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  1. Name a popular game running that engine besides Half life and CS? None
  2. Colombia won already against Uruguay 4-0 in preliminaries i think. They used the same formations they are using now except for Falcao (who can't play now) and Forlan (Uruguay using Suarez now).
  3. I don't play it anymore, 3,4 or reach, none. When a friend tell me to get online i just think about all the things i have to do to have a good match and that just depressed me. Planning on converting to PC Master Race since i found everything about new consoles terrible.
  4. I read the title, i knew it was you :bman: What are some other ways objectives could be incorporated into Slayer? You already can slay in objective gametypes What are the pros and cons of objectives in Slayer? if you put an objective in a slayer gametype, it became an objective gametype Are objectives in Slayer viable at a tournament level? implying halo is going to have another tournament
  5. You think i'm gonna read all that? gimme a TL:DR or at least make a summary with the Office Word tool.
  6. What do you expect about a new generation game? Next year games (titanfall, destiny) are going to be like this, that's "the future" of gaming, sadly.
  7. And Machinima, i remember them being big with halo content, the Top10Series and all that.
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