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  1. Dreamhack open event for 300k $ Halo 3 2v2 Tourney. Yoooo
  2. Oh yeah agreed. Though it is already 9:30 PM overhere so I am happy
  3. Well you can't really put the winner finals on Bravo either. I get where you are coming from, but that is a logical decision. Both tabs are important to watch
  4. Damn seeing Spartan get dragged and then Snipedown getting reverse sweeped from a Top 16 squad is prob the best thing to happen so late in Halo 5's life. I wasn't paying much attention to the last season but this Sunday is already delivering.
  5. True, I mean it is no statement about this tournament (because this one is really good Adam) it is just a sad statement about the gameculture nowadays. Tbh if a singular streamer I followed suddenly would host a esport tournament of a game I don't even care for, I would close the tab aswell I guess.. just crazy to think so many of NInja's fans don't care for where he came from
  6. More viewers left the stream in 5 minutes than the stream ever had before the host this weekend lmao. Halo deserves more.. especially this tournament
  7. LFG TOX Also @@Onset hype. Guy transformed to my favorite Halo caster over the last year. Bravo is always nice if he is paired up with the right persons.
  8. One shot that luckily aligned and one he had to fire 2 misses before. I have seen sicker kills in H5 He also was 5 /10
  9. As much as I like Penguin and Sayian, every loss of Spartan is a win to me <3
  10. Having watched a lot of other Esports over the last months I'm just disappointed by Halo's casting for the biggest part. It's more livereactions than real casting. Hoping for Onset in the Grand Finals, he is pretty good. Hopefully Strongside is locked outside the venue
  11. wow Hecz not knowing it all is big. Infinite Esports & Entertainment is the parent company of Optic Gaming nowadays I think, and that is owned by just rich dudes
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