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  1. Not sure if i have enough empty hdd space for this.
  2. I think you guys forget how fucking ugly Reach forge maps were. Reach aged so bad. I woudlnt watch it a minute. Any Halo looks better than Reach forge.
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to share my experience with the new forum, but here i come. Look and feel is gorgeous when it comes to PC. However, it is unusable on my android phone. I have slow phone indeed, but had no problem at all before. Now i cant even scroll down, everything is super slow. Another thing i noticed is, i cant go straight to the first unread post anymore just by clicking the desired forum (android) and i dont see "go to the first unread post" link on PC. I havent gone trough the settings and stuff yet, so i am probably missing some things, but that was my first experience.
  4. You see i am very skeptical about someone's last tournament, when it comes to halo players.
  5. I think its not considered as very good competitive map. Quite the opposite i would say.
  6. Yeah Fries and Legion are super funny duo but i dont think they should be casting this. More like interviews and such.
  7. Not saying scene would not benefit with him being around. All i wanted to say is, the talent we have is very strong and its the last thing we should be concerned about at the moment.
  8. It has been long and rough road dude. Its hard not to do that. Hopefully this weekend has been an eye opener for many ppl. All we want is Halo to be popular, succesful and respected.
  9. Shout out to casters, observers, analysts. We dont need Pucket anymore honestly.

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