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  1. Pretty cool I was nominated for Redbull's eSports player of the month. Thanks @@TheSimms <3 http://www.redbull.com/uk/en/esports/stories/1331813084194/best-esports-player-of-july-2016
  2. I said we were a team of 3 (Ninja, Victory, and Myself) Then we picked Hamy as our fourth, then rayne freed up, and Hamy and I left for Rayne / Penguin I think you interpreted what I said wrong.
  3. Dan is extremely good. One of my all time favorite teammates
  4. Zane was 100% leaving so we were a to3 and I wanted Hamy. Then Rayne freed up and here we are
  5. I regret not doing it sooner. But we learn from our mistakes. I've gone back to who I used to be before this season and I really think it helped bring the team back together
  6. Cool interview I did for @HCS_FR : 1- Now, at the end of the season 1, what are your assessments, general and personal, of this HCS Pro League ? The season was a rough one. Personally it was really hard to handle. At first I was super stoked to be a part of TL with APG, Stellur, and Eco. When we didn't qualify at Burbank (due to Brad's injury) it really broke me. Then picking up Clete and Dan, nothing ever seemed to work. I know it was really ate in the season, but we finally started clicking and really showing we deserve to play in the pro league. 2- A lot of people just see competitions and events but tell us about preparation. What is a typical day of a pro to prepare an event or an important match ? And how will you prepare relegations ? A typical day of preparing is a lot of talking with teammates. Getting on early to walk over the maps and talk about different scenarios. Getting on the night before a match to go over film with each other or our analyst TiberiusAudley. To prepare for Relegation we're just going to be scrimming other teams every night, learning more, watching film, and really critiquing each other. 3- We would like to speak about Eco. We saw his evolution during this season, tell us about him. I think Eco really did evolve this season. At first he was like our leader. Always vocal and being the in-game leader. As the season progressed for us it was really hard to mentally handle losing so much. We all felt defeated and almost just stopped caring. But towards the end we sat down, and we talked about what we need to do to turn it around. Eco found that spark again and really coincides with me in the "in-game leading" aspect of things. I feel as if him and I are both the in game leaders and we are extremely vocal. It's nice to know he has my back. 4- Many french players consider that you’re one of the most skilled player in Pro League. Would you give them any tips? Tips are hard to give because there is so many different aspects to the game. In terms of individual skill, it's about grind. Shot is about finding the sensitivity that you're most comfortable with. In terms of positioning, watch "Frosty" from CLG play. That's how I get better at positioning myself. In terms of being a team player, it's all about communication and being able to get your point across in a fast paced environment. 5- Following your last matches, few people think that Danoxide have some difficulties to integrate the Pro League requirements. Let us remember that he joined you during half the season. What could you answer to his opponents? People give Dan a hard time but they don't understand what is going on behind the scenes. Dan is a player who thrives off of good communication, intensity, and teamwork. Like I said, this season was hard for us. Mid-way through the season we all felt so defeated, our communication wasn't even existent. Ever since we stepped it up, he's improved VASTLY. I also fuel off of his adrenaline and hype, which also makes me play better. 6- What is the hardest combination « gametype/map » to play for you? And why? I think my worst gametype/map combo is probably Regret Team Slayer. I've definitely improved on it as of late, but that is due to help from my analyst Audley who really went in-depth with me how to improve. My biggest issue was being a harder kill, and just simply dying too much. Mostly due to positional errors, or being unaware of my teammate's current position. 7-In spite of your high level with your old team, Renegades, you decided to split. Why was that? Honestly I think there's two big reasons we split. 1. Our choke at worlds. That hurt the soul a lot. I don't think I've ever cried at a tournament, but man I shed a lot of tears that day. Being up 2-0 and getting reverse swept.. Ouch. 2. Personality Clash. I loved everyone on the team don't get me wrong. Stellur amazing individual skill, Cameron an amazing teammate, and Ninja the potential to just randomly go off. However, Ninja and I used to argue a lot. We are the same type of person. We want to win, we have the drive, and we are emotional. Sometimes that would be too much to handle from two people and we would butt heads. I love the guy like a brother though. Leaving the team HAD NOTHING to do with "finding a better team" or "thinking I had better options." 8- We would like to speak about human relationships now. Is it difficult to create a team synergy knowing that nearly all players can leave or be dropped overnight? I wouldn't say it's difficult. It's about adjusting yourself to the personalities of the others on the team. Roster locking definitely helps aid in the fact people need to learn to work with each other. 9- We saw that you bought 3 CLG skin packs. Is it a technique to postulate? Honestly I bought 1 pack for the CLG skins, 1 pack again to finish off the HCS skins, and then 1 more on my pro league account just to be able to use the CLG skins in pro league. Nothing crazy behind it 10- We know that you follow the european Pro League. What do you think about its level ? And specifically the level of french community? I follow a little bit of the EU league. I don't have many opinions formed, but there is definitely a lot of players in the EU community who have individual skill. I haven't heard their communication, or know what they are like to work with so it's a bit hard to form opinions on players you don't really know. 11- With this interview we know far more Spartan, but tell us more about Tyler. Outside Halo, what do you do usually? Outside of Halo... Honestly not too much. I put off going to college to pursue Halo. Halo is currently my full time job, as well as streaming on Twitch.tv. I stream for hundreds of hours a month, and put anywhere from 6-12 hours a day on Halo 5. But when I'm not gaming or streaming, I will go out a lot by myself at night. Get food, sit on the beach, see movies. I do a lot alone. I'm also a Netflix Binger Thanks for asking me these questions I really appreciate it! <3 - Tyler "Spartan" Ganza Team Liquid
  7. "Danoxide will be substituting in for Assault for the Matches on June 16th and June 17th as Assault cannot make the matches" - Command in my stream. Rules state you can use substitutes in case of emergencies.
  8. I agree and disagree. I'm not "barking orders" I'm directing. I def am not quick to anger or a negative nancy, however towards the end of the series I was quite frustrated and was nit picking at that point just out of frustration. So again, I agree with you to an extent, but I highly doubt you've watched me enough to jump to conclusions making me out to be a negative nancy. I rarely get like that.
  9. Yeah Idk how optic is higher than us. Only thing left confusing me @@Vivi
  10. Why RNG higher than Optic Why nV higher than Liquid Pls tell me gooby pls Edit: Just saw new post. Thank u BB

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