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  1. I will agree about the rails being too high. It's incredibly hard to shoot enemies from below in a lot of instances.
  2. No worries rep doesn't really mean anything. It's all good. I just want to discuss fun thing about Halo 5. For instance, on Plaza you can shoot the red explosive barrel by Gold side once with a pistol shot from sniper side and wait for an enemy to go through the gold arch to gold ramp and the shoot the barrel. Instant kill every time. No one expects it. I uh... What?
  3. H2A was the closest you will ever get to a core halo experience ever again.
  4. Meh this argument is boring. Its not gonna change. Halo 5 is a new game and is fine.
  5. You literally quoted me and then said "all saw y'all". Who then were you talking about? Please help me because I'm confused.
  6. I have never once said adapt. Go find a quote where I have said that. Good luck. I've been around Halo and the competitive scene long enough to know what kind of Halo I like.
  7. I'd take you up on that in any Halo game. I'd have some good fun. You sound cocky as fuck.
  8. Exterms still exist. I got one in Breakout.
  9. Wrong. Pro CSGO players (who's skill level is higher relative to their game than any Halo player is relative to theirs) use game knowledge to get into favorable situations. They don't have to peak around corners and get shot at because they have communication to know where people either are or could be. They are also incredible at shooting rifles. If people are clambering around you and kill you without you noticing or hearing than you best learn to listen. Footsteps are loud as fuck in Halo 5 and clambering is just as loud or noticeable.
  10. The most competitive shooter that is played a lot today (CSGO) has weapons way easier to use than the AR. They kill faster. There are just as many angles to get caught from. Stop making excuses.
  11. That's an entirely different argument that I'm not about to have. I could write a really really long paper about ways you could make any Halo more competitive. Being realistic about it is the most important thing and something I almost never see grasped.
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