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  3. Pretty cool I was nominated for Redbull's eSports player of the month. Thanks @@TheSimms <3 http://www.redbull.com/uk/en/esports/stories/1331813084194/best-esports-player-of-july-2016
  4. I said we were a team of 3 (Ninja, Victory, and Myself) Then we picked Hamy as our fourth, then rayne freed up, and Hamy and I left for Rayne / Penguin I think you interpreted what I said wrong.
  5. Dan is extremely good. One of my all time favorite teammates
  6. Zane was 100% leaving so we were a to3 and I wanted Hamy. Then Rayne freed up and here we are
  7. I regret not doing it sooner. But we learn from our mistakes. I've gone back to who I used to be before this season and I really think it helped bring the team back together
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