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  1. GT: Darth Rehvan Region: Central US Customs and Match Making.
  2. I think we try to get this going again. How many people in the community play Smite?
  3. Oh Definitely. Halo 4 seemed too arcady with the lighting they had in that game. Halo Reach felt just right and didn't really try to brighten or darken anything.
  4. Even the Spartan Hub is dark. I remember Halo being a game with bright colors not so dark and in it's middle school emo phase
  5. Breakout is okay. The kill times are pretty fast and the whole one melee kills you makes me feel as if there's no point in meleeing if all I'm going to do its trade with the other player even if they're one shot. So far my experience with Breakout is that one team is more aggressive than another team and so it feels sometimes more attack and defend than eliminate all the enemy players. If there was maybe an objective in the middle like if it was paintball that required both teams to move for it then the game type would probably be a lot more fun and enjoyable in my opinion. This game has so much potential and I just wish they actually took what we said to heart rather than give us some explanation to why they added a certain feature to a game. I mean I understand its hard to hear complaints about something you made but if we're doing it in a respectable matter and showing them proof on why something is just not good for Halo and break it down for them. Then they should take the feedback into consideration. We're not trying to tell them Sprint is bad for Halo because we hate them but we're trying to tell them Sprint just doesn't do Halo any justice. Yeah they are trying to balance it but when a kid can grab the Prophet's Bane and run away with it blinking with shields low then I think in all honestly that Sprint is broken. Even with the 4 second recharge rate until they stop sprinting, they still have enough time to get to a position that is close to their team mates and helps them recharge.
  6. The ranking system is what really has me hooked. The grenades in the game feel like super nukes and the AR makes me hate all things AR. I'm enjoying Halo 5 but I do think there is a lot that needs to be improved and tinkered on. Sprint feels okay but I feel like its not needed at all. The games I've encountered have gone by pretty fast and only has there been 1 game so far where it felt really slow. The static weapon spawns seem like they could work but at times it just seems like all my team mates hover over the power weapon instead of trying to lock the position down and allow just one of us to grab it. There is a lot of potential in this game, I just really hope they listen to our feedback.
  7. I can do online tourneys but I wont be able to be online more often until mid December
  8. GB: Don't have a new one at the moment but will make a new one if I get a team going GT: Darth Rehvan H2A 4v4
  9. How does the Sniper feel? It looked a bit easy to use from some clips and harder in others.
  10. I love Dota 2. I just feel like it plays a bit better and has a wider skill gap than League. Both are fun though.
  11. I would be down to test some this out. I want to see how Citdel plays competitively because it's a fun map to play on in social slayer.
  12. Well I think I did that. Maybe I messed up some how knowing me.
  13. Remake wise I have no idea what I would want. Too many fond memories on a lot of great maps.
  14. I did all the steps I needed to do and I put down exactly what I needed to put in my router settings but every time I check if the port is forward it says its not. I can't even connect to a room anymore and I used to be able to do that but the game never popped up in my system link and I thought forwarding my ports would fix that
  15. I wish I could get it to work. I really want to play some Halo CE and Halo 2 again :/ Edit: Since my main computer is in my dad's room and I have a laptop. is there any way I can still use XBC?
  16. Don't be messing with my heart like this!
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