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  1. My duo Sidewinder VI and I are looking for players to run with for the upcoming online qualifier. Must be onyx. Message me on xbox @ PopeBum if interested in running games.
  2. awesome! cunny said he'd be down
  3. Hi everyone, my friend and I are looking for 2 more players to team with for an upcoming tournament at the University of Iowa on Friday the 20th. Tournament information: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/ncga-presents-esports-at-iowa-halo-5-and-cod-bo3-tickets-19260569883 Gamertags: PopeBum and v4v Vulcan Contact me on xbox if you are interested
  4. Looking for players in the area. Im a student at ISU. Hit me up on XBL: PopeBum
  5. I enjoy everything but halo 4 lol. Although halo 3 on MCC is a bit iffy to me compared to halo 3 on 360. But halo 3 is my favorite because that is what i started with. I'll add you and hopefully we can play sometime soon!
  6. Hi, my name is Zach and I love playing halo. Been playing since halo 3 and got back into halo when MCC came out. I joined this website to find others who enjoy the game as much as i do. If you want to play, add me, PopeBum. I'm able to get on almost every day and I usually play a lot of matchmaking. Always looking to improve and have fun. I am very competitive, but have never really played competitively, but who knows, maybe one day.
  7. I live in Joliet Gt: PopeBum
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