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  1. Definitely not a dumb question, thanks for asking it. They really should put that sort of info on the main twitch page, especially when fans all around the world are going to be tuning in for this thing. I've been out of the scene for ages but very much looking forward to watching some action this weekend. There are a lot of names and rosters I don't recognise, and I've barely watched any competitive H5 since launch. Getting pretty excited. Seems like a lot of people are justifiably rooting for CLG, but I'll always be behind my boys Roy and Lunch. I'd also be pretty happy if any of the Brit teams can make it out of the group stage.
  2. I unfortunately agree. In fact, I can barely even play it for more than 10 minutes anymore. My friends have stopped playing already and I find it loses a lot of fun when you go in solo. Gone back to MCC over the last few days. It takes a while to find a match but I'm having a blast in the CE 4v4 playlist.
  3. Yeah, it actually happened again to me the other day. I forgot to record the clip, but it was on Truth again and it was with that final clip of the plasma caster, just reloaded automatically. I've been pressing the reload button in different ways when I have the gun but I can't seem to find any consistent way of making this happen. Worth looking into though.
  4. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/On%20Disc%20DLC/video/12594277 Don't know if this has been posted before. Sorry about the quality of the video, it's the last 10 seconds that counts. I get an instant-reload with the plasma caster. There was no lag or anything in the game. I blast off a set of 5 nades, hammering the reload button as the last one leaves the clip and then suddenly I have another full set, but there's no reload animation.
  5. Played the first four missions the night me and my friend got it. Not gone back to it since.. which is very weird. I love Halo mp, but the first thing I've always done is loaded up the campaign co-op and stormed through it. Just haven't felt the desire this time, but that's not necessarily a criticism of the campaign. What I played was pretty fun.
  6. Still making my mind up on the game but I'm glad people like you make videos like this. Despite the fact that I enjoy certain aspects of H5, I don't think 343 should ever be allowed to get away with some of the magnificently dumb s*** they've pulled with this game, so we need guys like you bringing it to light and spreading the word. I'm only halfway through your vid at the moment, but you're a funny dude, you're passionate about the game and I agree with nearly everything you're saying. Good job. p.s Weird observation, but you talk in a really similar way to Gandhi.
  7. Arena: Diamond 3 SWAT: Diamond 2 Not played the others... I've barely played the game, if I'm honest. Won 3/3 placements in FFA but it's too stressful and the spawns annoy me so I've not carried on. I'm truly terrible at Breakout so I'm not going into that playlist until I start improving. Well done to everyone who gets into Onyx and Champion.
  8. For me, it's a weird one. In terms of the core gameplay, I love it. I think movement is great, aiming is solid, lots of the weapons feel useful. All of the stuff around it? The shockingly limited amount of playlists, Warzone, no social options, the kinda crappy campaign, lack of forge... That stuff is dragging it down for me. I've not played too much of the game just yet to be honest, but I'm finding it.. oh I don't know, it's hard to find the words. Even as a massive competitive fan who has been following tournaments for nearly a decade, I still don't really appreciate this forced competitive mentality in the game. Only giving us 5 playlists, all of them ranked, no big team option, no classic objective stuff like Oddball and KotH.. it's weird. I keep finding myself on the main menu not really knowing what to do. I don't enjoy SWAT and FFA is stressful as hell. I've finished the campaign and don't really like Warzone (although Warzone Assault is way better). So the only options left are three ranked playlists which are basically 90% Team Slayer. Sometimes, I just load up Halo to chill out for a bit and play with some buddies, but with the ranks and callouts and intensity of it all I feel a bit overwhelmed with H5, especially when I want to play with friends who aren't really into the game as much as I am. But as I said, the gameplay itself is damn good and I like a lot of the maps, so it's already a huge improvement over H4 in that regard. I think 343 are good designers but terrible decision-makers, basically. They've made a great game and buried it beneath a bunch of dumb, poorly thought-out nonsense. Also, could someone enlighten me on this: finished my placement matches for Team Arena today (it's been a busy week!). I played all 10 games with my friend, so we had the exact same number of wins and losses. He topped the table in a few games, I was at the top for a few others. We both had a few bad games in there too. After our 10th placement game... I go into Diamond, he goes into Platinum. How does that work? I thought the whole philosophy was "It doesn't matter how well you do individually. Wins are the only thing that counts."
