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  1. Imagine a world where 343 released players models to the public. The public designs skins, etc. and voting takes place on people's favorites every month. Every month they select the top 5 (or whatever number, just using 5 for this example). Those 5 skins get added to the game every month and the designer gets a cut of the sales (say 20% or something). This will encourage top designs from the community and people who are genuinely good at it to spend time on it. Another idea would be like a stat track skin. Imagine on the side of your BR is a counter for how many kills you have with it. People get impressed when they see how many you have. But here's the twist - if you lose a game, the count resets to 0. Imagine how much money people would spend on this stat track feature because they want to show off to their friends how high their count currently is. People would watch streamers play to see how high their count gets. There would always be that thought in the back of people's minds.... should I use that skin this game? Two free ideas, your welcome 343!
  2. I wish Halotracker had custom games... Can't track scrims at all without watching twitch streams
  3. Observer mode is so bad with outlines + reticle disaster. Who knocked optic to losers bracket? The mobile bracket on Faceit is somehow even worse than observer mode.
  4. I only watched the first HCS season for H5 and then like the 2nd worlds. I don’t remember the second worlds being as bad? Maybe I just got used to it though, no idea
  5. No. Didnt halo 5 have this exact same spectator reticle problem at launch?
  6. Bracket was posted a page or two ago. I was posting updates as I watched. I believe NA will be streamed at 430. EU is finishing up, or just finished up.
  7. Ryanoob's team won this one. Squadron to the loser's bracket
  8. Squadron is playing against Ryanoob's team now G2 (Gilkey, Articc, sab, str8 sick) playing against Inconceivable right now (Snipedown, Falcated, bound, bubu) team right now
  9. Guess we'll have to see if TD can make a losers bracket run. For those who don't know the team, just looked the match up. Triggers down: Neighbor, commonly, hunter jjx, hysteria Squadron: Clayster, Kingjay, Neptune, Karma TD lost 0 - 2
  10. How is Snipedown able to play for Faze if he's signed by TSM? I can't imagine one org allowing one of their guys to play for another. Someone connect the dots for me.
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