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  1. dont forget my boy carlos (cpt anarchy) he aint coming back tho :/
  2. i just want bman and elamite. gandhis too far ahead ow to come back to halo full time unfortunately ):
  3. hopefully we stay a halo community and not an mlg community like we were back in the day.
  4. nah i live in louisiana. ive been to plenty MLGs though
  5. no. im pretty sure i never had that GT. ive had similar ones like OMG Its Defiled
  6. i agree 100% but i disagree with people chasing.A one shot person is just as good as a dead person. Now that person is going to be one shot sprinting around wasting valuable time, no ones gonna chase that guy bc hes killing himself basically LOL
  7. to be honest i could care less about sprint/no sprint but this idea popped into my head and i had to share. got some quality responses so far
  8. yea i dont agree with sprint but i also dont agree with taking it out so im just trying to find a happy median for both sides.
  9. i think i literally just fell in love. but seriously im glad someone has the same thoughts as me. great minds think alike
  10. I think I match You frequently in MM and we always carry our teams and we share wins/losses. I woul like to run games together so we can be on the same side and get consistent wins instead of throwing the game due to others. GT: Defiled 4s I'll hit u up on Xbox
  11. Name: Trent Verret GT: Defiled 4s Games: All halo and some fighter games and MOBAs and MMOs Area: Morgan City, LA Future: go to events and place into a highly regarded place that will showcase my potential
  12. With the hype that the pro Gameplay had yesterday I want to recreate the map coliseum. Looks very good and seems like it could highly regarded by competitive players like myself. I'm mediocre at forge but I'd like some help in recreating this map. GT: Defiled 4s I'll be online later tonight and will start making it until the new Naruto episode is on (:
  13. Brad has done way more for the halo community than you could dream of. Kappa
  14. Just to clarify. I grew up on classic halo so no sprint is gonna have a place in my heart but I've learned to deal with sprint. I also like the new features 343 has done to it. Sprint is here to stay I was just trying to see if we could make it a tad better by removing the physical animation.

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