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  1. Yeah it was in one of those blogs they post every month. Obviously it's a super clear, loud sound, it will sound much more grounded in the game I think. This is just slapped in the video over lovered audio line, so it sounds abruptly strong and out of place.
  2. I see what you mean now. I didn't mind it too much. What I didn't like though, they used the announcements too much in Halo 5.
  3. I think it won't sound so aggressive in the actual game, will more blend in the background. Other than that I think it will sound better than H4/5.
  4. I think he did good job in every Halo and was one of the few reasons why I had some fun playing H4/5 while it lasted.
  5. Yeah maybe the unintentionally removed the patch, it wouldn't be the first time.
  6. This is still in the game? https://gameclipscontent-d2018.xboxlive.com/000900000503756b-f7290777-b880-4040-bece-952d3ade8641/GameClip-Original.MP4?sv=2015-12-11&sr=b&si=DefaultAccess&sig=lngx8LTy15aqFzoycCepinZI8yfeIAL7d2mDOA4gddE%3D&__gda__=1615838627_03938ccef8b745c03fdd72f5d04377ff Edit.: The fact that clamber, stabilize etc.. are built in features doesn't mean anything. H5 maps are designed around clamber, yes, but tons of the routes used in pro play were never intended. 343 may be proud how their game has "evolved", but all that has left from their initial map designs is bunch of boxes, walls and windows you can traverse any way you like. Just look at Tox having perfect setups being taken apart by flying supermans with no particular strategy whatsoever. That is how H5 has evolved. That is the H5 competitive pinnacle.
  7. They fixed that soon after it was discovered if I remember correctly. What broke the maps though was stabilze/zoom/clamber and spring jump. This added to already cluttered layouts like another thousand pathways. This, together with Splyce playing the way they played, fully stripped Halo 5 down to it's broken, non working design.
  8. I think it was broken, can't remember in what way. I mean every H5 map was broken and slapped on with a sticker going with "working as intended", because without that, there would be no map to play on. So, yeah.
  9. Mercy was pretty. And since every other Halo 5 map was ugly as hell, it was so fun to walk around pretty map. It was so pretty, I was forced not to sprint, just walk and observe, imagine. Therefore, in a sense, it was better and more fun than every other H5 map. I tried.
  10. I was watching walkthroughs of the new Halo 3 maps ported from Online and I can't help wondering if they would work on 360, because they look technically more advanced than anything from the original H3/4/Reach. Or is it just the resolution? Also what team made those maps? There is some seriously good artwork.
  11. Hey, there is no information about beta whatsoever. We don't even know whether it's comming or not. Best bet is to keep eye on official channels like halo.gg or halo Twitter. Halo.gg is doing monthly updates on Infinite, so that's the only source of news we have right now. Also, check out Halo Infinite discussion topic here on Beyond from time to time, good folks here tend to post every piece of worthwhile information that appears out there. Also, don't be afraid to join discussion in Infinite topic and share all your joys and fears when it comes to Halo!
  12. Spencer was talking about what possibilities they have now they own Id tech. Like what it would be if they used it in Halo or Gears. Not saying it means anything, but atleast now they own engine that doesn't suck.
  13. If you look at it this way, then yes. But then we can give up like right now. The situation here is not way the game is going, that we have all settled with long time ago. Problem is, the studio doesn't work on so many levels and failed so many times, that gamers just don't believe them anymore and every reason is a reason to be concerned even more.
  14. I am sure he will be there to lend a hand if needed. To my knowledge, he is mostly the guy to design the system, create maths and the tools to sustain it, tweak it. If something goes wrong, it most likely won't be something he can do anything about. I understand he is a trustworthy guy and it's good to know there is someone in 343 you can count on, but again, something so big like Infinite can't and won't rise or fall with one designer.
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