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  1. But what if they scale the map so much, you will have to use stabilize, or even spring jump to reach for that clamber. This has so many, literally infinite possibilities. Oh wait.
  2. Yes. You are being realistic and you are right. But look where the going the safe way got them. You can also implement things from other games and stay true to the core, or at least expand on it. You can also set trends by making polished product with many other qualities that represent what is called AAA game. We have right to expect this from a studio like 343. And what we get is freaking Craig laughing bag. There is no excuse for this. I am going to refer to Breath of the Wild again here. Did they come up with something brand new? No. They did what 343 is trying to do. Expand the game we know and bring it to new territory. But look at the polish and fidelity. Look how simple yet deep the game can be. And how simple yet breathtaking the visuals are. There are not many games looking better and easier on eye than Botw, and it's on 5 year old mobile Tegra chip. Again, there is no excuse for 343. I am going in circles here and I should stop. I am just a bitter old gamer. But I won't let them butter me up, that is for sure. 4k/120 FPS my ass.
  3. You know what? Instead of copying other games, mechanics, ideas, they should come up with something original on their own. I don't know what, but it's fucking Microsoft, fucking Halo flagship brand (or used to be right). They should be at least able to hire talented people and make a good product. They should be the ones to set trends. Or not. There one well known fairytale in our country. It's about dog and cat living together. One day they decide to make a cake. They don't know how to do it, so they decide to put everything they like in it. You can imagine how well the cake came out. And that's what Halo seems to be nowdays.
  4. You make some good points. But what I see is,if someone wants to play BR, he will go for fortnite, or bubg, if he wants to play on huge maps with many different wehicles, he will go for battlefield...etc. If ppl will play Halo, well it's because it's Halo. Any half assed abomination of battle royale (because that's what 343 mostly do) will atract some players, but they will be gone back to other games in no time. I don't think this is the way how to revive the franchise.
  5. Yeah let's bastardise Halo even more. Let's make Battle royale. And what about Mario kart style racing with ghost, warthogs and mongooses, that could work too. Or maybe hero shooter with all the characters we know. I think custom games with expanded options is more than enough.
  6. Yeah this is actually good. It's just a variation of classic motives, but hey, that's what everyone wanted. Btw I still cat believe how the game looks. You can say that the artstyle was always meh, but technically, H4 and H5 were good, H4 even small miracle. Holy shit, this wasn't supposed to happen. Something died inside me.
  7. Franklez is beaten at this point but I don't think he is the one to blame. I have a feeling he has been just a pawn used to represent Halo brand to give 343 some familiarity. Something goes wrong, you have to change some faces. He seems to me as a smart person. If nothing else, the short story he wrote for Halo Evolutions was very good.
  8. I just want to point out, this is not uncommon issue when it comes to IT companies. I have friend working in IT for many years and he described the same thing. Pretty much, he comes and goes when better opportunity arises, even ended up in the same company he left months ago, only to continue on the same project while there has been no progress whatsoever.
  9. You mean generally, or that H5 mechanic that has been exploited, incorporated in multiplayer and described as "working as intended"?
  10. But this is kind of already in H5. Jump+hover+thrust.
  11. This is very true. But given the history 343 has, it's hard to be hopeful.
  12. Excellent video, great "digestible" feedback, sums it all. You also have lovable voice.
  13. In more sophisticated way, it says the same thing everyone does. Game looks like shit and in some ways, its behind H3 or Reach. Especially word "unimaginative" sticks out a lot for me, and its not just the textures. 4k wont do nothing here.

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