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  1. CE 4v4 can be bad depending on the map like Prisoner where it's pretty small or compressed but otherwise I love CE 4v4 and I never played CE multiplayer until MCC.
  2. I'm looking for help with Annual and/or Deja Vu Achievements. Anyone wanna help?
  3. Epitaph is fine for social, go explore and have different things I guess, but competitive it just sucks.
  4. I'm not that high of a rank in CE (somewhere around 15) but when I face people closer to 20 there's definitely some people who crouch during a fight with me and it generally throws me off, maybe it's just because I'm not used to it or maybe because it's a good strategy but either way it works against me.
  5. It makes the map stale, if you don't have a Shotgun/Sniper/Rockets there's almost no way to get a kill except sneaking up on someone. Why are AR/SMG starts not liked? Because you can't get kills off spawn. This map gives similar feelings.
  6. Isn't the resolution a large reason for the increase in hard drive space? Halo 3 wasn't even 720p, Halo 4 was 720p, then MCC released them at 1080p and now they're at 4k with an increase from 30 fps to 60 fps. Also does having to download and install to the hard drive directly have to do with taking up more space? I don't know I'm just asking
  7. If we get Reach, is it guaranteed we get multiplayer or could it just be a Campaign add-on? What about all the customization?
  8. We'll know when the announcement comes out and we get more details. There's speculation of cross-play possible with the option of turning it off but we shall see.
  9. A little off topic but I just completed Halo CE in under 3 hours (using Halo Waypoint to track time) and I didn't get the Achievement. Is this a known issue? Edit nvm just randomly got the achievement, carry on
  10. I don't even like Halo 4 that much but you made some great points here
  11. Unfair games can happen with or without split screen. There's several other factors that can make a game a blowout, and I've even had my fair games where the opponent has split screen users and actually do really good. All 343 needs to do is have a hidden MMR for social games. Don't necessarily make it like ranked, but matches should have players with at least a some-what close skill. So even if split screen comes into play here, at least 7 of the 8 players are near your skill and the second player on split screen would be a guess, but that wouldn't make it a complete blowout. It's not like every single game is going to have a split screen user, so the rare times it does it's just another blowout to add to the (likely several) blowouts in social anyway. With the huge backlash 343 got from no split screen in Halo 5, I'd say chances are they're not going to restrict split-screen to anything (except hopefully ranked).
  12. As far as a finished release goes, it easily goes into next year. There's so many problems that they have to essentially to backwards in order try and move forward. It's going to take a lot of time. I'm sure some small improvements will be done by the end of this year, though.
  13. Really excited about Crash coming to Xbox in July

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