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  1. My guess is they enjoy having the hype and get to release it themselves.. but what do I know
  2. I don't really see what the issue is besides ruining the release for them haha.
  3. I think overall it's the best choice for Classic, Brad is a really strong player and if Classic feels he will better them, then I am sure he will. I feel bad for Ryanoob though, being dropped from Warriors and now dropped from Classic. I wonder where he is going to end up... better question, I wonder what Warriors is going to do for a 4th! - Looks like i'll need to change my signature...
  4. I always want Ogre 2 back, I loved him on every team he ahs been on. I always want to see him come back. Start a team with Roy and Ola
  5. I think the whole tournament is going to be online. Bravo said more info will be released July 1st so I guess we will have all our answers then! I'm looking forward to this, should help build some halo hype! LFG
  6. I think Ambush is going to win, but I want to see Warriors win it!
  7. I'll probably wait until around Christmas time, I agree that it's common for big consoles to have troubles at release... Better to be safe then sorry.
  8. Goldeneye and Super Mario 64! Or we could even go back to Street Fighter on Sega Genesis
  9. Agreed ^ but It's a hard move to make.
  10. Thanks for posting this Cyren, very helpful.
  11. GT: Punchy Tickles - Down to play some FFA's this weekend, Hit me up if you need people
  12. I've always been interested in trying Eve Online, but first off, I assume it only runs on Windows... and Secondly, I hear it's got a bit of a "FTL" style of play to it? I could be wrong, but I just heard it's a very... slow game compared to most MMORPG's. I'll have to give it a try myself I suppose to get a real opinion on it ~Punchy
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