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  1. Is it legal to both own an organization and compete as a member of its team or as its coach?
  2. I recently discovered that there are: http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/xboxone/halo-5-guardians/pro-points
  3. Are there leaderboards which list players and their pro points?
  4. I've heard that Discord reduces latency in communications compared to game/party chat-- is this true? How does Skype compare? The sound quality seems low on Discord, but it could be my internet. Do other people experience this problem?
  5. What day and time does the registration for the monthly tournaments typically start?
  6. Are pro points from the weekend 2k tournaments awarded to teams, or to players?
  7. Did they dodge teams of four while doing it?
  8. What do you think is the highest rank a person can realistically attain by running arena solo?
  9. Slow turn should no longer be an issue in Halo 5 due to the option to adjust dead zones in controller settings. After a solid week and a half of practice, my hands have pretty well gotten used to the paddles on the Elite. It no longer feels uncomfortable. I still occasionally make mistakes, like pressing two paddles at once, but I imagine that these errors will occur less frequently with more practice.
  10. Can't recommend the cheap headset linked. I think the reviews are faked. I bought one and it seems that the USB has to be plugged in for the headset to work, which is very difficult to make happen because the USB and 1/8" cable are very close together. There's also an audible buzzing noise.
  11. I went and got an Elite, but it's not very comfortable with all four paddles in place. My fingers don't line up with the paddles. This is a significant issue, so I'm considering getting a Scuf instead, since the paddles are different.
  12. Monk


    A few years ago, I made a game that strategically-inclined Halo players might find interesting or enjoyable. It's a 2-D, fast-paced simultaneous-decision turn-based game. You can play it here. If you play it, I'd be happy to hear what you think of it. Right now, you can play against the computer. A matchmaking/ranking system was in the works, but I haven't been working on it lately.
  13. Does any member of a top-tier team refrain from using a Scuf, Elite, Battle Beaver, or similarly enhanced controller?

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