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  1. I dont think i will ever play this, but watching it was ton of fun.
  2. Sure. Every improvement is very welcome. I was just reacting to people freaking out about those reddit and waypoint posts. Thing is, Team Hardcore is so good already i am not worried about social settings too much. What worries me a bit is, that eventually TH will be populated only by elite players, as it has been on 360. Hope i am wrong. I am not an elite player, not by far, but i still despise abilities, sprint, ar starts and all the things that are present in social. Thats why i am enjoyng myself so much right now.
  3. That would need FUNDAMENTAL changes to the code. Game was coded in time when hardware restrictions would not allow that. Now it would take too much resources we need to put in other projects. Did i do alright ?
  4. I woudlnt worry about this bulshit too much. I think 343 is done tweaking Reach settings in any major way. They got their hands full of other Mcc relases AND Infinity. If anything, we will get trough all this again with Infinity. Now is the time to enjoy Reach for what it is and while it lasts. Let them bitch
  5. More like tearing. But i think i only noticed it during campaing.
  6. Halo music and sprays in Cs Go. That is kinda cool and unexpected way how to promote your game. Wonde if there is something more going on between Ms and Valve.
  7. Seriously why they didn't call the alpha with some codename. I almost gave up on Halo, needed only couple of months of no information and Halo would be totally lost for me. Now i am in it again. Damn you 343.
  8. As a fan of the series, i say its fantastic sequel. More and better in every way. I could write pages about small details i love in this game. Its a love letter to fans really. Gunfight especially feels better. Thing is though, optimalisation really is poor. No matter how low the settings are, you still get drops and shutters. And smoothness is everything when it comes to shooters. So i would wait for a patch or two.
  9. It might be an accident, but this is almost a copy with little adjustments. Even the sound and disintegration/burning effect is very similar. Not that it matters much.
  10. There is a Scattershot in Borderlands 3. I thought i would share. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1In9Tdq0juVZB020eeIj-aAhwoQpJXS1l/view?usp=sharing (Don't know how to embed google video)
  11. I did not expect this, but i am super happy for Lux ! Especially for Gilkey (what a man) and Goofy (where are you now Contra ?), it was long coming for them. Thanks Ugc for keeping the torch up !
  12. Ahh i still hope 343 has something great in store for us with H6 esports. Something, that will be remembered for other things than technical issues, championship mondays, kpop festivities...and balloons.
  13. Second place with gamepad against kbm players ? That is a huge statement. And spit to the face of all ppl who look down on console esports. Haha, this made my day. I don't like Snipedown very much, but he is a fighter. Respect.
  14. Don't forget about insert and play, where you could just insert the disc without the need of installing and managing your ever full hdd. Another factor where "hi end" consoles lost their charm. That is why Nintendo is still so popular without trying to push the tech aspect.

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