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  1. Most of the people competing then weren't in their 20's, they were kids. Kids don't need it to be a living, adults do.
  2. I could take your first-hand word for it, or I could trust a random internet guy's baseless opinion... Not sure who to believe
  3. And that was an even more intense Onslaught CTF! Game 5 coming up. Loser out of the qualifier. twitch.tv/flamesword twitch.tv/masoncobb twitch.tv/acetv
  4. Time constraints probably. Plus the fact that it's only one of multiple qualifiers.
  5. Status Down is currently down 1-0 to NYSea, Fire, Tusk, and Wensoar. EDIT: Down 2-0. Gentlemen's agreement to play a Bo5 for this match too.
  6. Status Down eliminated BTH in round 2. Only significant thing so far I believe.
  7. Status Down about to play BtH in round 2 of the qualifier. Single elim. Flamesword/Neighbor/Ace/Best Man vs Bubudubu/Cloud/Ryanoob/Demon D
  8. A few players who are streaming the qualifier: Flamesword: twitch.tv/flamesword Neighbor: twitch.tv/masoncobb Hunter jjx: twitch.tv/hunter_jjx Suddoth1: twitch.tv/suddoth1 Posey: twitch.tv/poseyxr NYSea: twitch.tv/NYSea Just picked the ones I'm following or noticed while scrolling through real quickly on mobile
  9. So RoyBox team not playing in the Qualifier today? Does that mean they could randomly get paired against one of the real good teams in Round 1 at UGC?
  10. Did they practice? Is the Qualifier streamed today anywhere officially or just players?
  11. I'm fairly out of the loop the last year or so and it may have already been answered but I didn't see it since the announcement. Will the entirety of the H3 2v2 tournament be broadcasted, or only the end of it?
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