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  1. same exact problem with me My GT: is StaTicQ
  2. GT: StaTicQ as long as im getting better playing i dont care about the criticism
  3. Anybody got any spot if running customs or throwdown im not to good but want to play some customs to get better and i dont have skyline wont until next week GT: StaTicQ
  4. Sup im new to this beyond site and to competitive play. So im trying to go big or just be a good player so to get straight to the point i suk azzzz like i probably get at best on a good day that god is helping me 6 kills lol so if i could practice with some 8s that would be good i kinda of know some of the maps and some jumps just need to know when to do certain things like push, stay back, and help all of the things people know today so looking for help if ya do invite me to some customs im going to suck tell ya that now so ya dont expect anything from me.... so my GT: StaTicQ hopefully i get some invite :}
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