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  1. This is what we have been doing in the MX community. Thought everybody would enjoy...
  2. To pay for travel and many other expenses. Im cover 99.9% by the help of my company www.landmarkcredit.com
  3. Follow us on facebook, join our weekly bible studies to learn more. We have a sponsorship program that is going to help raise fund plus the other depts we are developing. Where is the tri-state located?
  4. Food work. Thanks brother. Primisis Live in Concert Video:
  5. Excited to announce this to the Halo4 community... We are going to host a Halo 4 FFA or 2v2 tournament being held on Xbox right after AGL's event and our "G4C TOUR Oct. 12th" Few things to see at our event: - Promo Video: - "G4C Tour Gaming Event" Invatation Video: - Top Artist: Primisis Live in Concert: Tour Locations & Dates TBA. Possibilities listed below. - Dallas, Texas - Houston, Texas - Knoxville, TN - Orlando, FL - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Raleigh, NC - CBUS, Ohio -Altanta, GA etc. $500 Cash payout and possible prizes from sponsors & partners. 1st place $300 2nd place $150 3rd place $50 We will be streaming live from our www.twitch.tv/Gamers4christ channel all the top game play. We had 12 plus pros and top am players in our last $500 FFA tournament in Reach. So expect the same thing if not more. We will be working on getting registration page up in near future once we see what the community wants first... Let the discussion begin...
  6. Yes we plan on coming to Tulsa or Oklahoma City for an event. These events are for everybody to attend...
  7. We will be associated with both. Majority of skateboarders, motocross guys, bmx,etc play video games including Halo4.
  8. This is the first TOUR stop of many... Includes: * 400-2000 Gamers * Live streams parties hosted across America! * Live Radio Broadcast * Professional BMX & Skateboarding * Professional G4C MX Racer * Rap Artist Live in concert: "Primisis" We have partnered up with EVO, CEO & other top fighting & FPS leagues from the East & West. G4C TOUR Promo Video: G4C TOUR Invitational Video: Event Details & Promo Video: www.facebook.com/events/398087640297229
  9. We have loved being apart of the community. This is obvious. Looking into the future so that gamers have a chance to be sponsored and we get equal representation! We are developing a new sponsorship drive program cause we have helped teams that have made promises and didn't keep their end of the deal; after we covered team passes, hotels, plane tickets and such. So we are developing a points program for teams to get team passes, hotels & even flights depending upon how much appeal & products are sold. Of course they must represent the G4C Code of Honor as well. If they want support from G4C then we just need to make sure that both parties carry their own weight. Fair enough. What are peoples thoughts and ideas on this?
  10. Hey Troops, We have fours teams that we are helping at this event. Making a statement I guess you could say. We love working with the young men and women of this community. There is a lot of potential for greatness in all the ones I have met. We will also be looking to feed the homeless in Chicago area. We are located to homeless shelters in the area and are going to be collecting money or can food to take to the location probably Saturday evening if everything doesn't end so late. Follow us on twitter: Gamers4Christ to know exact times. If you would like to go see and visit the homeless shelter we are visiting. Sudd 1/Mike will be shooting video this weekend for a video wrap up of the event. Torrey/TJ will be leading worship at our study on Sunday or Saturday morning.(Depending upon when everything starts on Sunday) Feeding Homeless at MLG 2011 CBus! https://vimeo.com/67764202
  11. Correction on team name: "G4C Status Quo" I have come to know Mike pretty good and over the last few events I approached him with the idea of G4C sponsorship and it is now offical. So for UMG it will be "G4C Status Quo" Regarding retires coming bank. "Brake" has been playing a lot as well. Also I've been in talks with another very popular pro and he may be at a tournament near you in July. God Bless, Bradley Young G4C
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