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  1. Gamertag: Detoxifyyy Customs/MM: Prefer HCS playlist right now Reigon: NY Message me and I will add you back.
  2. Really good, well thought out post props to you man. I've been having the same thoughts lately of just walking away from halo/being done with gaming other than just hopping on once in awhile to play with buddies in games that actually work. I'm 18 years old but was introduced to halo 2 in 2006. I've been doing this for almost a decade now (9 years) I grew up playing halo but now I can't find the motivation to continue to support something that isn't what it used to be nor will it ever be again. Time to focus on college more and move on with life for me.
  3. GT- Detoxifyyy I'm down to run games
  4. Looking for a serious team to play in HCS Cups and PGL's. Events if we get serious enough. Like teammates to have good communication. GT- Detoxifyyy
  5. I'm looking for a team as well. Really good communication, can play just about any role. Gamertag: Detoxifyyy
  6. If you're looking for a team still hit me up, GT- Detoxifyyy
  7. Thanks for the info. My upload speed is like .74 its awful because the ISP my mom works for is shit.
  8. I have this exact same issue. I can play any other game and not lag at all, If I play H2A i get frequent lag spikes, the only time I haven't experienced lag was 2v2 customs anything bigger the game seems to lag for me. Any other game is perfect connection.
  9. Anyone have any clue as to why whenever I play H2A (on the rare occasion mm works) I get frequent lag spikes. This only happens in H2A whether its customs or mm. I can play all the other games/playlists lag free.
  10. I feel like if we take sprint out for v5, the pit would work very well to give us a slayer and replace adrift in CTF. With pit if we were to take sprint out (theoretically), that takes away the need to have the forgers make a good map for us to use. Granted dlc sometimes poses a problem at tournaments. We'll just have to wait and see though.
  11. GT- Detoxifyyy (3 y's) Twitter- D_Miner05 Add/Invite for throwdown or customs
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