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  1. It's "not symmetrical". :saucey: I'm kidding of course, but that'll be the core argument for a good many here I bet.
  2. In other words, don't effing use them! They're alright if you're only using a portion of them, such as the all white bit... In other news, Midship is annoying to forge and attempt to maintain accuracy to the original.
  3. With TMCC little over a month away, is this really a worthwhile endeavor? Why remake it when we can play Chill Out? :saucey:
  4. The 11 I think the community will want: Warlock TS Sanc TS Lockout TS Midship TS Warlock CTF Sanc CTF Midship CTF Warlock Bomb Sanc Bomb Lockout Ball Lockout Hill Warlock gametypes - 3 Santuary gametypes - 3 Lockout gametypes - 3 Midship gametypes - 2 We'll have a solid Midship forged early on in the game. Mark my words. My personal selection: Warlock TS Midship TS Lockout TS Sanc TS Midship Flag Warlock Flag (either this or bomb) Sanc Flag (If no Warlock Flag) Elongated Bridge Forged Flag Sanc Bomb Warlock Bomb (either this or flag) Lockout Ball Vertical Oriented Forged KotH A total of 6 maps, although 3 would be forged. A forged Midship. A forged Narrows successor. A forged Construct successor (if forge is capable).
  5. Point being? If the teams are balanced (assuming match making actually matches players that are similarly skilled), I doubt it'll be too lopsided of a game. The jump up in the back I can live with. The jump up in the front is no good. It does actually ruin the flow of the map, as the core concept of flow is that players are funneled along different paths which lends itself to a controlled gameplay environment. By making the platforms so easily accessible from so many directions, they've taken away from this concept and will make it more chaotic. Even if the pieces can be removed in forge, it's still no good. As some one already pointed out, this is what we'll be playing in MM (outside of our own set playlist). All that aside, the map does look beautiful. A bit dark, but I'll just crank my brightness up. :P
  6. My pick? Simple. Midship x2 Gametypes Onslaught x2 Amplified x2 Simplex x2 Skyline x2 New Map x1 I'm tired of remakes.
  7. Alright, this is great! I've yet to pick up an XB1 for myself, so please forgive my ignorance here, but I have a few quick questions. I'm an American living in Europe, will that affect me in doing this? Will I be paying the American price? Does my credit card have to be from the same region? Thing is, I don't want to pay the Euro price for the game, and I especially don't want to get the game 4 days later... And I don't want to listen to silly German announcers in MM anymore. And as a forger, those first couple of days are even more important for me as we learned in H4, it's the maps that the community gets right off the bat that get favoritism.
  8. To start, Select features static team-sided spawns that range from the backs of the bases and extended about one third into the map (roughly around the outside ramps to top mid). In the image below, the Orange box shows the entire spawn area for a team. There are approximately 50 spawns per side on the map. The red area highlights the highest weighted spawn points where players are most likely to spawn (given no outside influences). In the case where the red spawns are negatively influences by either enemy players or recent deaths, players will being to spawn outside the red box to locations still within the orange box. As the game seeks to spawn players as far away as possible, players will spawn in the backs of the bases. However, if a team pushes too deep into the enemy base, this will force players to spawn in an "outlet valve" towards the middle of the map near the side ramps. Flag Tactics: Given the width of the map, there are multiple ways a team can go about pulling a flag. The most recommended strategy involves positioning your team to manipulate spawns and force the opposing team to spawn in one of the two back corners (open or closed lobby). The image below will show player positions to force spawning to closed lobby. The main slayer should take top middle and harass players on the right as they spawn. The support player will position at Afro to block spawns in the center area of the base between the attics, and harass players as they try to push into the center. The second support player should position around open box and support the objective player as he runs the flag. The objective player has three options available: Running the flag straight through top mid (quickest but most dangerous), with the team repositioning to support.~20 seconds Running open lobby and cutting to the lift underneath (risk depends on ability to block opposing players from chasing)~23 seconds Running open lobby and along the entire open side flank (longest route, most cover and easiest to support).~25 seconds Of course the team could position in other various ways to force spawns to meet their ideal flag running strategy. This is meant only to show that different viable approaches to running a flag depending how how players are set up during the match.
  9. Pretty much. The original bases in Select just didn't do it for me, so I figured a more Narrows-esque approach would remedy my concerns, but you bring up a good point. I'd imagine the spawning wouldn't be much different from Narrows, but then again it lacks the basements that Narrow's featured as well... Most likely I'll have some slight adjustments to the areas around the lifts to offer additional spawning and/or movement options, although I hope that won't be necessary.
  10. Shit, you're right... We get it late. Stupid release date.
  11. 1. This really isn't a good thing. It's an exploit that ruins the experience for other players. Weapons should be on a static timer allowing the players a fair chance to pick them up. 2. Does it? I was playing a bit today, and I'll admit it felt longer... But I also recognize that I was able to strafe out of being shot to prolong my life. It's refreshing having a gun that actually misses when you don't like up the shot, rather than having a spread out burst in which some of the projectiles may still land. 3. It didn't feel sluggish so much as it just felt a little slow... I didn't mind so much though. Even while playing with AA's, I abstained from using them much. Found it better to keep my gun at the ready at all times rather than dropping it for a quick boost of speed. 4. The MLG playlist sadly is lacking terribly in population... Got a couple games in, but my damned connection kept lagging me out. KotH on Nexus was actually enjoyable, but mostly because my team played spread out and set up to control the map and force spawns while the other team mindlessly charged hill... One thing is for certain, my shot is horrible! Admittedly I haven't really played for months, but daaaaaaaamn I didn't think I'd be that rusty! Got a lot of work to do before TMCC launches,.
  12. Hopefully the demo available will be an up to date build... I just remembered for the pre-H4 event, it was actually a dated build on demo. :/
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