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  1. So you guys would rather have him just say nothing and disappear? lol come on if you got knocked out at a FFA tournament for 200k when you and the other players in your heat know your one of the best players and you get knocked out before the finals in the most random halo and gametype to date, you are telling me you would not be angry? A lot of them see what we all see; the numbers, teams, turnout, payout, viewership which is the biggest thing it wont matter how much money is on the line if the viewers do not show up then you are not gaining new people.
  2. The thing you guys dont realize is that the Cod pros embrace the halo players coming over and actually played with alot of them when they were dabbling with cod earlier in the year. You guys think that they cant win when they have just as good a chance as the rest of them especially when the pro cod players will give them info on rotations that AM players dont get directly. Its not just about how they are not getting money is that they want to compete with thousands of people watching thats why they loved mlgs in the first place alot of people went and the friends they cant see on a regular basis. Stop acting like its some elitest thing and noble to stand by halo while it slowly drowns its a hard reality but face the facts
  3. this thread should basically be for AGL 10 Im In mount pleasant about 2 hours away and def down to team with people for this even Gt: Kanoske
  4. Really in the thumb? where at i used to be in Sandusky but moved to Mount Pleasant
  5. See thats the thing that annoys me is just because they took it off the circuit because well halo 4 does not have the following of even Reach mlg did does not mean that it still cannot be used how is it helping if we are cutting off an entire website where people can meet and play against and with. I can understand it if one is better then the other but this whole us migrating thing away from something that we didnt need to migrate from just dawned on me that it was probably a waist of time.
  6. Yeah but online will be there whether you are just scrimmaging or playing in the team ladder I just feel its something that needs to be big and grow before we can grow back to what we were or atleast better then we are now
  7. Looked through both sites for the team ladders too see really no one on either consistently why dont we try to have those with more teams then that gets more teams to go to tournaments. Honestly going from different teams and playing with different teams is how a lot of players got to be good Im just confused as to why all of a sudden no team wants to do either?
  8. Gt: Kanoske nothing wrong with more options to play with
  9. Gt:Kanoske List is quite a bit barren after not playing for awhile due to work and school so hit me up with an FR I have an odd schedule usually but on mostly at night or during the day if i open. Also F/A if i can find players id want to team with or just enjoy playing with.
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