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  1. Cook

    NFL Thread

    Speaking mostly to the secondary. They aren't going to go out and sign some marquee player for big money like a lot of teams can and are doing.
  2. Cook

    NFL Thread

    People saying RIP to the Patriots have clearly have never followed them in free agency before this year..
  3. Let's see if I can write a little without getting flamed. This is very obviously a top montage, I don't want anyone to think I'm speaking from the point of view that thinks this was sub par. Overall, the gameplay, (the most important aspect of a montage) was top notch. There just isn't a better collection of MLG clips as extensive as this by one player. Unfortunately, for me, the editing was a bit of a disappointment. Editing is typically an unknown factor when it comes to montages and it looks like the 23 minutes was too long for Snipetality. Effects were sometimes non-existent, which is fine, but at some points effects seemed to try to dominate the gameplay, not work with it. Examples of editing that flow with the gameplay can be seen in just about any of Zola's montages, or Sillygoose's Ol Man Makowski. It just felt too on and off for me to want to stay for the full 23 minutes. To me, this seems to be the product of procrastination; an example of what happens when you spend 10 months working on a project. I don't know for certain how much time was spend editing between the two, but the focus just didn't seem like it was there. Again, I want to reiterate that my criticisms shouldn't reflect that I didn't enjoy the montage. I simply feet that given the time spent working on it and the hype that was instilled by so many, that the editing should have been better.
  4. Cook

    Hip-Hop Thread

    That pretty much sums it up.
  5. Cook

    Hip-Hop Thread

    Sorry, still not home, just google "Chance the Rapper industry plant" and you'll find a ton of people that believe he's had a unfair advantage gaining his status, some claiming that knowing Obama has given him an edge. OT: Your profile picture is amazing.
  6. Cook

    Hip-Hop Thread

    Silly people say it. I'll post up a link later after I'm out of work.
  7. Cook

    Hip-Hop Thread

    Sorry, I forgot to post the link along with it explaining the situation. Have you been following news surrounding him recently? I just don't like how how people are so quick to discredit his work.
  8. Cook

    Hip-Hop Thread

    People who think Chance blew up because of Obama need to go lie down for awhile. He's a talented dude, give him the credit.
  9. Cook

    Favorite Drinks

    I keep it classy with G&Ts, preferably Hendricks
  10. Cook

    Hip-Hop Thread

    MCHG is probably the most underwhelming album of Jay's career albeit Tom Ford. I don't see how album of year so far can't go to Yeezus but Watching Movies with the Sound Off was actually real nice. Those of you who haven't already really should check out Acid Rap
  11. May Based God be with you.
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