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  2. Hi guys! Me and a friend recently started a Halo 5 focused Youtube channel, and whilst we do a variety of videos, the series I would like to bring to your attention today is "The Breakdown," where we try to give real constructive tips as oppose to the usual 'practice your aim' kind of stuff. Now I will say that with this forum mainly containing competitive players, a lot of you guys will be way above these tips. I'd say these tips are for anyone who is perhaps diamond level and downwards (To put it in halo 3 terms which I feel make more sense, perhaps level 40 and downwards). Anyway, here is the latest episode: Previous episodes: Episode 1 Episode 2 We'd really appreciate feedback from you guys over here. If there are people around the level that these videos are likely to help, please let us know what kind of tips you'd like to see in future. Thanks
  3. Hey guys - I'll cut straight to the point - me and a friend have started a new youtube channel (see sig) and we need a banner. I'm okay-ish with photoshop but I just can't get the banner to look right. Would anybody be kind enough to help us out?
  4. Hey man do you still do this? Me and a friend just started a youtube channel and we just need a banner...I can do the basics on photoshop but I just can't create a banner that looks good. Let me know
  5. Hey guys, So I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone here. Me and a friend have just started up a new Halo focused Youtube channel - we've posted a few videos already and we've just uploaded one showing how you can get out of Coliseum in matchmaking. I've seen people do it in matchmaking - It's not easy to nail first time but it's not too difficult to get the hang of. Also, we couldn't find any other videos which show it. Check out our channel for our other videos, any feedback is much appreciated Combat Evolved
  6. Hey guys, I'm about to open 90 Req packs at once, come check it out http://www.twitch.tv/miniman_ce/
  7. I'm now streaming some Halo 5. Streaming quite a lot at the moment, and saving up req pacls/points for a big opening (currently 31 packs 65k points saved up). Appreciate any follows/feedback, also happy to play with anyone who's on currently http://www.twitch.tv/miniman_ce
  8. As a gametype in general, I don't really like Strongholds. It's a lot of run and gun and I'm just not sure if fits in with Halo - just a personal opinion. Hope we see king and ball back soon.
  9. It's certainly a combination of a few things. Firstly the Xbox One just isn't as popular as the 360, so that doesn't help. I'd also add that I would expect digital sales to be way higher than usual as it certainly feels like they are taking off a lot more now. Mainly though, Halo's reputation has been slowly degrading since Reach and it's not easy to get back. A lot of people left at Reach. Halo 4 was so abysmal that even massive Halo fans such as myself hardly bothered with it. MCC was a massive opportunity to bring Halo back to life and it was monumentally screwed up. Over the years, with all this happening, the average guy who isn't necessarily a huge Halo fan, has stopped buying Halo. I'm sure we can all relate to how everyone we knew used to play Halo, and now it's down to hardly anyone we know plays halo. As for Halo 5 itself, well, it's a marked improvement on Halo 4, but that doesn't really mean much. Ultimately, these monthly updates that are coming out are great, but they are also things that should have been in the game in the first place. It feels like it'll be another year until we have a real "Bungie quality" Halo with a proper UI and all the niggles sorted out.
  10. Even competent players struggle to hit perfect kills with it. Basically, the pistol has a quicker kill time than BR, and yet if you were in a 1v1 you'd still rather have a BR, generally speaking. It's barely even conceivable that in a 'classic' situation where you are looking down from top to bottom mid and see a couple of guys that you'd get a perfect pistol double kill.
  11. I think with things like that, no shield recharging when you sprint etc, they have tried to balance all these things (although I think the thruster seems to recharge too fast). But in the heat of a battle you can still use these things when you couldn't in previous Halo games. Yes, there are drawbacks attached to them now, but it's still another option to escape that you never had before, and everyone also starts with a weapon which isn't as good as certain other weapons (unless it got a buff, although I stil don't think that would solve everything, depends though). I am very much looking forward to launch and I think it'll be fun - I don't think it'll be a total CQC fest but I think it will be more so than if it were BR starts, just by the pistols nature really.
  12. No worries, it's all good. Yes, the pistol can hold it's own now. In fact, I think we can all agree that Halo 5 pistol/ar starts is light years better than smg starts in Halo 2 or AR starts in Halo 3 ever were - the pistol is actually capable of killing (plus the ar isn't useless anymore, different discussion though). But I'm not one for thinking we should use the pistol "because it's the pistol." Likewise, I'm not advocating using the BR "because it's the BR (or DMR)." I'm just looking at this game and comparing to what I've been playing lately in the MCC and saying wait a moment - we have a less capable weapon, but more opportunity to escape. And it doesn't make sense to me. And I personally think, although I could be wrong, that this is why a lot of the gameplays we are seeing a very slow, drawn out and boring, despite being on small maps. Plus, I loved BR starts in the beta to be honest. I wasn't expecting much but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  13. It's not to say that the pistol is useless - clearly it's a precision weapon which is far more powerful than any pistols since HCE (although the H4 pistol was bearable). But it's the comparison between the BR/DMR and the pistol I'm trying to draw. These weapons appear to have excellent kill times and hit connection, from all ranges, much less awkward to use and will have quicker "real" kill times in game if you like, which I personally think is needed in a game where you have multiple options to escape death (sprint and thruster). After playing MCC H2/H2A mainly for a while, it seems like for Halo 5, in comparison, we have a less capable starting weapon and yet more chance to escape death, which surely has to be part of the reason why games are taking over 9 minutes to reach 50 kills on small maps?
  14. Yeah and it really addresses all the issues that I've brought up.
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