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  1. Not sure, I think I was going back through some of my archived posts on mlgpro and found it. I have a couple other old h2 photos that I found as well. Vash was the dude. Best BR '05 and top 1 at nashville.
  2. Usually a lurker but had to say, if you're getting your hoagies from a chain you're doing it wrong. Optic top 1
  3. CLG with the meme team strats https://clips.twitch.tv/itssofrosty/AgreeableDuckKeepo
  4. Ghost/pistol Ramby/poon Toxin and his neighbor Gspot/sad panda
  5. Strangepurple/nistic Darkman/Alex Zyos/Shizz Zyos/Pac Slim/pac Vash/Defy Mackeo/victory Hokum/FIS Sk/hysteria
  6. It was at neg9 when I saw it, so I had to plus rep it to neg8. You're welcome, boysss.
  7. too easy http://oddshot.tv/shot/itssofrosty-201604153354944
  8. Late seeing this. I had the same problem and my elite was just out of warranty. I had to reach out to the controller's designer on Twitter and spend 2+ hours on the phone with cs, but they did extend my warranty and replace the controller which took about 2 weeks in all. If you want more details just send me a PM.
  9. lol nah, I was just thinking about how awful that usage was then and it made me laugh. So, I thought I would reference that, made me laugh at least. On topic, I'm really interested in what 2gre will do. I was saying right after worlds that he would try and poach Bubu Dubu and Huke, but now these rumors of Huke getting dropped make me wonder.
  10. Yeah, you would have to create a formula to divide the total damage dealt by deaths. Halotracker doesn't show total damage on their site, only the splits by weapon/melee/grenade/ etc, so I don't know if you would have to sum those totals too. Regardless, I think the stat is more useful than the raw damage dealt statistic because it would display the players effectiveness in dealing damage. It would also be cool to know how many damage points are needed to get 1 kill. Is damage received something in the api?
  11. Can you do damage dealt per life (Dmg/deaths)? I think that is a more meaningful statistic. Also, accuracy by weapon would be cool to see.
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