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  1. So you like to be given information that has absolutely no meaning. Nobody else is talking about these flights bec we don't know anything. You want communication from 343 but, as of this very moment we know nothing. So people who aren't major Halo fans aren't going to talk about it. If flights had actually begun in April then there would be more attention to it. But it's kinda hard to give it attention when we know nothing. I actually wish that when they told us it wasn't coming in April, that they gave us an expected end of May release. Since bad information is better than no information. /s
  2. Unless their HQ blew up there's no reason to be 2 months late. I don't understand how you're defending being given specific but wrong, bullshit information, vs being given less specific but right information. 343 has literally no deadline, so be conservative, Reach could come in April or E3 or August and as long as they keep us relatively updated, almost everyone will be fine with it. As soon as you even mention "flights may begin ..." and you don't meet YOUR expectations, that's when you disappoint people. I'd rather them have said "Reach flights are expected to begin by the end of Summer" and then flights begin a lot earlier (which just makes people even more excited) than expected in April or May than the current situation (which just makes people disappointed).
  3. If I tell my boss I'm expected to have something ready by the end of the month, even if I'm not ready by April 30, at least make it somewhat justified by having it ready a week later. Not 2+ months late. At that point he's going be to say, "uh dude did you even know what you got yourself into when you started this?" Give us information, not bullshit.
  4. "Hey boss, if all goes according to plan I'll have the project done by the end of the month". *Two months later* "Uh, yeah, still not ready. Sorry." Seriously, how hard would it have been to tweet "We are working hard on getting first flights ready as soon as we can, we will provide more information at the end of April". People would still be hype. This isn't an all or nothing situation. It's not "well if they didn't tell us end of April then they would just be silent and nobody would know anything". No, that's not how this works. Just tell us when you're going to give us another update. If that tweet was never sent, but they still did everything else the same (like the AMA on reddit, the end of April/beg of May updates on Waypoint) then nobody would be disappointed. You can provide information without giving a false projection. And I don't even care about Reach.
  5. Plain and simple, don't tweet this unless the flights are basically ready and you can guarantee it comes in April. Don't build up hype just to let people down.
  6. We didn't assume anything, they told us an end of April timeline to get things rolling and they are two months behind schedule of that. Don't give us any dates if you can't meet it. They should have just said from the beginning that they have no ETA. Maybe it wouldn't have built *as much* hype from the beginning, but people today (or on May 1) wouldn't be let down either.
  7. The timer is fine, you just have to start it earlier. You should be able to see how much time is left in CE now since a recent update, so if your timer is only at 55 seconds but the CE timer says there's 19:00 left, then you're off by 5 seconds. You'll be off by 5 seconds for every spawn, but everything will still spawn accordingly.
  8. Guy on reddit told me Bloom in Reach is skillful. I asked why it wasn't in Halo 5 and why isn't anybody asking for it. He told me Halo 5 has other methods of increasing the skill gap, such as clamber and slide. Sigh.
  9. They could still release one, but I'm not sure they will. It'll be harder to emulate N64, a lot of those games didn't age as well as the Nes and Snes ones did. Some popular games like (Pokémon Stadium (no transfer pak) or Mario Party/Smash Bros (most fun with 4 players) may lack features for what made those games so great, as it's likely they wouldn't ship it with all 4 controllers which might make people upset. But yeah Microsoft owning Rare doesn't help either unless their relationship with Nintendo continues to build and take off. Lots of Nintendo fans are hoping for Rare Replay on Switch and Banjo for Smash so we'll see.
  10. I didn't play a lot of og CE multiplayer. In MCC, at least at my level, I've yet to see anyone use the PR to actually be effective with it. Any time I've tried, I just get murdered. I feel like in a game where the ttk isn't as fast as it is in CE, I don't think it would be a good feature. It could almost become the new noob combo: spray a PR, they can't move, pull out pistol (which may not have nearly the same draw time as it did in CE) and you don't stand a chance to counter.
  11. I was talking specifically the Sniper. Rail gun doesn't need a headshot for a kill.
  12. I disagree with changing Sniper, I'd rather it be harder to use than limit the ability for number of kills before reloading. Worst case is make it a 2 shot clip. 1 would be gross and not as desirable to fight over.
  13. @Hard Way why haven't they ever tried JIP for social games? I understand nobody wants to join a 2-0 CTF or 35-10 Slayer game so maybe you can adjust it to where there's no JIP for games that are considered halfway over (whether that's score or time). I think this would make games more enjoyable where it turned into a 3v4 early on. It could also give them an opportunity to give a kick timer for AFKs since they could be replaced now.

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