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  1. FFA - Onyx 1700 Team Arena - Plat II haven't played the others enough yet.
  2. 1. Ninja 2. Gandhi 3. Naded 4. Ogre2 5. Formal or Flamesword 6. Old pros who return If Nadeshot actually plays Halo consistently, whether he has the skill to compete at a pro level or not it would change everything and he would be #1
  3. The earliest memory I have of console gaming is playing the original Sonic The Hedgehog on Sega Genesis, I was immediately hooked. Other than that just random educational PC games.
  4. Yes Yes Invalid. Already have an Xbox one I will not miss playing on the console itself especially if Halo on Xbox one delivers a "classic Halo experience"
  5. Dust is one of this months free Games with Gold on xbox360. To find it on your xbox360 there should be a Games with Gold tile under Browse games http://www.xbox.com/en-US/live/games-with-gold
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