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  1. Save us UGC Ghosts get so boring :/
  2. Waiiiit a second you're telling us the guidelines almost 2 months before so we know whether it'll be cancelled or not? #BradgetouttheNOTEPAD
  3. Ninjas scared to get embarrassed by Formal in h3 so he went to CoD where he has even less of a chance at $$ :o
  4. Since UMG got in trouble with copyright they should just pickup Halo 3 instead
  5. 25k on H3 lovin ittttt #Halo3REVIVAL
  6. Hmu for some MLG if ur good Gt: Vapor McCoy
  7. I didn't expect a very large team turn out. AGL should have held a separate H3 tourney AFTER AGL 10. Would have had a better turnout and given people more time to practice and such. But what do I know right?
  8. Can you make a full team list? Halo 4 and Halo 3 hard to keep track when they're posted but not put on the front page pls and thx
  9. ^^^^ if AGL Or UMG are smart about it they could pull 64+ teams for Halo 3
  10. Hopefully the H3 part of this event draws enough attention so they hold more H3 events!!!! Even if it's not AGL that continues them
  11. AGL or 343 need to do something to build hype back into Halo more and more people are leaving it on the daily
  12. @Cyren are you going to update and add all teams attending since the AGL site still isnt up to see a team list?
  13. Should spread the word about AGL10 msg all recent players try to spark a lil interest. It'd help if AGLs site was actually up but hey wouldnt hurt to inform people right?
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