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  1. I can barely keep up with the speed and hype of this thread.
  2. Well @LethuL has now won an event in H3, H:R, H4, H2A, and H5... What a legend. Edit: I actually don't think he ever won in H4...
  3. 1,100 players and less than half of them brought deodorant.
  4. Glad to see that we still haven't figured out how to limit stream/gameplay downtime yet...
  5. If there was easy access to the full, confirmed rosters, we would update the OP. But honestly, there's no reason to spend the time to track down every team name, player, and qualifier rankings when they were changing so rapidly over the last couple months. If you want to take the time to put together the roster lists and rankings, feel free to do so and I'll update the OP with the information.
  6. Honestly, it's a great time to retire and focus on future moves. I have a feeling that we're about to hit another pretty dark timeline for Halo again by mid-2019. And with rumors of Infinite not coming out until 2021, I would bet there isn't going to be enough (or big enough) grassroots tournaments to support large payouts for these players to make a living. Best of luck to him!
  7. The link to his roster is like 3 posts above yours. Instinct - Roy, Lunchbox, Snipedown, Pistola
  8. Used to be a joke. Now it’s arguably the biggest console esport. Can’t hate on the success they’ve had recently. They’ve put out some lackluster titles imo, but from an esports perspective they’re absolutely killing it.
  9. I'll be there. Come say hi. Don't be weird. Let's have fun.
  10. Everyone here knows they're entitled to their own opinions about the Halo franchise and we don't all have to agree on what is the most enjoyable Halo titles, right? Is this really worth arguing about?
  11. From what I saw this weekend, the production from Gfinity and the crew was fantastic. Not really anything I can complain about other than repetitive commercials and maybe a little too much downtime. With that said, I do appreciate the casters and Gfinity for taking the time to film the extra content to fill some of that downtime. There were some really great series and it's refreshing to see those few new maps thrown into the rotation. Happy belated birthday to @@Mikwen and congrats to Tox on the W. Now I guess we all just have to wait til mid-November for Finals...

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