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  1. But doood the thrust out of man cannon ground pounds would be sweeeeet
  2. That was Talent. Contra before being Contra was Lil Talent he is from Michigan
  3. A good coach like a former pro is insanely valuable. When I was on Optic elamite brought so much to the table in terms of small talk and keeping us on the same page. Also Clutch coaching my team at daytona literally was Rabids brain in the finals. It is hard for all 4 players to give all the information they can in hectic situations and having someone that can help with that is insanely valuable.
  4. wow I just noticed I lost it FUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK see if I ever come back here again
  5. I love Ninja as much as the next guy but I'm pretty sure I just read if you think Roy is better than Ninja you need to seek help. I cry.......................................................
  6. Damn that sucks Really wanted to make a video about potential match ups talking about gametypes for the games and go really in depth about it. I am sad
  7. If a bracket genius would please breakdown the pools and show me potential match ups for bracket play that would be spectacular.
  8. You guys are kind of ridiculous Optic has probably played the most as a team the past 3 weeks.
  9. Can I see this message I sent? I want to see what I said.

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