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  1. they're using the carbine in this videos because the Rule settings for MLG 1v1 h2 was carbine start on warlock
  2. halo waypoint just confirmed it to be midship actually hahaha, i guess i was wrong! pretty stoked "Observant fans will note a very familiar looking map is being developed for Halo 5: Guardians in the below video. Spoiler alert! It's Midship and it's being honored as the beloved home for small team, arena battles it's always been known for. Want to learn more? Watch the video!" -https://blogs.halowaypoint.com/en-us/blogs/headlines/posts/halo-channel-revealed-at-gamescom
  3. i dont think thats midship. definitely LOOKS inspired by midship and zealot, but i dont think its a remake. its just the long awaited small round purple map weve been missing for a while now. i want H5 to have NEW and GOOD maps. its been a while. one of the maps looked like a skyline remake, which i wouldnt mind because it was a decent make in a bad game
  4. your not BeeArePro are you? from like, H2F days?
  5. what if that spartan ground pound smash was an on map power weapon pick up?
  6. in the gameplay on stage, ghost picked up rockets and sniper using right bumper. and id assume whatever controller layout you use is across all games. it would be kind of ridiculous making you play on different layouts
  7. then dont bash us for what you dont know. dont be lazy, and read up before commenting on something. you'll save yourself from looking like a douche. inb4 "well sorry i have a life and didnt spend all day watching E3". if you dont care, you wouldnt ask and criticize.
  8. your not one for paying attention or reading posts, are you?
  9. spartan ops counts as multiplayer, which bumps it over 100 by a lot
  10. anyone notice this when they were flipping through matchmaking options? shows which halo game gets played in whatever playlist you are highlighting. CE griffball will be interesting... ALSO, spartan ops is considered multiplayer with its own maps, those maps will complete the 100+ weve been promised
  11. uhhh, no, you cant play h2a on prisoner. you can play h2a on halo 2 maps, and you can play CE on prisoner, but you can not play one games engine on another games map.
  12. ive been searching, but tis so hard to find due to how old it is. and i'm talking real old, before final boss was called final boss, and before carbon was called carbon 2005 Championship - Team 3D vs Team Phreaks
  13. watching Ogre 2 leap over strongside with the oddball bottom mid on midship to win a ball game by two seconds. if anyone remembers this game, it was INTENSE. both teams tied, 30 seconds left on the clock, ball was bottom mid, 8 players throwing themselves at the ball, nades exploding everywhere.
  14. because H5 will have a new campaign but its multiplayer will be more of a DLC add on to H2A's multiplayer. like how ODST was to H3
  15. searched google, searched these forums, and i cant find an answer. anyone know if people can play with each other on either console? like i have it for xbox one, my uddy has it for 360, can we play online/lan with each other?

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