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  1. No way i mean its really slow developing but there has been worse
  2. Anyone have any where to watch this online live...TWC took away my showtime and I really dont want to miss tonights episode ( i know i can watch it later, i would prefer not too)
  3. He is not really off infamous. At the end of the gandhi podcast they did a joke coin-flip
  4. My only complaint so far is this. She is pretty annoying in general
  5. I obviously have not played the map, however I think vertigo is too big for competitive play. Especially slayer. However Pit TS and Pit CTF seem to be two amazing gametypes
  6. im about 70-80% sure its 2 BO5....technically infamous still needs to be knocked to the losers bracket
  7. Formal loses an event and switches straight into pat himself on the back mode... Not sure if I hate it or love it
  8. All of warriors is in the finals......on seperate teams im excited for these listen ins
  9. love me some continuation series for the LBF. My prediction is requiem comes in hot and wins 4 in a row. Ninja and crew seem to play better when they are the team steam rolling through losers. They are 2009-2010 SQ lol Grand Finals: Requiem wins first series 3-1 Second series goes 5 games then infamous wins
  10. Perhaps, however I think both dudes want to win. and this might be the best team
  11. A team change that I see as the most possible (even tho im 99% sure they wont make a team change) is Enable/Flame teaming with Ninja/Legit .
  12. What? Why? The dude is good, I just dont get the hate
  13. Who wouldnt love to see Ambush lose here so they can have there eyes opened to that fact that everyone needs to practice
  14. Infamous had a team breakfast of MG's
  15. Gotta love getting a bunch of neg rep on a post and not one person replys saying anything
  16. My thought process was that he will never see it on here, because I assumed most pros/commentators dont visit every day. Just saying it too see if others agree and didnt believe it to be thread worthy
  17. Im 100% not being a dick, i love the energy,its only the game knowledge/lingo that is lacking
  18. I think im in the minority here, but i dislike goldenboys commentary for halo, he says things that dont make sense for example when someone is no shields he calls them full red
  19. Strongside or elamite would be a good edition
  20. Would love to see for future events an extended group playing 1v1's. I would love to see top 4 advance into a 1v1 bracket. And obviously seeding would be as follows. 1vs4 2vs3. Winners advance. That Mikwen vs Legit 1v1 would have been amazing.
  21. Is this meant to show im pulling reasons out of my ass. well im allowed to, im just some dude on a forum. They are holding a show trying to globally unify settings and have to have better reasons than the online against Americans suck on this game...
  22. The people on the show really dont have reason for not playing certain gametypes they just pull reasons out of there ass they say they dont play skyline flag because you can spawn ans sprint across the map and beat everyone there, yet they play onyx flag and well you can do the same on that map. I couldnt watch much more than 10 mins. It was 100% opinion based Also how can they say Haven Extrac is not a good gametype...That gametype is amazing and very competitive
  23. Are the EU people fucking joking, saying haven extrac should be removed......whatttttttttttttt
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