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  1. AoG_Grimm

    NBA Thread

    Do any of you post in the nba subreddit
  2. AoG_Grimm

    NBA Thread

    Just wanted to come in here and say Fuck the Celtics
  3. The other hand is on the joystick
  4. AoG_Grimm

    NBA Thread

    Do eagle eye and that other heat fan still post lol
  5. I had the good fortune of picking up berserk after the boat arc. I've heard from various people that was a bad time lol
  6. Just finished welcome to the nhk. Not the genre I usually go for but it was really good. Even the dub was decent. As far as berserk goes who's behelt do you think that is? I can't see guys ever using it.
  7. Damn fly in my house won't get tf out
  8. How do you guys feel about rubber support to protect the foot during extended movement; can't stand erect when your trying to protect amirite?
  9. So I've reached an impasse and need advice. I haven't watched the series since about season 2 minus clips of newer seasons on YouTube(lack of time being my primary reason) I like both the show and the books but here is my dilemma. As the show continues on and if it passes ADWD even more I'm tempted to not even watch the show. I realize the writers have been given a loose interpretation of the ending by Martin and they will be taking creative liberties with the show. That being said I don't want the show to spoil TWOW for me, especially if there are large differences. Idk if that makes sense but id like to hear some opinions on the matter.
  10. So I'm obviously a little late on this but reactions for the ending of New Waves?
  11. Mines about 6 on a good day, obviously not the largest but I'm satisfied.
  12. I've been checking the game battles forums on and off for the last two years or so and when I realized that THC was shutdown I thought this group of posters disappeared off the face of the planet. I'm seriously happy I found this forum. Idk if any of you guys will remember me but in glad to be back
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