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  1. Rocket League has a system to prevent that. The game actually has to detect different sets of inputs to not be kicked. If I hold R and left for an entire match I will get kicked for being idle. Edit: How does everyone feel about join-in-progress for social games? I know it hasn't been in past Halo games and I can't even remember if it was in Halo 5 but I think for social games it would be a good idea
  2. Isn't this at least kind-of fixed when Halo 5 added the CTF carrier to use a Pistol? You don't necessarily need 2 people to go after the flag because the guy carrying the flag by himself can now defend. It can still create stalemates when the flag carrier has to sit in his own base and wait for your flag to be returned but it still seems not quite as bad. Did you like Halo 5 adding the flag carrier to hold a Pistol?
  3. How can Nintendo shut down the SM64 PC port in like less than a day but something like this not get shut down? In both situations neither company is losing money by it.
  4. 6 years into a game and we're receiving a new game in 6? months. Nothing about H2A is going to change
  5. Halo 4's story ended with what we thought Didact and Cortana dying, just to find out neither died. How is that a good story?
  6. Halo is one of if not the only FPS that anybody at school knew what the story was. Halo's campaign and story wasn't like just some COD campaign for good single player gameplay. It's the only FPS story that has ever caught my attention enough to ever read anything outside of the game. And Halo is the only reason I ever bought an original Xbox and I would think that is the case for a lot of other people as well. Halo is far from just a good FPS. Any discussion about the Halo games don't just talk about multiplayer, the campaign is always included in them. Even when you do find someone who likes the Halo 5 multiplayer they'll usually make a comment about the campaign not being good. I assume you're on reddit because you talk about other forums so don't pretend like the Halo campaign and COD campaign can be comparable. I think you hear a lot more love about the Halo 4 campaign 1. because the game released 8 years ago - pretty much every Halo (campaign and multiplayer) gets more love the older the game gets. Reach launch? Sucks. Reach 10 years later? "Oh c'mon the game wasn't that bad, Reach was so fun, please release on MCC." H2 Campaign launch? This game sucks I can't believe we didn't get to finish the fight. Today? Some think it's the best of the trilogy. 2. A lot of people who did hate the Halo 4 campaign and multiplayer, then went through the MCC launch, then had to put up with Halo 5's terrible campaign and non-classic multiplayer gameplay, and now it's 5 years later with no new game, probably aren't even involved in the Halo community anymore. They might pay a little attention to Infinite news but they won't be wasting their time talking about games they've hated for the last 10 years.
  7. I've had games on Dammy or HeH in CE where it was 2v1 and as soon as the 1 gets a decent lead they'll just hide their way to victory. Not that it's a dumb decision on their part but having some other type of way to score would be cool Edit: I don't want clamber, but you could easily build maps without taking clamber into effect and just have it as a "I fucked up" mechanic. Can't really have that with sprint, otherwise why even have it in game? If maps start being built around having clamber that would really suck. But sprint is still 10x worse than clamber.
  8. JordanB

    Shy Guys

    Trash since season 2
  9. One good weapon does not make an entire weapon sandbox good
  10. Different when we get a new CoD every single year. Which means that even by August, the latest CoD is 9 months old. Halo 5 is 54 months old. Not always - we might be back to a more traditional standard but this last gen's CoD's have had some very... interesting gameplay mechanics.
  11. What if they demo a campaign mission, never show sprint at all, everybody gets hype and pre-orders to get into the beta just for us to find out sprint is in
  12. It's a nice idea in theory, but the loading screen tips have been such ass for so many games that I don't even think most people will read/pay attention to them. Like half the time your loading screen tip is "press A to jump. If you hold A to jump you will jump even higher" or something dumb/so obvious in whatever game you are playing. I really don't think the loading screen tips would help, especially at this point when MCC is 6 years old and it's already released on PC. If you're going to put a useful tip somewhere, put it in the matchmaking search screen.
  13. I understand your incentive and what you're trying to do/say, I just don't like something like that for ranked.
  14. I really don't want my teammates purposefully going for sticky kills when they could have easily been team-shot, or if they were 1 shot but got away bec you missed. Now you're risking both not securing the kill, and/or a death for your team.

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