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  1. It's a relevant conversation to have, whether it is longer or shorter can be debateable which is why it's reasonable to discuss. There's a huge difference in game play if the ttk is 0.6s or 2.5s
  2. They're discussing the perfect ttk vs the average ttk. So for example, in Halo CE a perfect kill is 3 shots with the Magnum. But it's very hard to get a perfect kill. The (apparent) average is a 6sk. That means the average kill is twice as long as a perfect kill. Let's say this number is 0.6 seconds longer. In a game like Halo 5, a perfect kill is a 5sk, but the average might be a 8sk. This number is also 0.6 seconds longer. But it isn't comparable exactly bec it's not double the time like it in in CE.
  3. Basically the debate is should Halo Infinite have Hitscan or Projectile aiming, and what should the ttk (time to kill) be. There could be other points I missed, I don't want to pretend to be an expert but: 3sk = 3 shot kill Hitscan = bullet goes where you're aiming Projectile = you may have to put your cursor where the player is going to be depending on how far away you are
  4. I was so bad at this game but loved it so much. Edit Cannot I not delete this? Oops
  5. That makes more sense. The original comment made it sound like why would 343 release Halo 3 separately from Halo 4. I know with Forge it has to do partially with different controls and coding it to work with PC - I only remember them commenting that Reach Forge would be delayed on PC, I'm not sure if they mentioned Halo 3's Forge but I could be wrong.
  6. I don't understand the difference in your analogy. If I'm a PC guy who wants to play Halo 3: and MCC released all the games at once, why would I ever play any of the other Halos if Halo 3 is fun for me and the only one I wanted to play? and MCC releases the games as they are finished, I now have two options Wait for Halo 3 to be released and buy it then (I would actually get to play Halo 3 faster this way btw) Start to build my Halo hype by trying Reach/CE/2 and if I enjoy one of those while I wait for H3, now I have multiple games to play once it's released.
  7. Based on what? Your few experiences with the game that you already dislike anyway?
  8. On the bright side, if they did originally include it, it probably wouldn't have worked right anyway lol
  9. "The current development roadmap for launch doesn't include re-doing how Halo 3 customziation works within MCC but we know this is something fans have been asking for and we will continue to evaluate options for the future." It's possible, in fact likely we do get it eventually. They'll probably release it for Reach, make sure there are no bugs, see everyone chanting we want it for H3 and H4 and go from there.
  10. You can discuss and make counterpoints without calling someone a mothefucker or using curse words in general. You would be amazed at how people might read your comments with a better attitude without them.
  11. Reach is getting it's original customization in MCC - FPS may be uncapped and FOV sliders on PC but will vary by title.

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