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  1. Halo CE Flood were the most fun to fight but I wouldn't have minded if they had a different weakness - the back half of CE is you just using a Pistol + Shotgun the vast majority of the time (at least for me). An occasional plasma pistol for Elites or a Sniper for long range, as well as Rockets are useful to use but they're mostly just a quick pickup weapon for me before swapping again. But because the AR is still really good on the Flood plus the PP still being very strong on Elites, you could still switch up your weapons and succeed. Meanwhile Halo 2 is just Energy Sword or run away. The only good thing I can think of is that Halo 2's Flood sound effects were really good during one of the later missions (though of course part of that is the scenery in which the player is in too). And that they were still better than fighting Prometheans. Halo 3's Flood are more fun to fight than Halo 2 IMO but I absolutely hate the Drone Flood forms that stick to the wall; they shoot you from practically unlimited range, don't move or flinch and they're bullet sponges. Seriously, you can put an entire Carbine or BR clip into 1 Flood form and they still not die. Even though the Elite Flood forms are a bit frustrating with their energy shield, it did encourage you to use a Plasma Rifle or Pistol against them so it did switch up your weapon usage a bit IMO. Give me Halo CE Flood with a mix of H3 features
  2. Well my concern with just looking at an enemy is how would the game define it as you looking at them? Would they just have to see them on your screen (this would be a disaster) or would you have to put your cursor over them (this one would be ok)? But as far as the outline goes what if you look at the enemy but you can no longer see them (i.e. they moved behind a wall). Would we still have vision on the enemy? How long does the vision last? A ping is just one set location (I am fine with) but an outline is showing enemy movements, possibly where you can't even actually see them anymore.
  3. Pings are callouts for people too lazy/don't want to join voice comms. Which is fine for me. The outlines thing is a bit too much though, I shouldn't be given enemy location just because a teammate looked at an enemy. Even shooting them shouldn't be enough to give me/teammates access to see them through walls. An automatic ping or audio callout if you were to shoot and hit (not with a grenade) an enemy would be interesting to test.
  4. I agree with the funky game modes. That's why we've never had ranked Grifball, Team Snipers, Fiesta, etc. But Team Slayer is basically the most popular matchmaking Halo has so to not have a casual playlist - you basically might as well not even have any casual game modes and just invest a shit ton into custom browsers and make it perfect. But to your very first point, IMO, radar in casual very much helps that mindset of differentiating ranked vs casual to both new and older players. Just seeing the radar helps give me the feeling that I'm playing a casual game - even if it literally doesn't help me once in the entire game. It's not like it made the game harder or less fun. You definitely want there to be a larger gap in skill ranged for the games so that not every game feels sweaty, but there should still be something more to separate the two.
  5. Again I ask, if casual and ranked gameplay have the same weapon spawns, same TTK, same objectives, the exact same settings, why do we have a ranked and a casual game type. I believe there should be something to differentiate casual from ranked, otherwise you get sweaty try hards in casual games (like Halo 5) that don't end up being a casual and fun experience. You can't change TTK. You can't change objectives. You can change starting weapons but that would basically mean having AR starts which is just such a drag to play. Radar is one of the few small things that can be in casual and really make it feel like you aren't playing a sweaty tryhard game.
  6. My reasoning for radar is because it makes sense for Campaign. And maybe even custom game modes like Infection and whatever else is basically not even Halo but played in Halo All of these modes have something in common - a casual and fun experience. Wanna know what a non-ranked Team Slayer should be? .... A casual and fun experience.
  7. idk, in all my years of playing COD I have had so many people tell me that they are uncomfortable playing hardcore, and it's not because it's a 1-2 shot kill instead of a 3-5 shot kill. It's because a mini map and the rest of the HUD are gone. Even if the radar isn't actually used while you play, it just kinda makes you feel more comfortable. Which makes you feel relaxed. Which makes you feel like you're playing a casual game type. I haven't played Halo 5 in years.... but do the ranked and casual game types have the same weapon spawns? Because if so, then I don't really see the purpose of having a ranked and a casual playlist if both have the exact same settings. All that does is make ranked feel too sweaty, which I know was a problem with Halo 5 when I did play it. I'm also of the opinion that the more classic the Halo feels, the better. From UI to guns to map aesthetics to HUD to sound effects, when I play Infinite I want to at least feel like 343 cares about the roots of Halo. Even if sprint is in, and grappling hooks, and whatever else we have now, all those other things can at least be a bright spot when I play. Getting into a casual, Infection, Custom game, etc. and no radar at all would not feel right to me. Now if it's either radar in everything or radar in nothing, I'll say I'd rather have no radar at all. But I don't think that's a decision that needs to be made.
