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  1. I don't even feel bad for players who sign with Denial at this point. A quick google search would tell you they're shady.
  2. You deserve to work for a far better company. In an ideal world, MLG would be running Halo and you would be the community manager for MLG.
  3. Love this OS team. Whoever is casting with Ghost is really bad. I would like to be constructive, but wow. Talks too much, is extremely frantic, and just describing what I already see. Voice also sounds extremely awkward, like he's trying to get that "caster voice" but he just doesn't have it.
  4. Why are people praising 343 for their games "progressively getting better"? Bungie actually released good games a couple of times, not surprising they couldn't continuously improve upon that. 343 released hands down the worst game in the series and then a game that didn't even work. It's like failing two tests and then patting yourself on the back because you got a D+ on the third. Also, happy birthday @@Clap
  5. The entire CoD community hates IW, but we can certainly appreciate the production level MLG has consistently offered all year, as well as a crazy ending to a game in the grand finals. It's also really, really easy to understand what happened in the clip, come on kiddo.
  6. Because Pool Play is better than just a 32 team bracket? I don't understand your complaint about Str8, why is it weird that a team that lost a series started in the Loser's Bracket? If they had made it to Pool Play, they had the same chance as any of the pro teams to make it to winners.
  7. 2-3 events ago people were saying Mikwen should be dropped, in a few months it will probably be Snipedown's turn.
  8. That mini trivia proved to me that Shockwave is still the most underrated player of all time
  9. Wow, they almost made the comeback. Sucks that Ogre 2 didn't qualify for either of the World Championships.
  10. Who is the greatest Halo player of all time and why is it Lethul?
  11. He specifically mentioned Halo 3 n00b Do you really want to feel the wrath of my 06 join date? Fkn fake analyst
  12. I lose brain cells whenever some idiot compares 2008 MLG to 2017 ESL. Oh, and the MLG forums were 10x more "toxic" than beyond.
  13. Been perfect for me so far. How much do you pay for internet per month?
  14. Can you guys imagine how cool it would be for Halo to have a TO like this? Clap sure as shit wouldn't be hosting Worlds in a studio because talks on the "east coast didn't work out"
  15. IW had already been in the works, it was too late to make the change.
  16. If this was my job and I pulled shit like this, I would be fired. Btw your english is perfect lmao. Smh, this kind of toxic attitude is why we don't know where Worlds is!
  17. I swear to Master Chief, Frosty is the most entertaining player to me and I'm not even sure what his voice sounds like
  18. - do a shit job - get criticized by forums - send out a tweet saying how toxic and aids beyond is - ??? - profit

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