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  1. Loving the new chronological transfer list. Cyren, you deserve a raise.
  2. Been loosely paying attention to this HCS season. Hopefully Season 2 will have a lot of the issues ironed out. I want Halo to be back to it's former glory.
  3. Hope you guys have fun. Spread the word! I want to watch some high roller matches!
  4. I can't guarantee it but I will say that it's not out of the picture.
  5. You're a good sport. Keep your head up. Keep working on your trade. Most importantly, utilize the awesome peers in the community.
  6. If this is in STL I will be attending if I'm not doing anything that weekend. Glad to see everyone getting excited to play again.
  7. Our changes were pretty much forced upon us. You think that this community really wanted to have scorestreaks in the beginning? C'mon.
  8. These are things that continue to bother me. These mechanics are built into the game. Evolution is an important thing. Just because these dynamics are in the game does not mean it's a bad thing. It just means the meta of the game is changing. I can understand that it's a scary concept. But you have to be willing to embrace it and attempt to draw in a new crowd. Otherwise, you will fizzle out with the rest. With the amount of backing you guys are getting from 343 I don't want to see that happen. They're working hard for you guys!
  9. After seeing the Halo4GC this past weekend I have to, first off, say that this was some of the best production I have seen out of Halo in quite some time. Secondly, I find it quite disheartening that after 343 put up so much time and effort towards providing this to all of you that the majority of the response I've seen back was negative. I may not be completely involved with Halo but I do keep an eye on what is happening and 343 has made leaps and bounds of improvement for this game. You guys have to realize this. They are making active efforts to improve this game. Continue to support them! I have complete faith in them to make it right to all of you. Don't give up on the dream. <3
  10. I have specifically designed it so you guys are right in along side CoD. I'm not leaving you guys out. Oh. You also have chairs.
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