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  1. Second place with gamepad against kbm players ? That is a huge statement. And spit to the face of all ppl who look down on console esports. Haha, this made my day. I don't like Snipedown very much, but he is a fighter. Respect.
  2. Don't forget about insert and play, where you could just insert the disc without the need of installing and managing your ever full hdd. Another factor where "hi end" consoles lost their charm. That is why Nintendo is still so popular without trying to push the tech aspect.
  3. Funny, for me it was so awkward i had to stop watching.
  4. I think i didn't express myself here properly. The edit on the right doesn't give me the H3 impression because its dark and gloomy which Halo 3 was anything but. H3 was overally bright and more saturated. If that's ok. We could go much deeper into this but i think you know what i mean. Yes that's exactly what i had in mind.
  5. I don't find the edit anything like H3. Maybe its the image itself.
  6. Looks more like H4/5 stuff that way imo. Didn't we settled we want the classic artstyle back ?
  7. Not talking about textures and lighting here, but i think the new model looks better than ever before. I can understand that some people may prefer the older Halo2/3 more toyish/arcade model. This new Chief looks more realistic, heavier, stronger, while still maintaining the beauty of classic art style. Edit: There is one thing that bothers me though. All around, we see the push for this realistic feel, realistic models, animations. But one thing i love about videogames is the carroonish, arcade style of models and animations, mostly seen in games from japan. Those more or less cartoonish characters with hand made animations have often more life in them than any real-like characters in many western games. I used to have this good cartoon vibe in older Halo games, mostly in Halo 3/Odst, especially in cutscenes. It made those games more alive and real than any foto realistic textures and motion capturing. I am kind of sad it's mostly gone from Halo. The only ones that seems to find the right way how to combine real-like and cartoonish styles together are again folks from japan like Kojima and From Software.
  8. Err... that's another way how to put it.
  9. "We need to run" "No, we need to fight" No sprint confirmed.
  10. At this point i dont care when they show ganeplay/relase the game. But it almost look like its a Halo 3 follow up. Interested to see what comes out of it.
  11. And call in incinerator afterwards to change the pace of the game.
  12. I once managed to kill ghost that was chasing me with an ordinance drop. Thinking about it now, it is the best highlight i have from playing that game. Btb in H4 was somewhat fun in a werid way i have to say.
  13. This might work in Ut an Quake but Halo tube is different kind of weapon. Fires much slower, projectiles are much slower, no ammo to refill. It's set to be used with more caution. Different category, different weapon. So no.
  14. I would take it over clamber/thruster anytime. I think it would possibly even enhance Halo gameplay without messing up the core. Given it doesn't push any animation and you can shoot while performing it.
  15. H6 cicrcuit better be something cool or all our best talent will be off elsewhere heh. (congrats Lottie !)
  16. Don have xbox anymore playing on Pc so i can compare a little bit. I would say on Pc, there are much more sophisticated methotds how to deal with those kids. I am playing Overwatch from time to time. There is quick play, where you meet all kind of morons. But. You have an option to create party of people before you join a game, no mater you want to play social, arcade or ranked. You create a room and wait for people to join. Those parties fill up pretty quick and most of the time, its people who are willing to talk, play their role and help to win. Its a simple, yet very effective tool. Another thing blizz have is you can endorse players who are helpful. Again it motivates players to do what they are supposed to do. So, morrons are everywhere, its how the devs can deal wit it.
  17. If i remember correctly Neighbor and Dersky have been active here long after game has launched. I ain't gonna look up those posts for ya. But i guess you were more happy when there was no one from 343 posting here. Nevermind.
  18. I am only saying they had positive impact on the game for sure. Note, they were also trying to bring some explanations to forums, that is another good thing. That is all.
  19. Hey, H5 was better game than H4. If nothing else, they were trying to implement things they could not remove in best possible way.
  20. Not sure if i have enough empty hdd space for this.
  21. I think you guys forget how fucking ugly Reach forge maps were. Reach aged so bad. I woudlnt watch it a minute. Any Halo looks better than Reach forge.

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