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  1. Not my story (promise) but one day at university my friend came to lectures in a cast round his wrist and hand. He'd been playing cod while sat on his bed, raged HARD and gone to punch his bed cover, only to miss and punch his solid metal leg of his bed. Shattered a lot of bones in his hand. As for myself I swear and shout a bit but it never extends to throwing objects. I think I learned from my friends mistake.
  2. My point is, it's easier to identify (ignoring graphical/fidelity/resolution issues) which teammate is which from this: Than from this: Obviously the quality of the screenshots is effecting the example, but it's clearly easier to tell which of my teammates is which (if I need to make a callout to one in particular) by a service tag, than by an emblem. I shouldn't be expected to remember that my teammates emblem is a white cog on a square background, or be making callouts as long winded as "white cog on square push snipe with me", whereas if my teammate has an easily readable service tag (usually just their name, or an abbreviation for their name) I can say "R30 push snipe with me" and it's easier/faster to say, and I'm not wasting seconds trying to work out what an emblem actually is.
  3. I think when the author was talking about Randomness being the opposite of skill, he missed a crucial point. It's not so much that with elements of randomness a "noob" might be able to somehow get a lucky kill or two against a "pro" and the score might be 25-10 instead of 50-1 as he eluded to. At the end of the day, in a competitive environment, the "pro" would still win that game 999 times out of 1000. The issue with randomness is if you have two equally or closely skilled players playing against each other, the randomness of a weapons spread, or the weapons a player spawns with can be detrimental to determining the winner. Imagine a situation with two players of equal or almost equal skill, in CE the encounters would be tight, and the winners of each individual encounter would come down to their aim, strafe, positioning, or power weapon control, all indicators of skill. Now imagine the same situation in H2 with SMG starts. All of a sudden the encounters are at the mercy of the uncontrollable spread of the SMG, one player could objectively have better aim, strafe, or positioning, but if the game arbitrarily decides his bullets are going to miss, then they're going to miss. "Halo 2 insufficiently rewards, in terms of kills and kills to death ratio, confirmed superior skill" As a half decent player, if I get matchmade against noobs, I don't care if I win 50-1 or 50-10 or 50-30. If I get matched against people with a comparable skill, and I lose 50-49 because their starting weapon sprayed better than mine through no fault of my own, then I'm going to have a problem with the game. Real competitive players don't care about their k/d ratio if they're playing against "noobs" or significantly lower skilled players, they care about winning the game against people with similar skill levels. I've rambled a bit, but I think the author (as a self professed poorly skilled player) has missed a few key points related to what makes for competitive gameplay, and how crutches for lower skilled players, and uncontrollable randomness can be detrimental to gameplay.
  4. I'd much rather read a service tag, that is usually a 4 Letter attempt at spelling name than memorising what each of my teammates emblems are. It's also easier to call out "R30" or "O44" or "Owen", than to call out "Red Moon on Blue Circle" when trying to identify what a teammates emblem actually is.
  5. All aboard the hype train. Holy shit. The next 3 months can't go fast enough.
  6. I think I see your point. The advantage I see over having separate playlists is that with separate playlists, a party has to choose between All Games, or one Game. When in actual fact they might want to play 2 or 3 and NOT CE/4 (Let's pretend 343 put all 4 games into the Hardcore section). Now, if they were forced to choose the H2 only playlist, they could only match other H2 players. Likewise if they chose only the H3 playlist, they'd only match other H3 parties. By being able to toggle CE/4 OFF and search one playlist but only for other parties wanting to play only 2 or only 3 or any combination that included a match, there'd be a bigger pool of parties to choose from, decreasing matchmaking times. Like in CS:GO, I can choose to search for a competitive game and only toggle the map Dust 2 and get a game in seconds, cos that's where most people search. Or I could toggle Dust 2 and Inferno and get one even faster. Or I could toggle cobblestone and get one in a much longer wait time because less people match my preferences. I guess it's something similar to how Ranked Playlists select based on skill matches. Obviously a rank 50 is never matched with a rank 1 even though they're both searching in the same playlist because their 'preferences' (In this case rank) don't match up. Sorry if I'm rambling or am misunderstanding your points. I just feel this option is slightly more efficient for speeding up matchmaking without forcing people to play a game they don't want to, without us ending up with a playlist for every version of every game mode 4/5 times over.
  7. As a UK player, the thing I'm looking forward to most is dedicated servers, and hopefully having my shots register cross map.
  8. I might not be bothered which game I play (H2, CE, H3), but I'd prefer say Middy Flag over Guardian Ball, or Pit Flag over Sanc. Slayer (Please don't rage at my preferences)
  9. But if you don't want to play H4, you'd simply just toggle it off before searching. Personally I'd still leave voting in. One issue with this would obviously be the CE 2v2 vs H2/3 4v4.
  10. This. It appears that most/some of the maps used for comp gameplay won't be getting an Anniversary makeover, which means if we'll be using Legacy maps we'll have to play on 'old school' H2 rather than H2A, and the 'old school' sanctuary will/should be exactly the same.
  11. Yeah I see what you mean about no different than 3 individual playlists, but it would also allow someone to go in who wanted to play either H1/H2 without having to choose one or the other if the playlists were split, then depending on matchmaking they might be matched against someone who only chose H2, someone who only chose H1 or someone who also chose both, and the pregame voting options would reflect that.
  12. All they'd need to do (I say all, I honestly have no idea how difficult this would be to implement) would be to make the Hardcore/eSports/MLG playlist whatever you want to call it, have a filter, so when your party starts searching you can choose which game/games you do or don't want to play. So you could select only CE, only H2, or only H3 or any combination, and it will match you up with parties with compatible preferences. Kinda like how CS:GO lets you pick which map you want to search for in a competitive game. With the tradeoff being increased matchmaking time. That way, assuming you are then given 3 choices of map/gametype to vote from in pregame, you'll only be given options from the games you and your opponents wanted to play. With high populations at launch I don't think this would be an issue, however if population started to decline it would probably have to be removed.
  13. They've already said loadouts are gone, I'd reckon that means armour abilities are gone too. If they've listened to the community regarding ranks, and loadouts, maybe they've listened regarding AAs and Sprint. We can but hope.
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