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  1. That's a relief, have a feeling like jumping in again.
  2. What is the population in MCC those days? Can you find a game in any game/playlist? Is it crossplay? I am interested in PC version.
  3. I am loving this. Your are actually seeing bigger portion of the battleground if I am not mistaken.
  4. And why they didn't hire Marty. And why they changed the look of BR. And why they changed the colour of the undersuit. And why they changed the medals. And why... And when you think about it, they slowly change many of those things back. I bet Halo 26 will be a carbon copy of CE. Sprint will be last to go. In Halo 25, sprint will make you actually go slower than walking. They will remove it after many waypointers start to complain "...why don't you remove it, it just makes the game slower". Grandpa Lemon will suddenly pop up, saying "I told you 30 years ago", linking his famous YouTube video.
  5. Cmon now, I am not talking about level design here, i have zero knowledge of that. I am talking about maps being visually intriguing. About having an interesting theme. Being not just bunch of boxes but an actual place that has some order, other than just bland design strictly built around abilities.
  6. I wish they would totally change the way how they approach the maps development. Like give up the story in multiplayer bullshit altogether, don't let yourself tie with the story, world etc. Just go wild and do it the old way. Make a map in medieval castle. Make map in old ruins. Make map in a rocky cave. A map in a freaking circus tent. Pick a strong theme, place in a strong unique object, make the map memorable. Start with that. I don't give a damn about your so called story that will start and end with short intro and walk around academy.
  7. Yeah but other games doesn't seems to be having this problem. They seems to be working on both kbm and controller properly. It's not about whether controller players have an advantage of more autoaim/magnetism, it's just off in some way again no matter what you are using. Too many people talk about this. This sets the game to be fundamentaly broken and refused by the players generally, not giving it chance to grow across the platforms. Noone is going to spend half of the playing time fighting with the controll settings.
  8. Fuck. We shouldn't be talking about aim. Not after Halo has been around for 20 years. Not after Halo 5.
  9. The way Naded is playing the game makes me like it better.
  10. What you are describing is hard and soft sci-fi subgenres. All what I am saying again really, you can't put everything in one box. Is Neuromancer a sci-fi? Sure it is. But it also created a subgenre called cyberpunk. Okay, enough of this, sorry for the ot. Back to "military sci-fi Halo". Or we talk about Halo 4 space opera/fantasy or whatever that was haha.
  11. But Iron man is set in the same world as Guardians. Pacific Rim is also a geeky fantasy about monsters fighting robots. They are all blend of multiple genres
  12. Okay then. Box those movies. Guardians of galaxy. Pacific Rim. Ironman.
  13. Where you get this from. Simply showing future style tech and possibilities makes it partly science oriented. Again, not everything has to fall in one box. That would be bit boring.
  14. Or someone else making a game that raises the popularity of the genre.
  15. It is still a science fiction as far as the setting goes. You can call it space opera, you can point at fantasy elements, but it still has very obvious science fiction elements. Not everything has to fall in one box and that's how it should be.
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