  9. I used to be like this and then as time went by and games had a smaller place in my life, I found myself wondering how I ever used to get so pissed off. I still play pretty regularly and can get annoyed from time to time, but I've learnt to laugh at the dumb things I do and basically say "Dude, whatever, I'm not Eric Wrona and I'm never going to make a living playing Halo." I'm a good player and Halo is a fun hobby, but as soon it starts becoming more about anger than enjoyment, that's a sign that you need to take a step back and really think about Halo's place in your life. I'm not trying to sound patronising or whatever here, but telling yourself things like "It's just a game. I'm playing online with tons of lag issues and nonsense. That death didn't cost me a million dollars. In a few years I won't even care what rank I was on this thing and neither will anybody else." can help a lot, at least in my experience. Just tell yourself to chill out, basically. Get some perspective. I remember reading Neighbor's blog back on MLG in the day and he talked about how he put 100% effort into every game, but he didn't let mistakes get on top of him and he simply brushed them off as he knew that they were a part of the game and even a player of his ability level wasn't perfect. Everyone makes dumb plays, even the top players will make hundreds of them throughout their careers. Just the other day Naded got a goose against some randoms on Midship (because of awful lag, but still). It's a game and it can be really dumb and your number one priority, unless you're an absolute freakin' superstar who could genuinely make money off the game, should be to enjoy it. Made a mistake? Shrug it off and let it motivate you to make your next life twice as good. I've found that getting pissed off at games will make you pissed off more easily at other things and it could turn you into someone you don't like and easily affect your social circle as well. Just take a deep breath, laugh at the game, shake it off, do whatever you have to do to move on.
  10. LANsteria, PistoLAN, LANPG and LANda. Honestly, I don't know. I think a team with Cloud, Pistola, APG and Heinz could be solid.
  11. Always good to get new content, keep it up man.
  12. Neither of these maps are particular favourites of mine but the fact that Midship is so well-suited to such a wide array of gametypes and allows for so much fast and frantic combat makes it my winner.
  13. I completely agree that the argument is dumb, but I think it's equally a little myopic to say things like "It will never be seen again." Every sport has great teams and individuals and history is littered with examples of players that have done amazing things, but then new players have arrived, matched those legacies and even surpassed them on certain occasions. Speaking as a football fan (by which I mean the sport where you hit the ball with your foot), I could cite a dozen examples of "legendary" teams that people said could never be emulated, and yet today people are talking about the latest iteration of Barcelona as one of the finest teams of all time. People who used to watch Pele would never have believed that a greater player could walk the planet and then Messi arrives and works miracles with the ball at his feet. Without time travel or precognition, we simply do not know what the future will hold. The next ten years could arrive with new games and tighter competitions and fresh faces could arrive on the scene and do incredible things. I feel like, in such a tight-knit (and savagely competitive) community like Halo has, with a very limited number of fans and pros and events, people tend to get a little bit overeager when it comes to hyping up certain teams and professionals. I would never in a million years say anything bad about classic FB or the Ogres or other pros that were around and dominated in the very early days of MLG, but I think if we're ever going to grow and evolve as a community, it'd be good to get out of this mindset of "Nobody will ever be as good as Final Boss." It makes us all sound like grandpas saying things like "The Steelers of 78/79 would dominate the Patriots of 2014!" and refusing to accept that new legacies can be created. Ultimately, you can only beat the opponents put in front of you. EG can't travel back in time and put their skills to the test against the old Carbon and Str8 and vice versa for FB, but both teams should be respected for the achievements they have had in their respective periods of success. I think it's okay to compare them and it's always fun for sports fans to do these little "What if?" matchups in their minds, there's nothing really wrong with that. I just think that there's a balance to be found between respecting the past and having an open mind about the future. I'm not even saying that anyone will ever surpass the Ogres or that EG has bested FB's legacy. I don't think either of those things has happened yet and personally I don't think there's a huge chance of them happening given the seemingly bleak future for competitive console shooters. However, as the old saying goes, never say never.
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