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  1. From my perspective, there a few things that Benson and them can do to improve the tournament broadcasts. I agree that they should talk to more pro players. Two play by play casters gets very boring, and talking to pros might be able to get at least one of them to offer more analysis. And they should definitely be using the time between matches to prepare something. What are the power weapons to watch out for on the map, what kind of thing can we expect these players to do off the rip. Shoot, I'll take a little bio information about one of the players or the teams if you don't have anything else to talk about. Just have something so that when they come back to you it doesn't look like you're getting caught with your pants down. Maybe move that GB Live Replay segment thing to after the break? Gives you time to have someone analyze the match so when you come back you can show a game changing play or the things that went into someone's overkill before getting into the next match. It isn't that these guys aren't playing. Benson was opening packs during some of the downtime and i think he had over 100k req points. It just seems like it comes down to a lack of that game knowledge that they would have for COD. Honestly, I'd like to see Benson or the other guy (I think his name was Zach? No clue) play some customs with some pros. I think that would help them learn some of the finer parts of the game better. But we are still relatively early in the games life, so I'm sure their broadcast will improve. And I did see at least one person from the cod community in the chat asking about halo, so that could be good.
  2. But guys... That other guy is wearing a Final Boss shirt. No, but seriously. This is not the level of Halo casting I was expecting from MLG. I expected it from Benson, sure. But MLG...
  3. Did the VGAs just confirm halo prize pool is at $2 mil? And Forge this month? Edit: Didn't see the Halo tweet. Still. $2 mil hype!!!
  4. Jesus, you pretty much have to yell to be able to talk to the person next to you. 0_0
  5. Wassup peeps! Live in Atlanta. GT is xTweeziix. I'm down for some sweet, sweet lans.
  6. xTweeziix Customs/Matchmaking (I enjoy both) NA, EST Edit: Misspelled the Gt... Its early, okay?
  7. Hole-y walls, Batman! Don't worry, I'll put myself in timeout now for that terrible joke.
  8. But if I cant get Req packs from copious amounts of Doritos and Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel, how will I become pro at halo? lol. I'll probably buy a pack of Gamer Fuel just cause that and Halo releases are synonymous to me, codes or not.
  9. I'm just holding out hope that Gamer Fuel comes in with some Req packs. just for nostalgia. Also, isnt Monster also doing the BO3 Zombies thing?
  10. Tweezy

    Film Discussion

    I was really hoping that at the end of that burnt trailer it said something like "The Gordon Ramsay Story"
  11. The giveaway thing really seemed to upset Ninja. I tune into his stream whenever I'm at work (gives me something to do while videos render and he is one of the players i recognize streaming) and he has been talking about Naded's giveaway for the past couple days. Poor dude. He's been getting mad hate since Reach but he has been the top streamer for a while now. Heavy lies the crown, I guess.
  12. Ranked HCS Team Doubles Slayer Lone Wolves FFA Team Objective Grifball Social Social Slayer Social FFA Team Tactical Snipers BTB Swat Rotation Game Mode Specific Playlists (Breakout only, CTF only, etc) Infection
  13. I'll probably jump in and start playing arena for a few hours before trying out warzone. Follow that up with some campaign until I pass out. We're like what, 2 and a half months away?
  14. Opinions so far. OS on 1 minute timer seems to make OS kinda worthless. idk. Maybe its just me, but if it comes up every minute its not as much of a game changer as it has been in past halos. Plus, it seems to get burned really easily if you catch the player in the animation. Idk if they could make it so that the OS drops back down if its not activated, but thats a good idea. I'll agree that pistols may need a buff but that shotgun range definately needs a nerf. And that plasma caster... idk if that should be on any competitive maps. No one used it. lol. On a slightly different note, what will the 343 pro team be doing once Halo 5 releases? Will they be tweaking map and weapon spawns for the competitive community like Ghost was doing in Halo 4 or will they be doing something else entirely?
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