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  1. Hello Everyone, We want to thank everyone that has supported AGL over the past year. Once again we apologize for the inconvenience of the event getting canceled. With that said we wanted to let everyone know that we will not be holding any more events as we are focused elsewhere. Just to let everyone know we are NOT taking money from the players and they WILL be paid. This is the last thing we would do as we respect them as friends, players, and persons. So please stop the banter about that topic. What is done is done and lets all move on. We did everything we could for Halo and the community and we hope that UGC can take the franchise and keep it alive. We have removed our selves from social media as we will have no more updates coming about events. We wish everyone the best of luck with your future endeavors and it was great to meet everyone over the past year and we sincerely appreciate all you have done for us. Thank You AGL
  2. Hello Halo Community, We sincerely regret to inform you that AGL 10 Indianapolis is no longer being held. The event scheduled for November 1-3 in Indianapolis will no longer be going on. The reasoning behind the event cancellation is venue complications/issues. The hotel emailed us and informed us that they cannot meet our power requirements for an event of our size. Why it took so long for them to contact us with this important matter is completely irresponsible. Marriott is an established chain and this is the last worry that we had when booking the ballroom because we specified the requirements in the contract agreement. Marriott said, “We do not have a power supply to accommodate your needs.” There can be a replacement event if the community so chooses in December. With that being said, we know that this cancellation will make some of you upset. We cannot please everyone. For a very long time we have tried to please everyone and it just never seems to pan out. We have done everything in our power to make this event happen and unfortunately, the logistics are not adding up primarily due to the hotel last minute power allocation issues. Thank you for your time and cooperation and we look forward to seeing everyone out at this event. Sincerely yours, Arena Gaming
  3. Thats Billy that said that lol
  4. So much stuff going on here...... To start off I do agree that a throw back event can draw old player and more numbers no doubt. A throwback event will NOT replace a normal Halo 4 event. The issues at hand are fairly simple thou: -Equipment -Venue Size -Time issues -Taking players away from the main game Halo 4 -How do you practice for Halo 1/2 -Old games are Bungie not 343 -We want to support 343 and move forward into the possibilities of the future not the past -Fridays are now FFA and 2v2 I would propose these options as possibilities here: 1. We acquire bigger venues and charge for a BYOC section that people can play in how ever they wish. This would allow all players to play any games they bring and not take away form the main game. However we can not stream the game or have a tournament style payout for them. No betting can be taking place and we would monitor that. If money and payouts are involved it must all be handled through us. 2. Community members talk to us (AGL) and take care of putting together a side event say Halo 3 or Halo 2 at one of our events. Everything gets run and hosted through us but we would have to put limitations on the process. Such as the side event is only Friday and will not interfere with the FFA or 2v2 for Halo 4. So now competitors can choose to play in the 2v2/ffa vs the throw back 4v4. The team limit will have to be what can be handled via the amount of equipment acquired for a single day event. You have to wonder thou how many people in this scenario will choose the throwback over the 2v2 and FFA? Or will it generate a new crowd? How big will the payout be? 3. During the off season of our Halo 4 events we have a dedicated Throwback event. This would mean it takes place in January or February. Location I have no idea. Payout I have no idea. Number of teams per game I have no idea. If you need to talk to me personally please add me on skype brad.weir07 or email me at [email protected]
  5. Hello Everyone! I wanted to share with you the emoticons that we have submitted for the subscriber use on our twitch chat. If you have anything you would like to see added please let us know. No infamous right now due to lack of not having the correct artwork. We are working on that. Gandhi Ghost GoldenBoy Maven Unclesud Ambush BTH Classic RC Requiem SQ Brazilian Goat pOWNED Skydiving
  6. -The on screen graphic We will definitely strive each event to improve the layout and graphics. This being the first event with this layout we had to see all the feedback from it. We are however going to be implementing some very neat features into our new website that will allow this layout to have a bigger screen so that all the player info and such is part of our website instead of the stream graphic it self. This means watching the event via on our website you will have a lot more options as to how your viewing experience will be. -Commercials Yes sometimes I did not stop the commercial. There is a lot going on and I do my best to keep everything flowing smooth and on time. Thank you for the tip. -The crowd The Casters were literally on the other side from the stage. So this means the crowd noise was from the venue as a whole. We fixed this once we got wind covers on the mics later on Sunday. This was the first time we put the casters away from the production booth and had everything wireless. So you can see for that to improve next time now that we have experienced it once. As for the crowd yelling its a lack of crowd mics on our part its that simple. The ones we had for that where not sensitive enough to pick the crowd up from a far so we are working on getting ones just for this purpose. - Colour cams on the players The cameras are 100% color, but they auto black and white when the lighting is low or its to dark to see the camera image at all. The only way around this is to light the stage and this can be a distraction to the players so for now they will stay black and white until we figure a proper solution out. - Better twitter feed with up to date information I was updating the twitter as much as possible in between games. I will look into getting someone in the future to help update more of whats going on, we will also be having features soon that will auto update via twitter, email or text message as well so you will be able to pick your method. There is a lot in the works. -Downtime Again with the new site there will be things to fill down time. We can not be live the entire time. Switching teams, casters, and graphics takes time and I need to breath every now and then as well haha Our new site design is coming along great and once we can launch it you will see a world of a difference in staying up to date and getting all the proper information that you need. Look forward to wired launching soon with a new twits that we will discuss on our show later this week. We appreciate all the comments and concerns and we take them to heart to improve everything we do like we have in the past. Together we will bring Halo back bigger and better then ever. See everyone at #AGL9 August 9-11. -Brad
  7. Here is why it is 2 BO5 in stead of BO11. The only time it is a continuation series is if the teams have played pre finals. When two teams match in the finals and have not played it is 2 BO5. If you do a continuation series during the finals then the team in the winners side has the disadvantage. Why should the winning most team be at a disadvantage in the finals when they have dominated all event? Example: Losers bracket team - 1 Winners bracket team - 2 Team 1 wins the first series 3-0. Now if it is a continuation then team 1 only needs to win 3 more games. Team 2 has to win 6 games. This means team 2 has to win 3 more games then they should have to to win the event. Team 1 wins the first series 3-0 Now team 1 and 2 have to win 3 more games to finish the event. This makes it so the team that makes it to the winners is rewarded for the work they have done instead of being on an even playing field. The winners bracket team is at the advantage with 2 BO5. Having to play 2 BO5 in stead of BO11 has rarely happened in the Halo world. Yet it has happened at Columbus 2012 at AGL2 and now here at AGL8. Hopefully this allows everyone to understand the difference between ending up in the best of 11 or 2 best of fives. Congrats again to Requiem for winning AGL8 and I will see you all around! -Brad
  8. I will be playing at UMG to support the community and game LETS GO!! AGL 8 is July 19-21 don't forget
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