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  1. I think someone should make a #Kyle team for AGL8.
  2. Unfortunately, being free, still doesn't update the net code.
  3. No offense to Goofy, but they should have dropped him and kept Ryan. Ryan being on Classic and beating his former team kind of helps prove my point...
  4. That is where the report feature comes in. I know it doesn't always get checked out but it can get it banned from XBL. Regarding the CoD: MW2 on GB, same thing. Report, and hell even get video of it to document it. To me, it is a scorched earth policy that in the end will end up costing them more than what it will save.
  5. That would be unfortunate. He's a good player. :/
  6. The future shouldn't require you to be "kinected". I've been offline more than a couple days before on my 360, I didn't watch movies. I played Fallout 3/NV. Games like that. Not everyone can have an online persistent connection. They should have made that an OPTION for the console. I've never once modified my own system, so I don't know where that came out of, and I have no idea what you're saying in your last statement.
  7. So it requires that you check in once every 24 hours, and if you don't you can't use your "Gaming console" to play games. The fuck is that bullshit? Did M$ not think of their offline market? ---- edit by Cyren
  8. Unfortunately, I don't know any more than the very basic Japanese words.
  9. I'm currently living in Japan, I'm from Indiana.
  10. I know that it is unlikely, but I'm just wondering if there are any players in Japan?
  11. If anyone is interested, I'm going to be buying a team pass soon for AGL 8.
  12. Well, only really AGL8 and other tournaments in the later half of July/Early August. GT is EF Valiant. I normally play a style of "just stay alive and everything will work out".
  13. Love your maps Salot. I'm still partial to Shutout though.
  14. Thanks, and good luck in yours as well SS Jr.
  15. I'm an aspiring streamer. You might have seen myself pestering Ninja on his stream before. It's awesome to finally see this site up and running.
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