  8. No radar can feel intimidating for a newer player. And I don't mind there being some small differences in casual vs ranked gameplay - otherwise what's the point of having both. Also remember when some people thought this game would release in Q1 2021, good times.
  9. There's a middle between try-harding and fucking around. Did you miss my point about playing with friends? However, can you find me 7 friends to play customs with, otherwise yes give me a playlist. Boyo, if you're suggesting the people who want to play social 4v4 go play a custom game, how is that any different than having a dedicated playlist? The ranked 4v4 playlist would still has the same number of people. So if the playerbase is still split (between ranked and customs as opposed to ranked and social), what other benefit is there to only having one 4v4 playlist.
  10. It's not "fairer" matches if half the people in the playlist are playing sweaty and half the people are playing laid back and casually. So in ranked 4v4 are there are any party restrictions? i.e. Players at two different ranks (let's say a bronze and a gold) cannot play together since they are too far apart in MMR? If yes then you are not getting more players into the playlist, you're just removing players from playing Halo entirely. Ranked and social don't split up the population unnecessarily because they offer different things. One is sweaty, and trying to win to feel the reward of ranking up. The other is playing laid back, just having a good time no matter what happens, maybe trying some goofy stuff that you wouldn't normally do in a ranked game. You're forcing a new Halo player to jump right into 4v4 competitive. No social to play around, learn the maps, learn weapon spawns, and just in-general learning the game. This player is going to struggle early and be placed into a very low rank. This either A) is extremely unfun trying to rank up out of a division where the player might not really belong, but was forced there since there is no social 4v4 game mode; or B) will cause the player to stop playing ranked entirely. I've played Halo since 2006; I also play Rocket League and Smite - in all of these games if there was no difference between ranked and casual I can say I would have an extremely hard time getting into any of these games. Or, I might get into the games just fine, but I wouldn't be able to have any of my friends join me to start playing the game because our skill levels are so different that playing competitive with that person wouldn't be fun. So I either have to start playing Halo at the same time as my friends so we can learn the game together, make new friends, play by myself, or play a new game. Also, only having one playlist extremely favors having alt accounts. Have one account where you play the game by yourself/with your better friends, and having a second account where you play with your new/lesser skilled friends. Hopefully I don't have to go into why having alts is not a good thing.
  11. Not everything needs to be sweaty or try-hard. Sometimes I just wanna kick back with a friend and play without being emotional about a win/loss. Not to mention Halo has always had ranked and social game modes, can we really not remove more classic Halo features that we've always had. What's the benefit to only having one 4v4 playlist? Would it be more like a ranked 4v4 or a social? If ranked, what happens when people complain they don't want to play without radar? Or they want to use X weapon that doesn't see it on competitive maps even though it's in the game? If social, what happens to the players who want to take the game seriously without having radar and gimmicky weapons that makes a competitive Halo game not fun? I fail to see how having a ranked and a social version for the most popular Halo gametype is a bad thing.
  12. I'd prefer if power weapons and maybe power ups told you when they were spawning. I'm not a huge fan of the green indicators though. Information on them spawning is one thing, but I don't think I should be told if the item has been taken or not. I wouldn't even mind if the game didn't tell you where they spawned - is it really that hard to figure out where the best weapons on the map will spawn? Unless the map has rotating spawns, it will always be in the same spot. All you have to do is see where it spawns once or twice and you'll know for the rest of the game's life. If they keep an indicator to show when and where they are spawning, it should be removed immediately as soon as the weapon spawns, regardless of if the weapon is still there or has been picked up.
  13. Do you know who made the decision to make it free (343 or MS) and what led to the decision to be free?
  14. I don't know the state of MCC but I could easily see 7 people searching social slayer just to make 1 person's life miserable. It would be cool to search it, if you have exactly 8 people, but having 5, 6 or 7 you should not be able to search it. Maybe it's too difficult to code a party size of 1-4 and 8 while not allowing 5-7, and/or they want to prevent 8 people in a party searching, then one person quits out before they get into a match and you have the same situation as above.
  15. Sure, it just prevents you from hitting your shots. Which means you're either going to spray and pray (which leads to randomness, which we all loved in Reach amirite) or you're going to switch to your Assault Rifle (because we all love easy Autos in Halo amirite)
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