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  1. Permanent sprint has only been in two games, and it doesn't seem to be a priority since it isn't even used in the majority of the game. We could last without it.
  2. IMO Cortana is worse than The Library because, as said with The Library having the same scenery, Cortana is the same but also blends in with the Flood itself, and an ugly/hard to look at color at that. The starting outside thing would be super cool. Like why can we teleport inside but only the 1st flood, in the middle of a room, and not the 4th floor? Give us an outside battle and then cut The Library in half and it probably would have been perfect. I actually really enjoy The Library and it's change of pace - but I also agree it's far too long and repetitive. Two Betrayals is mostly a backwards AotCR but using some Banshees but it plays completely different. Same with the back half of Keyes + the Spec Ops Covenant makes it even harder.
  3. I don't really understand the "sit in one spot" argument. If all I do is sit in one spot against an equal opponent, I'm probably going to lose bec I'm either A) not playing the objective properly or B) not securing power ups/weapons. So my opponent is either going to beat me by getting the objective or beat me by securing power ups/weapons. The debate for infinite ammo has nothing to do with "I want to sit in this corner and never move for the entire game no matter what".
  4. Gotta say I am a fan of having infinite ammo on the utility weapon. And also grenades. I'd rather grenades be supplied all throughout the map then spawn with 2 and not be able to find any afterwards. Now do I want to remove reloading, or implement auto-reload after a kill, idk I'd want to play with those settings before going that far. For auto-reload I could see someone getting upset when they shoot 3 enemies once or twice along with a couple misses, gets all assists, but doesn't get credit for any kills and now can't help on the last enemy and dies bec they had to reload.
  5. No, a power weapon is limited to one user at a time. A power weapon, when used correctly, enhances your ability to kill the enemy. Everyone has sprint at all times, so that's a bad comparison. And sprint doesn't help me kill anyone, it only (seemingly) helps me get into a position faster (while leaving me vulnerable). Also, a power weapon is on a timer. Of course it's not going to be used all the time. Give everyone Sniper spawns and guess what, it'll be used a lot more often. If sprinting is just for movement, why not just remove it and make maps smaller? If I can get from point A to point B in 5 second in Halo 3, and in Halo 5 (while sprinting, on a bigger map) also takes me 5 seconds, what's the advantage of faster movement? None. However, when not sprinting in Halo 5, it takes me much longer to go from A to B. So now it's actually a disadvantage. So sprint is most useful when combined with another mechanic? Why not just make the mechanic (thrust, slide) work the same way but without having to be sprinting first. And, sprinting I can only move forward. So while I may have "movement I don't normally have", it's also taking every other direction other than forward away from me.
  6. Okay, so if sprint exists, accommodate for it. You're not focusing on the point: Why do we need sprint. Why even bother having sprint if it's not going to be used most of the time. Why create AdVaNcEd MoVeMeNt just for it to hinder my ability to kill my opponents AND not even be useful for the majority of the game. Like, what's the point. You're just adding a feature to have it, and to look cool to sell your game. But it doesn't make it good to have.
  7. Snipers kill enemies. From anywhere in sight. All sprinting does is get you killed, and occasionally you can sneak up on the enemy (don't you hate that anyway?). Let's make it simpler. Every time you jumped you went through an animation that you couldn't shoot during. You build your game and maps around this. Do you A keep it in the game, knowing most players won't even jump making it useless, or B remove jumping.
  8. If I'm not expected to use something for the majority of the game, why are we changing our maps for it? If we had jetpacks and 343 developed maps with higher jumps to accommodate, yet 343 also knew that players would not use the jetpack for the majority of the game because they wouldn't be able to shoot during the animation, then what's the benefit in accommodating the map for the jetpack? Just develop your maps without it in mind.
  9. What's the benefit in elongating maps if your counterpoint is that people aren't even sprinting for the majority of the game.
  10. Wouldn't the unlock system be a lot better if we could choose what we wanted? When things are unlocked at a specific level, it seems like those will more likely be chosen because it takes more time to get, rather than it being what you actually want to wear. Which is fine, when it's something you unlocked for doing a specific challenge (like beating Legendary campaign for example). But when it's literally just a grind to get that MC helmet, and I have to unlock 99 other things first before I can get what I actually want, I don't believe that's a great progression system. It's something yes, which is better than what we had before. Is it better than Halo 5's system? Sure, since you know what you're unlocking rather than it being random. But I'd much prefer to be able to store my season points and unlock what I want when I want, even if some items like MC's helmet is worth more points than others. Side note, but I don't really understand why we have points when everything is in order for you anyway.
  11. MW2 was also the very beginning of party chat. 9 years ago. We just came off a time where og Xbox had game chat only and 2-3 years on Xbox 360 with game chat only. Party chat was like a new technology that some people used but many people just used game chat bec it was what they were used to. Everybody uses party chat today. It doesn't matter if it's 1 friend or 7 friends all playing the same game - we still get in a party chat. Why? The biggest reason is we're just used to it. It's also bec we can get in a party and talk about what we want to do without having to go on Halo, invite player, then wait for everyone to do the same and join the lobby before we can even beginning discussing what to play. And if 1 friend gets disconnected from the game, we're not all wondering "wtf happened where did he go", then have to wait for the game to be over, re-invite and hope he joins back. Instead he's in the party and can say right then and there. If you make a playlist that required game-chat then everybody is just going to create a discord server and talk through there.
  12. And the UI That's just multiplayer in general (at least on Xbox). Pretty much everyone is in their own Xbox party, even when both playing the same game on a perfectly capable game chat. Doesn't matter if it's Halo, Cod, Apex, Fortnite, Rocket League... And half the time when someone does use a mic it's usually a whiny kid who is either screaming his lungs out or playing music. There are definitely benefits to the party chat system but it did almost completely destroy any communication in-game between players which is unfortunate.
  13. Didn't read the post nor responses, except this: "This thread is being locked because of the inflammatory title. Feel free to recreate it, minus the flamebait language." That's not exactly removing a post for "discouraging intelligent posts". Should it have been locked bec of the title" I don't know, I don't visit Waypoint. But your reasoning for why that thread was removed isn't correct.
  14. Whether or not MW3 sucked, it felt like a COD game, and played like one at it's core. Halo 4 didn't.

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