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  1. I mean Halo 2 would be sweet but i just feel like we have not really played with 60FPS Halo 3 enough and it would be fun to watch.
  2. Can you do a Halo 3 Tourney now that its fixed and gametypes have been made :halo: :halo: :halo:
  3. Brad left optic after a day because they didnt practice, and you are right brad pushes all the time, but you are very mistaken if you think thats what contra does....
  4. Its because you compared contra to APG, just unrealistic and i cant comprehend it whatsoever Brads a top 6 or 7 player in the game kinda guy, contra has not come close to proving himself as a gamechanger or a top 10 player in all of halo. Just being honest, and i neg rep something i dont agree with.
  5. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Elevate got worse they want from top 8 placings to top 12....
  6. Frosty is no longer on the team its Lifestyle instead of him. and legendary is just wintur and tragik
  7. I cant wait to have our thursday discussion in a couple weeks like every event with austin hope all is well sir.
  8. Sure. Do i agree alex needs a bit more knowledge when it comes to the history of halo and such YES. But when it comes to on the fly play by play casting Alex is VERY VERY good at what he does so he doesnt need the history knowledge. So then you add Andy into the mix who is hands down one of the most intelligent people and casters in the halo industry so it works perfectly, and the best part is andy is a great on the fly caster as well which you need in intense situations because when you have both casters going crazy it hypes the viewers up plain and simple. Just because you watch a stream for 10 years doesnt mean you are a knowledgeable source. That would be like me contacting NBC telling them that Jon gruden isnt a good fit and they should listen to me because ive watch Monday night football for 20+ years

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