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  1. So did we learn anything by letting children run a company bigger than a lemonade stand?
  2. Jesus this is pathetic. Worst company ever managed? Worst company ever managed.
  3. A couple friends from NeoGAF and I popped in Saturday to watch the mainstage events but they were closed to the general public. I sent out a tweet that basically said I was disappointed we weren't allowed in and almost immediately a couple friends I have at 343 tracked me down to explain they were prepping for Sunday, giving players some breathing room, etc. It was still disappointing, but that kind of fan service from 343 has been around for a long time. I was super impressed that even in the middle of the chaos of pulling off what they did sunday (which, in a word, was one of the best tourney's I've ever seen) they still had time to cater to me and others that showed up to talk it out and then provide a stream in the lobby for us to catch up on. Basically, that's all to say that Sunday was absolutely worth the wait. I still got chills rewatching Str8 Sick and Ace last night...that match was too perfect.
  4. I'd like to go the sarcastic route and define moderator for you and their use, but I wouldn't want to abuse my power as a moderator here and be an asshole.
  5. It's an internet chat. If you don't like mods that abuse their power in the chat, don't go. It will literally have no outcome on the rest of your day if you don't participate.
  6. I mean it sucks and is obviously cheating, but this is one of the downfalls of having a tournament like this. Wish there was a better detection and punishment for it.
  7. I understand how many shots it takes to kill a person in this game. I also understand that if I'm looking across Complex I'd want the DMR in my hands 10/10 times because it's so much easier to get long range kills with.
  8. Do you play as a pro? Or do you still play online with everyone else? The problem is that it's basically a magic weapon that you don't even really have to pace with the right mod from anywhere on the map. It's an actual problem in its current iteration, IMO.
  9. And even though this is awesome news, I can't help but feel it's just a bandaid for bigger problems like huge maps and the DMR.
  10. Shit's good. So good.
  11. Donkey Kong Country Returns is a badass game for sure. Animal Crossing was fun for a bit but I'm already tired of it and looking forward to another Star Fox replay.
  12. That's a really cool point of view.
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