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  1. Trailer made me think BR, but Phil said it was an adventure so I am thinking it may be the next mainline entry
  2. Seems these two teams are much more evenly matched than Tox and Splyce
  3. "I wouldn't be surprised if Shottzy came down my chimney at Christmas" lmao
  4. Splyce does to Tox what Tox does to everybody else, its insane
  5. They did it at Orlando, but I definitely feel like Tox has a chip on their shoulder and the experience edge in these situations. If nV gets Splyce in losers though I don't see them winning.
  6. Exactly. Its a shitty situation. Players and organizers need to make sure all the equipment is in working order, or put measures in place to deal with any malfunctions like actual rules on what to do in that situation. Unfortunately its something that can easily be abused.
  7. I mean assuming the next game has actual LAN it wouldn't be difficult to implement a Pause feature when the game notices any controller disconnect.
  8. That would be interesting. Pause any LAN game if controller disconnects.
  9. My problem with that rule, if it exists, is that couldn't you easily just unplug your controller and demand a replay? Not saying that is what happened here, obviously.
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