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  1. Ha.. Why adapt? I came to play halo... Might as well keep playing destiny? I thought we were passed the whole "adapt" phase in halo... Game is effin 15 years old and should have a solid base that makes it.. Oh wait it does.. After 15 years of testing and grinding and playing we have that.. It's br starts with no radar.. Halo reach taught us that messing with mechanics (bloom) is a bad thing. Halo 4 taught us that as well with not getting shot out of scope. We all know what good halo is and it won't be different this game so why are we even discussing it? Quit trying to appeal to cod kids because they aren't switching over. Cmon.
  2. 343 has failed.. The game is not playable out of the box. Starting weapons NEED to be either br or dmr.. This isn't 2001 we know what works in halo and ar and that ugly little pistol don't. When I spawn with an ar and immediately am confronted by 2 brs and a dmr then its unbalanced.. I can't fight them fairly from the same range and the game is over as they have map control from there on out. Pistol: why is this pistol killing in the same amount of shots as a dmr?? Wtf.. Br = 4 shots, dmr = 5 and pistol should be 6... It's very simple. And where are the maps? Played all night and only played about 4? Maps I think? I think 343 are trying to make people not want to play. Great game could have been great now.. It'll be ok some time maybe later?
  3. No. Neg me all you want. But not having sprint is wrong. Get off your nostalgia grasping butts and move on... No sprint WILL kill halo. That really will Finnish it. Ghost has been saying it.. 343 has Been saying it.. Let go of what you think halo IS and play a good game that's called halo. Blah blah "numbers went down since sprint" Bros, the numbers would still be down even if sprint never came to be. Halo needs sprint now. Sad times.
  4. 10k viewers on nadeshots stream vs 6k barely on mlgs... This is why... Lmao mlg can compete with optics numbers.
  5. Info from iw says that kem is only on "strike zone" it's the only map that does this.
  6. Guys. He was an advisor. Like what hastr0 did for black ops 2.. Kind of like a guy who knows esports better then random dudes who develop games instead of really play them.. Get real he is NOT a developer.. Just a contracted advisor.. Google what hastr0 did with treyarch and you'll understand. http://www.forbes.com/sites/johngaudiosi/2012/08/14/mike-hastr0-rufail-working-with-treyarch-to-ensure-call-of-duty-black-ops-ii-takes-esports-by-storm/
  7. one can hope!. but lets be honest here.. you can bet your ass killa would be screamming if he was beating parasites new team! haha
  9. too many playlists. no ranks weapons should be the way they are now at launch in game league style like black ops 2 has.
  10. Was just going to say this... Haha saucy = rookie??! Jk
  11. Mlg released this old h2 video a few years back on Xbox live where it was sk and hysteria vs lbx and Roy.. They were so damn young.. It was a 2v2 on midship and it was awesome.. Sk was laughing at the beginning about playing these 2 little kids! I wish I still had it.
  12. With the guys we have involved with 343 like bravo and ghost I think everyone will be happy with halo 5... Sprint.. No sprint... Whatever it's going to be a good game.. Never have we had men who are so in touch with the community so close to the devs.. It's looking good
  13. Add random hero 204 Also ghost, feel free to shoot me one of those invites
  14. Was wondering when someone would bring up mad max eh Also skorpion was another one of my locals. There was a guy that played with tensor back when he went by "youlos3" named "savage eh" who was better then tensor by far. We had some sick lans here in Winnipeg. Tensor, sad panda, skorpion. Savage eh. Our scene was awesome....then h3 came out and nobody like it haha.
  15. In Manitoba I get 20 mbps down and 2 Mbps up... It's only 40$ a month so I'm happy. I get hat I pay for ...there is barely any drop off.. It's between 17-20 Mbps down and it's always always always 2mbps up
  16. I'm wrong?? Most people here love h3... The randomness game of the series.. Yes even more random the reach with bloom. Dat spread... And I don't know what settings you play bj I'm assuming but I control all my speed with my left joystick just fine.. Left click = sprint and regular movement... Change your settings
  17. I was right there with you watching.. I'm 30. Been around since te beginning. I had kids when I was 21 so I never travel out of responsibility. But I've seen it all and tell people they don't know what they missed all the time and shake my head at 16 year olds who thin halo3 was halos peak.... Population wise maybe.. But gameplay wise no way.
  18. Tensor I knew personally and because I'm so old school I played against sad panda eh in h1 locals all the time... (fun fact sad panda was on str8 rippin before t2) He beat me in an ffa tourney to get h2 a week early!!! I was so salty... Me, tensor and sad panda are all from Winnipeg.
  19. They posted the game types on waypoint... Better start running ffa swat guys lmao no joke... Week 1: infinity rumble Week 2: rumble swat Week 3: rumble pro Week 4: rumble grab bag Week 5: legendary rumble Source: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/halo4globalchampionship/schedule Scroll down to the bottom and click the arrows that go left or right to switch the week. I wonder what legendary slayer is...."it'll be the game type that bridges the casual and competitive communities" HAHA we will see about that.
  20. Lots of players sprinkled here and there... That's just how it always is.. Sometimes a team comes together. Canada >>
  21. But guys...weapon skins are not halo!!!! No sprint, no weapon skins for v6!!!!!!! I'm gonna go create a poll!!! **SARCASM** But really now it's ok to rip off cod?? Trollolol
  22. Umm I dot get it. But how I think it'll be is this.. Agl/umg/mlg whoever. Will have their own dedicated server for online tournaments. It'll be like how bf3 is. You will probably be able to rent your own servers for a monthly cost. Then you can set up you own map rotation, weapon load outs, environment setting like gravity movement speed etc etc. Also if you want you can just do a broad search which will look like what we have now.. Certain "hoppers" that are for certain game modes. It's not complicated... So when it comes to "tourney mode" we'll it's irrelevant because the server host can change the settings anytime they please..that also includes what maps next etc etc... You must have little experience with dedicated servers...
  23. Ofcourse people are going to "standby" (what we used to call it in halo2) people in the h4gc... It goes with the territory... Been playing rumble pit for the last few weeks and yes, today has been brutal... And it's not because of population spike.. That's been the same of like 200-700
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