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  1. - Auxesis - Auxesis - I'll honestly play any halo, maybe even h4 if its any good with the new ranking system - I'm willing to play both 4s and 2s
  2. I was just lurking through the MLG website today, seeing if there was anything interesting on it, when I stumbled upon a product in their "pro shop" Could this be a hint to MLG picking up the Halo franchise again?
  3. nV offering Formal a spot?? crazy to see how big he's starting to get in CoD glad to see he's having such a smooth transition
  4. ahh, the early days of halo streaming those were the good ol' days
  5. Name: Josh Gamertag: Auxesis Games Played: all Halos, some COD too Area in California: Southern California (San Fernando Valley / Long Beach) Future Gaming Plans: Attend west coast events and LANs
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