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  1. tomorrow is the last online qualifier for regionals for the top 15 seeds in points and the roster lock is like 5 minutes before the tournament time, so people need to figure their shit out before then pretty much. There's a last chance qualifier but only the team that wins the entire thing qualifies for the 16th seed so obviously you don't want to be in that situation if possible Edit: I'm not sure how informed in general you are, so this may go without saying, but since the roster lock is before the tournament tomorrow, they need to have the teams they are confident playing with for the rest of HWC decided before the tournament starts cause they can't change from that point on.
  2. They obviously view the coach to be more important than just the dude who, "tells me when the rockets are up," if they saw no value outside of that, they wouldn't even bother having a coach. That being said, 1-2% is obviously a small percentage, but of the grand prize, is a significant amount of money. Most of these guys are good friends with their coaches, i'd assume, so it would be kinda a bitch move to only give your coach/friend $1,000 if your team just won $1 million prize pool
  3. yeah that makes more sense, its getting fairly late for FS and Maniac, sheesh
  4. So, pretty much confirms the team assault has been running with is official and WFX is still looking for one?
  5. I'd hope the coach would get more than $1,000 if they won > $2.5 million lol, 1% would be a cool $25k pre-tax, not to mention the prize pool is only growing. I'd say 1% minimum would be pretty fair (the $2.5 million+ is the entire prize pool I believe, but either way the notion of 1% of that total still seems like a fair trade) Edit: obviously there's the org and stuff that will get a cut too, but my overall point is I think the coach would still warrant well more than $1,000 of the grand prize
  6. I believe FS or Maniac said in one of their vlogs that assault wasn't staying until the final qualifier and he was planning on going back home after 2 or 3 weeks cause of his gf/family and stuff
  7. Lxthul, Stellur, MaNiaC and 4th for OpTic, Flame backs down and coaches, pick up a broken up CLG member? Wishful thinking...reunite BtH members under OpTic org with a close friend on the cod team. You know Hecz is always thinking when players come available and he's not afraid to make tough decisions. Probably not likely, but would be pretty dope i think
  8. Anyone else hate the kill cam? I dont mind the idea of having the kill cam, i just think it takes way too long with the transition from the time you die to the kill cam and then back when you skip it. It just doesn't seem very smooth in my opinion. Obviously a pretty minor detail i just find it annoying. It also makes it difficult to spectate and call out for your team mates while you're dead from a competitive stand point
  9. So is there just no way to turn off vibration or what? is there a way to turn it off via Xbox settings in general? help please, dying over here
  10. I was in the same boat as you as far as CoD series goes. Loved IW games, didn't so much like treyarch games. WaW was fun for GB, but for pubs and others I loved CoD4, Mw2, and even enjoyed Mw3 for the most part. Blops2 was definitely the best as far as league play and competitive play IMO. To answer your question, Ghosts is more like MW games mainly because it was made by the same company lol If you're looking for time to kill, its really the only FPS out there right now that people religiously play. Competitively I think the game is kinda pathetic from a spectator stand point (watching streams/MLG Columbus), but haven't played any GBs personally so can't really attest to that. Pubs are easy and annoying since Dead Silence is broken and the awareness perk makes it incredibly easy to sound whore. Plus annoying shit like IED's and grenade launchers and kids laying in corners with silenced weapons make it extremely frustrating at times. If you have a good amount of friends to play team tac with, it is pretty fun to play since its 4v4, or if you can get a party of 5 or 6 people to run other pub lists with it's not bad, but other than that I only play FFA if im playing alone. I get bored and tired of playing after about 3 or 4 games if im not playing with friends. Overall, its your personal preference. If you have a good amount of friends that play I would say for sure get it, or if you dont and dont mind playing alone than sure go ahead. If you dont have a lot of friends playing and hate playing alone, the only reason i would get it is because it's the only FPS out there right now worth playing. If that doesn't do it for you, stick to whatever you're playing now cause Ghosts won't make it much better.
  11. lol at the mongoose thing at the end
  12. The ranking system he presented wasnt hard to understand at all. He's also not a professional video game multiplayer designer to my knowledge, so obviously the guy creating it (who in fact is exactly that and has already created one) would be able to perfect this sort of idea to most effectively make it fair and functional. The league play is actually very successful in all those other games, and you dont have to hide the way the ranking system works and keep people in the dark, just post the details of how it works on halowaypoint's website. The point of moving up and down within leagues is the fact that you are playing, and winning more matches than others. Therefore if you do take a break, you're going to go down in rank because you aren't playing games therefore you arent winning games. We dont have to copy an EXACT model from another game, just use the general idea as the basis and cater it to halo mechanics. That's not to say in this case Ogre 2 would suck ass, it would just mean other people have made gains over him because they were active when he wasnt. Since he was amazing, he would just have to put the time in and reclaim his spot. Which would be the same for all players. If you took a hiatus, you would have to come back, play games, win, and prove yourself again, and if you are truly deserving of whatever rank you were before you left, it wouldnt be a problem getting back to that spot. That's not to say that I agree with the OP however. I just think that there is more than one option to having a successful ranking system in Halo and I think some sort of league system COULD work. I personally enjoyed the W/L systems from h2/h3. Yeah it blows when you get matched with shitty teammates, derankers, quitters, blah blah blah etc. But that just promotes finding players you mesh well with and forming teams which ultimately would help the competitive scene too cause more people would attend events. Ultimately, any ranking system that's in the game won't work if there's no one playing the game, so the game actually has to be good functionally with its core mechanics first, then the ranking system will ultimately determine its longevity; whether it be win/loss or some sort of league, as long as it makes sense and is competitive I don't care what it is.
  13. Exactly lol. No reason to change something that worked so well in h2/h3 which obviously were the best MM experience games halo has had. Nothing better than having the rush and that gut feeling going into every game having to try hard to get up to a 50, it was so addicting, you would almost be scared to search games in fear of losing your rank which promoted playing with the best players on your friends list which indirectly creates teams. And then there's social for when you just wanna relax and play for fun/dont care about the shitty teammates you will inevitably get The best thing halo 5 could do is revert back to an original halo layout. Bring back all the classic core game mechanics and make them fit 60 fps and dedicated servers.
  14. Pretty sure it's coming out at the same time across all platforms
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