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  1. We sure can. Long time lurker, few comments but checking the site every day. Glad to support the home for competitive Halo! :dank: PS: Gotta support the Meme Dream Team.
  2. Not sure if ESL or 343 will post anything. Hopefully the OP of this thread will get updated with the official teams. Would be an easy news story as well.
  3. Wow.. Optic going in. That was a strong showing. On the other hand... e6 looked terrible.
  4. Yea, I've been watching him a lot lately. I mean, the whole team is talented, but he makes some awesome plays. I'm sure I'd be saying the same thing about the other guys as well if I were watching their streams, though. Did you see his movement on the Rig TS game tonight?
  5. Accidental neg. I fully agree though. Healthy mind and healthy body goes a long way. Edit: Gotchu back.
  6. While I do agree with you on the "take your time, get it right" statement, the complete radio silence after such a large and hopefully momentous event for Halo eSports almost makes me think that they had a basic framework for Pro League, but are STILL struggling to come up with a working game plan for this league. PS: Hey Kroni!
  7. I hope so.. I do keep seeing people say that Naded and Ace on the same team was no bueno.. reason behind that?
  8. I'm a long time lurker myself. I've been keeping up with this thread for the last few weeks. Love it. Time to start participating.
  9. EG fights back from a sizable margin to win game 3, Eden strongholds, vs nV.
  10. Lethul just said on stream that they might be scrimming Crowd Pleasers tonight.. EDIT: They are forming the lobby now.
  11. Pretty awesome idea if you ask me! I think this could encourage the whole console FPS unity that some of the UMG guys have been pushing for. Doesn't matter if you don't like to play either game IMO, just support the community as a whole.
  12. These team changes are nuts. This last event was the breaking point it seems.
  13. Damn it.. was trying to post the same thing haha
  14. Well, I think just about everything has been said from what I can see. I missed most of the Saturday morning hubbub so I cant offer too much input as far as that goes. Some things I noticed after the Saturday AM issues were cleared up: - Certain player POV's didn't have game sounds. - When returning from commercial, the music continued to play while live. Not a big deal for me when watching warm-ups and FFA's, but a bit noticeable when a caster was talking. As I said, those were the "Con's" I didnt see listed too often while reading through this thread. As for the Pro's of this event, there are too many to list, but I'll point out my favorites. - Stream Quality was superb; very little if any Lag and quality was crisp and nearly flawless at 720p+ - Casting was a HUUUUGE plus.. it was superb in all ways and I didn't see myself hoping for a certain caster being that all did a great job (Esp. GoldenBoy!) - The ability for UMG staff to address an issue and either fix it on spot (quickly) or find a work around was a huge bonus. - The continuity of the event was also a huge plus. UMG filled the gaps very well, be it interviews, gameplay, crowd cams or some analysis - I was very impressed with the direction of the event. All in all, well done UMG and I can't wait for the next event!
  15. I think that would be an ideal setup. More teams = bigger purse and with the frequency of AGL and UMG(hopefully) events, this would allow a lot more people to show up. I also feel that a 2v2 would allow more AM teams to compete. As for FFA, who doesn't like some FFA action? Once again, FFA = more passes = bigger purse and ease of covering expenses. The sheer fact that this would be in the metropolitan area would drive up numbers. Could be an awesome turnout. Thanks for considering the idea and helping out the Halo community, man! You're awesome! I'm about 2 hours from NYC and would love to come spectate and hang out!
  16. GoldenBoy reminds me of radio broadcasters. For play by play casting, they have to be spot on with the call or else its just not going to make sense to the viewer. There were times where I had to do some things away from the computer during the event and it was really refreshing to be able to crank up my sound system and listen to GoldenBoy make the call. Despite the fact that I wasn't even seeing what was going on in the game, I was still hyped up knowing that something awesome was happening based on his play by play call and the raw emotion he put into it. All in all, great job GoldenBoy! I look forward to seeing and hearing you at Halo events in the future.
  17. The whole UMG crew is awesome. Great guys and they really seem to care for the Halo / CoD / eSports community. For them to do this event KNOWING they were going to lose money and to look at it as an investment is incredible. I'd be more than willing to donate to their cause if it helps with the financial burden until Halo events start to take off for them. They really should set up some sort of collection, even if its just to help with traveling costs / all the costs not related to the prize money. Once again, great stuff from UMG. Can't wait to see more UMG Halo in the future. But we as fans have to hold our end of the bargain. Lets make sure they get the numbers and popularity needed to stay afloat! -BigL
  18. Hey guys, Name's Terry. GT is TheBigL 032. I've been playing Halo since CE and started playing online during H2 near the end and all of H3. I was involved with the old HaloCharts website as part of their community teams and did some moderating there. Now I mostly hang out at HaloTracker.com and in numerous Halo Twitch channels. I follow the competitive community quite a bit even though I would never survive in a competitive environment and am excited for the recent updates. I'd love to get to an AGL event to meet some of the people I've met recently. Maybe someday. Hit me up for customs and what not. -BigL
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