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  1. Most of the people competing then weren't in their 20's, they were kids. Kids don't need it to be a living, adults do.
  2. I'm fairly out of the loop the last year or so and it may have already been answered but I didn't see it since the announcement. Will the entirety of the H3 2v2 tournament be broadcasted, or only the end of it?
  3. Well when you served it wasn't the 1940's when female amputees led the charge, so stop acting like you're time in the service was anything like WW2 But really, thank you for your service
  4. I'd imagine with tournaments for THAT much money they will do something to incentivize both wins AND kills. Hopefully not somethign stupid like H1Z1 did in the early tournaments. It was like $100K prize pool and they'd give like $100 for a kill... who's gonna risk their tournament for $100... That's just off my memory though, it may have been different.
  5. So since this thread is never on topic anyways, Yanny or Laurel?
  6. All I know is I used to be semi-decent at Halo 5 (not compared to people on this site, but in general). Was basically low Onyx to upper diamond in pretty much every playlist for the 1st year or so. Then I stopped playing reguarly and would come back every few months for a week weeks to play with some buddies and the game still thought I was really good even tho I was only like gold-plat level at that point. Had to make a smurf to have fun games with friends because it would base our parties strength on how good I used to be, instead of how good I currently was and how bad my buddies were.
  7. On the subject of crowd-funding, it seems to me the obvious way to boost a prize pool in the future. And to promote the crowd-funding. And not be secretive about it. Have some sort of description about what % of every pack bought goes to the prize pool. Have a ticker that is constantly updating shown in game and online showing the prize pool go up/down. If there's going to be a cap, mention it (althought I would advise against that). You want to encourage people to buy more packs? I'm sure this would encourage the esports friendly people to buy extra packs. I certainly would have bought a few more team skins/HCS packs if I knew that the purchases were actually going to the players (in the form of tournament winnings). It just seems so obvious to have that explanation of %'s, as well as a live updating ticker showing the prize pool.
  8. Please don't post about Ninja with all of the relevant Halo news going on right now
  9. I don't know about IN VEGAS, but you can bet it online. Bovada has it for LoL, CS:GO, Dota, Call of Duty, Overwatch and occasionally some others periodically.
  10. If there's anything we have learned from past worlds tournaments, it's that 343 had some of the largest viewership it would get and they decided to announce nothing, not even when the next tournament would be. I like to assume the future will be the same as the past until more evidence is presented that should change your mind.
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