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  1. Anyone in the TN surrounding area interested in playing a tournament tomorrow morning at 8am in Murfreesboro TN, please contact me @ [email protected] immediately. Looking for 2. GT: Space Junt Nashville, TN
  2. Gamertag: Space Junt Customs/MM: Both Region: NA- SouthEastern US
  3. WHAT YOU GET: -A dedicated gamer with a lot of free time right now. Available to practice on practically any schedule -Over 10 years of Halo Experience -Well developed team player; can fill multiple roles when needed. -A positive attitude; dedicated to becoming better. -A deep understanding of the competetive scene and its history -Local tournament experience; looking to attend events in multiple leagues (MLG, UMG, ETC). - GT: Space Junt - Feel free to follow on Twitter @__Overman__ usually tweeting for customs/8's
  4. Na$hville Area, add for customs/lans/etc GT: SPACE JUNT
  5. And I just want someone to come watch, laugh, and take pictures. That'd be great. Add me: SpaceJunt And by really high I mean both literal instances. Seriously.
  6. Add for FFA customs, i'm not at my xbox right now. GT: Space Junt
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