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  1. Didn't like it. Honestly, most of the novels are mediocre at best. Evolutions, short stories collections, are best imho, Contact Harvest is ok, if you like hard sci-fi, Greg Bear forerunner trilogy is good (middle part weaker, but neccesary for the story, good ending though). Don't remember much of the others, that says something. Check the Forward Unto Down Podcast, guys review Halo books, spoilers though. They say Troy Dennings books are good, but they are nerds so be careful.
  2. Don´t get the wrong idea. I am not advocating for 343. Just saying for a start, it´s much better than Reach/4/5. Many people seems to be liking it. No recent Halo game got so much atention, it has to be for something and it sure wasn´t the marketing campaingn. Yes br needs to be faster but the variation in the leak is way too fast i think. Still think it´s the content that is priority now.
  3. Agree absolutely. Just wanted to comment on the situation. Lemme be a bitter halo fan that stood it out the whole time, lemme have chance to say I WAS HERE WHEN HALO DIDN'T MATTER, HOW ABOUT YOU, YOU CLICKBAITING MOTHERFU*KER
  4. I was talking about ranked mainly. Not talking about quick play/btb. They simply suck. Ranked kind of works. BR should be faster, other weapons would be better with some tweaks, but it works out of the box. That's a big thing to me. Try to remember how Reach, H4 and H5 competitive settings started out. I don't think you can simply ballance things out by introducing stronger versions of the same weapons though. Also, it seems it takes ages to implement meaningful changes so we are leaps ahead already with ok settings out of the box. It's been said many times. The biggest problem by far right now is the lack of content. Even if the settings and ballance would be god like, game will die out without more maps, modes, forge. Firefight would help too right. I think that should be their priority right now. I am eager to see if they have something in store for launch and how will they overlap the time untill the forge is ready. Hope it's not just event tied playlist.
  5. If some of you guys think changing one weapon would suddenly "fix" the game you are delusional. Thousands existing variants doesn't mean anything, nor they will be ever introduced into ranked. Like seriously. If that was the BR in the ranked, why would you ever pick any of the weapons on map. Entire sandbox would be gone. Are the settings perfect/ballance? Hell no. But they work, make sense. Some of the proposals you make would make the game worse and less successful in the end. Just saying.
  6. Also funny to see tons of opportunists who don't care about Halo in the slightest but want to ride on the wave while it lasts. Shouldn't complain right, it's good for the game in the end. BUT WHERE WERE YOU WHEN WE WERE HYPING UP AGL KNOXVILLE???
  7. Also, things may change quite a bit after first lan event. Behaving like this after first 2k online is stupid and immature. It will bite them back, that's for sure.
  8. I am going to jump ahead and say scene needs couple of shakeups in rosters to really see who is best. Releigh will play important part in that. Also there will be huge rise of new and returning players since the popularity of the game, that will play a big role.
  9. What fov are you using and how do you think it affects the aiming/ability to hit? Easier, harder? Targets get smaller with higher fov, but you also have to move the reticule less during gunfight? Opinions?
  10. I think he will work on that. It was definitely possible before, I quess we just wait a bit.
  11. No, not a bad map. Will play it casually any time. 6v6, even 8v8 maybe, slayer with vehicles ideally. Would be close to classic btb experience which I like.
  12. Can't imagine it plays differently. I just find it huge for 4v4, very frustrating, constantly getting shot at from across the map, people peaking from behind the rocks, fu*k it.
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