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  1. Make it live boys, best of 7, no prizepool, fight for honor. Knighty to cast. Looser has to use turd as profile pic until infinite comes out.
  2. I understand. Just wanted to point out that there are other ways how to make game feel fast, without using mechanics like sprint which is totally contraproductive to something like Halo. Here is the thing. I understand that gaming has moved and we are most likely never getting another classic style Halo. It wouldn't catch the masses probably. Game has to feel very fast, has to make you feel like superhero. 343 is trying impossible though. They are trying to keep the core gameplay and slap onto it modern, popular elements like sprint, clamber etc. But this is never going to work because those two things literally can't coexist without causing many problems, therefore they won't replicate the success of older titles. Now I am not saying they should just bump up the speed by crazy amounts. Not really sure what they should do and to be honest, 343 is not that kind of company that can creatively overcome something like this. All they do is monitoring the market and slap in things that market demands. Most likely, we will keep getting from them half broken products, until someone will come up with working and widely popular system, that will marry classic and modern. But it won't be them, that I am sure.
  3. Game doesn't have to feel sluggish without sprint at all though https://youtu.be/7nEtyKUP0bo
  4. It might be sir, but I am also not trying to be smart and not plaguing this lovely place with nonsense.
  5. Can't wait when Halo Infinite comes out, and whatever game it might be, I know this place will be hilarious again, other core members will post again...and I won't have to skip whole pages because of dull posts of Reamis.
  6. If there ever was any bad taste after Halo 3, it is now long beaten by something much, much worse.
  7. Halo has a very rich lore. I always thought, they should try and expand the brand to different genres. But if they do that, they should outsource it to different, experienced studio.
  8. Well, there are plenty of places where people like what 343 did to Halo, maybe, you know, you can change places, and leave us, bitter classic Halo fans rot here?
  9. Well most people realised this couple of years ago. Around time when H4 came out. If you call open mind eating up everything they serve you, then god help you.
  10. Your opinions change like April weather and carry significance of plot in Road runner my friend.
  11. Esthetics and graphic fidelity is two things though. Game can have simplistic but, esthetically pleasing visuals. Infinite demo was shit at both. Yes I do want my Halo to look good. No I don't need it to be the prettiest game out there. But something good on eyes is also vital for intense multiplayer matches, AND eSports broadcasts.
  12. Spartan models looks VERY good. Similar to Reach style. Other than that, it's the same blocky shit with no character.
  13. I have one Cod story myself. Never bought one, never played it aside of Cod2. Two or three years ago I went to my friends house. He bought Xbox, 4k TV and new CoD. I think it was that "throwback" ww cod. He kicked of campaign and I played bit of one of the missions. I literally couldn't spot enemies. Everything was so cluttered, so hard on eyes. Dunno if it was the big TV because I play on monitor, but it was such a bad experience. Haven't touched cod since.
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