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  1. There's a Match of the Week And there's a Match of the Week EG vs CLG CLG vs nV PS: Sorry for no editing
  2. This was the day... Why nV JK.. best series in a long time
  3. Chosen Squad won 7-6 to ex5 a few hours ago: The are getting better on SH.
  4. @@Moses_FPS I require your power in this forum to tell everyone that RyanNoob is the new coach of Chosen Squad.
  5. Pues muy sólido, tienen sus momentos de clutch
  6. Entonces, latinoamérica podría dar pelea a los equipos europeos y los top 5-9 de NA?
  7. Amigos, siguen vivos??? A quienesde lati oamerica en fuertes para clasificar a las finales???
  8. http://img.pandawhale.com/post-28553-Steve-Jobs-mind-blown-gif-HD-T-pVbd.gif
  9. Según leí, parece que solo participan en la región de norteamérica, EEEUU, Canada y México.
  10. Por cierto, ¿ya vieron que los equipos de México podrán clasificarse en las temporadas de la ESL? (Ojalá fuera para una gran parte de latinoamérica)
  11. Bueno ._., esperare 4 meses a que se solucionen todos los problemas del MM para pensar en comprar la consola y el juego
  12. ¿Qué les parece el doblaje en TMCC en Halo 2? ¿Fue bueno dejarlo o era necesario cambiarlo?
  13. I liked the structures and dynamic objects. It can work for Invasion (or whoever is called in H2), BTB and Infection. I didn't like either the camo on the tree or the rocket spawn, but it can be moved. It's an 8.5/10 and it can be improved.
  14. I watched Naruto and One Piece when I was like 10. 7 years later, I began watching Naruto Shippuden and One piece, the good thing is that they retell the story almost every 5 chapters . Seriously, I´m sad that this anime will end, although the ending is what I expected to be.
  15. The time I spent on Halo Pc is just insane. Maybe I had to lead my shots, but the High Ping on servers gave a new skill Gap to the game . Seriously, I enjoyed more the 3SK on H1, that the button combos on H2 Pc. Don't blame me. The fact I like H1 is because the H2 port to Pc was bad and I never got a chance to play it on Xbox.
  16. I can tell that is WAAAY Harder. For example: Landing the BXR is really hard because the game doesn't detect the melee. What I do is that I Press B, then wait like 1 sec and then do the XR (I use mouse and keyboard and it´s even herder). Double shooting it´s almost impossible. From 10 times I do the combo, like 1 or 2 times is perfect.
  17. Does anyone knows about the issueswith Twitch today? I've heard some stuff with DDoS
  18. http://www.ign.com/wikis/e3/Games_at_E3_2014 Go to H.
  19. Dude, pls don´t play with my feelings. http://thecutanddry.blogspot.com.es/2014/05/leaked-microsoft-e3-2014.html Edit: May be FAKE
  20. Pasando del Multijugador, seria bueno alargar un poco la campaña. Esta fue una de las pocas quejas de campaña, junto con la falta de sincronía en diálogos pero eso no es problema de 343i . (Me llegó al corazón la campaña TT_TT)
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