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  1. Not a PC guy, so I've always wondered why is 144 fps a thing? Like you have 30 and 60, I've seen 120 and even 240, but 144 seems like such a random number yet I see it frequently.
  2. I don't think loot boxes will be a thing because that's been getting a lot of hate from gamers lately. Rocket League went from loot boxes to direct purchase because some countries were outright banning games from having loot boxes due to gambling reasons. There will absolutely be skins or other DLC that will have a direct purchase, and/or a battle pass system that you know what you will unlock by buying it
  3. CE is also a 19 year old game, and a 15 year old game when MCC was released. Are players really going to go out of their way for a game this old?
  4. 343 already trolled us enough with Infinite, let's not make it worse
  5. It's more like he knows he's wrong but we/you keep replying so he keeps trolling
  6. Lol np, I assumed the scrub part was but not the rest. And yeah, if MS and Sony want to charge, we have no choice. But Sony just started forcing an online paywall this gen, can they really afford to take it back off? If so, why would they have even done it in the first place? So if MS removes their paywall, that's a huge boost to the start of next gen for them.
  7. It was a deal. Microsoft let anyone with Gold upgrade their subscription to Ultimate for $1, so theoretically you could lock in 3 years of Gold for $180, then $1 to upgrade that to Ultimate. If you were to pay full price GP Ultimate would be $540 for 3 years. You can google the GPU price and it pops right up. You probably got that deal or a similar deal. I can't really tell if this is sarcasm or what this means, but a console player doesn't "deserve" to pay for multiplayer when PC doesn't. We have been for the past 20 years but that doesn't mean if Microsoft were to change Gold to free that it would somehow be "unfair" or "undeserved".
  8. They already have that option with Game Pass Ultimate. Which is $15/month or $180 yearly. If they remove Gold and force their customers to go from $60/year to $180/year that would destroy Xbox.
  9. Microsoft intentionally took away your ability to buy a 12 month Gold on their website a while ago now, so it isn't a bug or glitch. It's possible GP and Gold are combining, but that would be horrible for Microsoft. Right now you can get Gold for $60/year at MSRP. GP is $10/month which would mean you'd have to pay $120/year to have both Gold and GP. That makes no sense for the customers. Plus with Microsoft trying to sync everything with Xbox and PC so much, it makes sense that if your PC customers don't have to pay to play online, the Xbox customers shouldn't either. It's not confirmed but there's definitely something happening, and with so much speculation about it potentially becoming free, it could really cause a lot of backlash if that were to not happen.
  10. If Halo isn't free, more people will try it on game pass. If Halo is good, you essentially lock those customers into GP for 2? 3? 5? (apparently) 10? years to keep playing Halo - and many other games too. If Halo isn't free, people try it on GP, and Halo sucks, they go eh I have 3 more weeks of this let's try out some games. Now you have a huge set of games to play through and realize GP is a better value then buying games. Now you're locked in. If Halo is free, and it's bad, that's less people playing with less DLC. Keeping it in GP is both safer and better in the long run.
  11. You're speculating with that. COD is $60 with a ton of microtransactions, and they release a new game every year, and they definitely sell all their stupid gun skins.
  12. Just because you're factoring in the PC community, which apparently won't pay $10-15 / month for hundreds of games including Infinite just because of a different store, doesn't mean you should just disregard the Xbox community too. And again, we need to think about the factor that XBL Gold may become free. Which is going to be a ton of lost revenue, and subscribers that Microsoft has. The only way they ever get that type of revenue back is by locking customers into Game Pass for, essentially, the rest of your Xbox/PC gaming days. They need games like Halo to get people into GP.
  13. I'm trying to tell you they will make more $$ with Game Pass then Infinite having free multiplayer + microtransactions Well I've officially blocked Toast. I normally don't care but jesus christ this guy. I please recommend others to do the same so this thread doesn't just become one argument with a troll. Thanks
  14. Halo Reach was free, within MCC - as an add-on 5 years after MCC's release. Don't forget Reach was added to gain hype for Halo again and to get people playing it on PC. It wasn't just added as some nice gesture.

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